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Symbiostock / Re: People Still Using SymbioStock?
« on: January 30, 2015, 02:46 »
We too still running our site , uploading images very often , one sale till now but very much happy with what Leo provided. Layout , User interface everything is just awesome ,  in fact we worked on Payment gateway part and enable one more payment gateway (Payumoney ) which will work side by side with Paypal , that was quite coding at cart area and interesting too  :)

Symbiostock - General / Re: What happened?
« on: February 26, 2014, 01:37 »
Thanks Leo, Thanks for your hard work, dedication and help to other symbio member and symbiostock theme  , all the best for clipartillustration :-) , soon we will see some new awesome illustration like orange man :-).

I will be glad , if my site can be included  - http://www.ephotobuy.com/     :) :)

Hello Martha Mam ,

I was just browsing mircrostockgroup and found your topic ,

i am big fan of your wildlife photography, Yes we did lots of wildlife photography in past , traveled all the wild life reserve based in India in search of Tiger , one glimpse and one decent photograph would have been enough , unfortunately couldn't capture decent image of tiger in wild :-( , but we have photographed birds and other wild animals  , soon we will resume our safari.

many more birds and mammals images , i yet to cover and upload.

meanwhile my symbio website is - http://www.ephotobuy.com/
Birds -> http://www.ephotobuy.com/image-type/birds-images/
All Animals -> http://www.ephotobuy.com/image-type/animals/

i will be glad to network with you , and added you in my network long back , if you find my work is suitable and eligible to be part of your network then please feel free to add me back.


Symbiostock - General / Re: Symbiostock / PicturEngine Integration
« on: December 14, 2013, 22:55 »
Got working link


Thanks Jo Ann Snover for pointer in other thread.

Symbiostock - General / Re: Symbiostock / PicturEngine Integration
« on: December 14, 2013, 22:51 »
As like other Symbistock.org link even this link did not work for me.

when i tried to open it is prompting  this message

There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, or search the related logs, but you do not have permission to create this page.

even though i am logged in at symbiostock.org ,  am i missing something ?

it seems most of the old symbio.org links are broken , i wish this will be visible to you


in case if you are unable to see the content , then  try this - create a new menu i.e. header menu , assign some categories / menu element to header menu , and from Manage Location , assign newly created "header Menu" to Account/Cart menu.

Thats what i did and it worked for me.

Symbiostock - General / Re: Symbiostock custom payment gateway?
« on: December 13, 2013, 02:56 »
Thanks Mike for reply.

i inquired couple of gateway , in india all gateways are really costly and found PayUPaisa of PayU service is good but later they denied they don't service for digital goods , i wish Paypal and RBI @India will resolve their issues which can benefit freelance merchant in India.

Btw is there any other Symbiostock user from India ? and how are they dealing or planning to deal payment options for Indian buyer ?


I was facing the same issue , after uninstalling some plugin and continue test in Sandbox , i was able to complete test payments , more information in bellow links


Symbiostock - General / Re: Symbiostock custom payment gateway?
« on: December 05, 2013, 22:20 »
Same problem i am struggling now  :(, Paypal restricted domestic payments in india ( i.e. indian buyer can not do transactions from indian seller ) , not sure how long this restriction is going to be there , i have sent mail to paypal regarding this , there is no response from them :-( .

but i have to get this sort it out asap , looking for alternative payment solution as well , which will be like side by side with paypal.

i turned of word fence and started my friend to do test purchase , and yeah .. it is working now , image is moved from cart area to download area, before going for live test i did sandbox test payment and those were also fine.

reference link for : Sandbox Testing (http://www.symbiostock.org/post/6316/#p6316)

Again Test payment Failed :-( , just my friend sent me screen shot view , still image is in Shopping Cart , i will follow the  link and details provided by cathy and shelma and will post over symbiostock forum if those knowledge base doesn't work.

Thanks all ,

thanks for those helping words , after going through various post in microstockgroup and symbiostock , i felt upon upgrading to symbiostock 2.9.4 should work fine , i have upgraded to 2.9.4 , cathy i am not using Clean Theme child theme , i am using symbiostock child theme and SYSExtra plugin with mouse hove image popup feature enabled , after upgrading to 2.9.4 , complete layout is changed i will look into those and tonight , submenu option is not visible , i will see tonight and in case of difficulty i will post it at symbiostock forum , i asked my friend to do test purchase after upgrade , lets see if it works for him.

Thanks cathys,Shelma and Ron.

Hi all ;

In such busy schedule, manage to setup my SS site ( www.ephotobuy.com ) , as of now uploaded some test images , wanted to make sure payment and other options are working fine , i created premier paypal account ,  i cant not create business account  as it require details like registration of business name , business date , register PAN card with business details , so i preferred premier account ,  and after 20 days of verification due to strict rule formed by Indian regulatory , i got verified premier paypal account , once everything was setup i did test purchase from another Indian paypal account , and paypal had thrown long error message , in short " Indian Buyer can not send/receive/purchase from indian seller" :-( , means direct download will not work for indian buyer :-( , felt so frustrated  , then i asked friend of mine who is in UK if he can does test purchase , he did test purchase after test purchase image is not moved to download area it is still in CART area and he didn't receive payment mail as well from ephotobuy containing download link ,  after going through various thread in microstock group i landed here , and it looks like cathy was facing same issue because she was not having paypal business account , is it like this ? Paypal Premier account wont work , i though payment operation will not work with personal account and it will work with premier account ? shall i have to upgrade my paypal account to business account :-( ?

MSG name:            Simi      
website:                  ephotobuy
url:                     http://www.ephotobuy.com/
Your photo topics:       Wildlife, landscape, Travel , People specially Kids and sometimes products.
what  you're looking for:     I wanted to have my own portfolio website along with part of great   networking community     though I have small portfolio ,and slowly I am    growing it with little help of fellow photographers , I am really thankful to Leo , Imagerion and other SS members with their guidances package and knowledge base I was able to built ephotobuy, proud to be part of Symbiostock Network , I made live my website few days back with some test images , and I have to do little work on layout and PayPal payment option which I will finish by another weeks.

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