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I live and work in Hollywood, I can go to any corner or restaurant and find any Type I can Imagine. I have never paid any Model for stock work. Why? because I trade them For Images they can use.

This is understandable when talking about photos that certain people would be happy to work without getting paid in money but getting some photos to their portfolio instead. It will certainly still limit amount of types available to shootings and type of shooting it will be.

But how would you make this kind of arrangement with stock video while shooting actor? I doubt actor has much of use for stock videos or how this concept could be applied to video also?

$15 - $50 / hour might be standard in USA how about other countries for video where overall salaries are lower lets say Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia etc.? Same rates go or rates adjusted to local income?

Do you pay models same salary while shooting stock video and stock photos? How about in case if you shoot with models in same session video & photo. Hourly salary will keep same or how this normally works? Helen Fields & hotelfoxtrot type of footage were thought were people are actual models & actors not just friends of yours who would help around.

$10k/10 = 1000 images
$10k/25 = 400 videos

This was exactly the idea I was asking. Thank you.

10$ yearly on average for image is good RPI.

Videos instead would be good if they could earn 2.5 times more in this example 25$.

"I make an average of $94 per clip, per year"

Sure it is pointless to guess without proper reference.

What might some model released stock producers get on average per video (yearly or monthly) lets say Wavebreak Media seem to produce a lot of model released lifestyle footage. These type of producers have to invest money to models, locations etc. so there are plenty of cost and risks involved. This would help to estimate how much worth of investing some model released shoot is in stock footage.

General - Stock Video / Return per clips vs. return per image
« on: October 01, 2016, 04:57 »
What is difference between return in clips vs. return in images? Lets say 1000 images would give yearly 1000 $ so in footage how much similar quality footages could earn if amount of videos would be also 1000?

This guy has 178558 images. http://www.shutterstock.com/g/Mrsiraphol He started in 2012 so it's 3700 monthly. It's not impossible with good weekly plan.

That is really impressive amount if he is doing that all by himself! But like Sean Locke wrote "Why waste the time there?" in real life estimating and doing only shoots that will probably be worth time and effort will be correct choice. That's why this was more of "hypothetical" question where only criteria would be amount possible to be done instead of if those pictures would actually turn into money.

For a guaranteed 1 million, I would do 1 a month, why do more :)

Sorry I rewrote the original message. Idea was that someone would say if you can upload for example 120,000 pictures by yourself in one year and get all them approved with reasonable variation. Here is 1 million dollar for you.

What you think would be limit for yourself as single contributor doing all the work alone? I just saw those few contributors who can do 2000-10,000 new pictures monthly but they have more than 1 people working so those would not be counted.

If microstock would be your only job/income/activity, how many images could you get approved monthly without hiring anyone if only getting pictures approved would be goal? Commercial value etc. secondary just getting picture approved would be goal.

I have seen few contributors like Africa Studio and Elnur in Shutterstock who upload and get approaved around 2000 images to 10,000 images monthly (neither one of those contributors do all the job by themselves thought Elnur has other job besides microstock too).

If someone would offer you 1 million dollars and you would have to do all shooting, editing, keywording, uploading, finding models, planning the shoots, buying and finding all props etc. by yourself and would give microstock 1 year what you think could be maximum amount of pictures you could get approved if you would put all your effort and time and 1 million dollars would be reward? Just photos and reasonable amount of variation.

What you think could be your monthly average upload in one year period if 1 million dollars would be guaranteed as reward as long as you get those "maximum uploads"? With 100% effort and focus could you get 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 images per month? What would be the limit that you would find "bet" realistic to take?

"Still, you could get 25c from a micro sub and they could re-use the file forever.

Historically, iS did better than Alamy than me for editorial files (different files on both sites, RF vs RM, so apples and oranges). However, now that iStock is becoming mostly a cheap subs site, that is changing fast, especially with files uploaded in the past couple of years."

"But imagine the amount of work it takes to process and upload 100,000 pics!"

"Alamy does sell for for larger fees, I often get sales for $150-300."

This pretty much covers up topic. I guess it is better to not waste time processing and uploading this type of content in hope to get random 0.25$ from sub sales and waste even more time uploading them to all possible agencies. Some random sales of higher amount will make more sense. Thank you very much for great answers and help :)

I am sure these type of picture have their needs in magazines/newspapers, travel guides, educational textbooks etc. like you mentioned. So in your opinion people who travel a lot and have access to this type of photojournalist type of pictures it should not go to microstock but instead as RM for example to Alamy? Would 1$ per image yearly be realistic expectation or is that too optimistic?

For very basic type of editorial pictures that are mainly "snapshots" from travels where would you upload them and why? I found this portfolio in Alamy http://www.alamy.com/search.html?qt=jgx&imgt=0 and basically all portfolio seems to be "snapshot" type of pictures from holidays without model or property releases. Would you upload this type of material as RM to Alamy like in this example or to multiple microstock agencies? Portfolio size in this example is more than 100,000 what type of RPI would you think that contributor can realistically expect from this type of content?

General Stock Discussion / "Self portrait" model release
« on: September 09, 2015, 02:57 »
How to fill in model release in "self portrait".

Situation could be for example that photographer has set up all the studio lightning, settings manually etc. but just ask his or her friend to press the shutter button because there is no tripod etc.

Or in other scenario it could be outdoors settings but in all cases the one who is pressing the shutter gives all the copyrights to you and approve you to use pictures in commercial way.

How to fill in model release in this case?

Do you upload them just as self portraits or if the one who is pressing the shutter is filled as photographer what has to be written in model release to make point that one who is model actually has the copyrights for the image?

Shutterstock.com / Re: Witness for model release
« on: August 14, 2015, 14:38 »
I am new to microstock and didn't ask witnesses for model releases (I did shootings with more than 30 models in last few months). Mistake done but question is what site accept people images with model releases that do not have witness but all other information filled correctly? I have used standard Getty Images model release.

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