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Symbiostock - Technical Support / bschell
« on: August 09, 2013, 11:48 »
OK, this is weird. I just tried it again and it's working fine. I haven't changed anything since last night.

I messed with Paypal a bit the night before last, but nothing really yesterday.

I bought an image today, it showed up the customer area AND I got the appropriate email confirmation.

Very strange. Is there something on the network that could change and affect this?

Also, if anyone wants to actually TRY buying something to see what happens, I've set the first image that displays on the home page to a penny for the "Blogee" size.  Image "Eye Love 5"

Which version are you using, this was a problem some time ago but was fixed as far as I am aware.   Is the email with the download link being sent to the "client".  Are you using live or sandbox?

Symbiostock Version 2.5.6
Wordpress 3.6
Plugins listed above

It didn't send any emails to the customer at all, but I did get the payment email from Paypal.

This was done with "live" Paypal.

No, still no luck. I've checked with Paypal, and my IPN is all good. It's just that after the transaction, Symbiostock doesn't give up the goods, even though the "Thank you for your purchase message" does display.

I'm about to give up. I've checked and messed with every possible setting. It *OUGHT* to be working.


I think this is still a work in progress. Sometimes the customer has to refresh the page.

Does that mean you've been lucky enough to have a sale, if so well done

No, not a real sale yet, unfortunately, just a practice purchase from a friend. I'm wanting to get all the bugs worked out before I get too serious loading in thousands of images. Getting closer!

Check this out http://stock.imagerion.com/symbiostock-paypal-issues/

That link basically just says to disable security plugins, which I have done.

I've seen this discussed elsewhere on the board, but the solution always invlved some kind of security plugin, which I don't have.

A customer bought an image, Paypal took his money and sent me the payment email. The "Customer License Area" just shows the shopping cart, with no link to download the image.

Plugins that I have not deactivated:
Jetpack by WordPress.com
Related Posts By Taxonomy
SYMBIOSTOCK - Emails and Notifications

The Customer Sees:

Thank you for your purchase!

Items still in your cart, and not in your download area?
Wait a few seconds and refresh the page. Sometimes paypal takes a few minutes to notify us. If you still have problems, please contact us.

Which never goes away.

I don't remember now, but I just manually changed some of the dates to today, and they are appearing correctly now.

Stranger and stranger.

Still, I can deal with it.

Try editing one of his eye images and change the date to sometime tomorrow.  See if that will make it show up in the Latest Images.

No luck there either. As Leo said in one of the later posts, it's just not meant for multiple users yet. It's not a major issue with us; we just assumed it could do that. It ALMOST does work... I doubt it would take much to add multiple contributor functionality at a later time.

http://bandkmedia.com is the home page.

I uploaded the turtle and flower pics that you see there early afternoon yesterday.

While I was at work he uploaded bunch of pictures of eyes. Do a search for "eye" and they all are from later in the afternoon yesterday.

After I noticed the problem, I uploaded the trestle bridge picture (The first on on the home page) late last night.

There should be a bunch of "eye" pictures between the flowers and the bridge, but obviously there aren't.



AFAIK, you can only setup one "Author" on Symbiostock.

OK, I can accept that. Not thrilled, but we can work around it.

The Latest Posts widget uses the date field to figure out the order of the displayed images.  If you edit the image and then immediately publish it, then it will go to the front of the Latest Posts widget.  But if you edit the image and then save it and don't publish it until later, the date field will contain the date from when you edited it first.  When you publish the image later, it will use the date that it was first edited rather than the date it was published.

The good news is that you can manually change the date for any image to "force" it to show up in the Latest Images.

OK, now this is not correct. He uploaded, edited, and published all at the same time, and the problem is still as I described it.

Also, *I* went in and edited a few of his images after we discovered the problem, and I did change some of the dates to make them very recent, but they still never appeared.

I never spotted a way to change the author tag in his photos, so I think this is related to the idea that there cannot be two contributors. The only thing I can see different between his photos and mine is the user name.

Further thoughts?

Hi all. I tried searching for previous posts, but I'm not having any luck. Here goes.

I set up a site, http://bandkmedia.com which seems to be working OK finally, except for one issue. I have a partner who will be submitting images as well.  That's the "B" and "K" in the name :)

The problem is, that on the image pages, all photos have my name on them.

For example, http://bandkmedia.com/image/eyelove9/?r=http://bandkmedia.com down below the photo it says "Brian Schell" and links to an author page for me. But I didn't take the photo, I didn't upload it, my partner did.

This is not really a big deal, as we can figure out sales manually.

On the other hand, something more serious has presented itself:

He uploaded and processed a batch of files yesterday, and they are in the system as they should be. They appear in the search and are purchasable. They don't however, show up on the homepage under "Latest Posts." I posted an image hours after he did, and it shows right up on the homepage as it should.

Symbiostock just doesn't like him?

We could just share an account, but I was really hoping it would work with two contributors.

I do have both of us set up as Administrative accounts.


Symbiostock - Network Building / Re: Who's connected?
« on: August 06, 2013, 12:28 »
I think my site is ready to go, I'm at:


I've added you to the global search at http://symbiostock-search.com

it says you have 69 images, however your 
is empty -- did you run the image update on the network page?

Yes and No. Yes, I ran the update, but I had the Netgallery plugin enabled, which was conflicting. I removed it, and now the xml/csv files are good. Let me know if there are further issues.

bschell: your site added too, but it still has empty public image info. Maybe you have installed NextGen plugin? - see this thread:

Yes, I did. It's gone now. Simpler is usually better.


Symbiostock - Network Building / Re: Who's connected?
« on: August 05, 2013, 16:10 »
I think my site is ready to go, I'm at:


MSG name: bschell
website: B and K Media
url: bandkmedia.com
your photo topics: Places, Travel, Nature, and Objects
what  you're looking for: Places and Objects

Please add me to your list!

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