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Their system simply isn't designed for having releases for each shoot.
1) their release page becomes a total mess after while when there are numerous different releases (and search option is handicapped completely)
2) they have this feature to display all photos/videos by the same model which relies on the model release system.

I believe we all have doubts about such things. Mine is totally opposite than yours - recently I started considering whether it would be better for me to move from SS to iS exclusivity. In my case, although I am not exclusive, I still simply can't find the time/energy to submit my content to multiple agencies and in the end it's like I'm "exclusive" to SS.

Each one of us will have different results, there are simply too many parameters to take into consideration.

I've came across your images some time ago and I can only say: great job!
And also a great respect for sticking to your positive attitude because I see a loooot of negativity around here. As well as on shutterstock forums. Doom and gloom everywhere, one would think it's the end of the world, until you see the portfolios of those who complain :)

Back to the topic: yes, it's been somewhat slower during the summer, but it seems like sales are improving starting from September... we'll see, I guess :)

General - Stock Video / Re: h264 vs Photo JPEG
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:47 »
Do we have to have this discussion every few months? One of the many previous threads should be stickied (if possible) there is a lot of good information in them.

I agree, some of them should be stickied; I missed them before I posted here, and they indeed are full of valuable information. Or at least to make a new thread, locked and stickied, which contains only links to other threads about this :)

Definitely the dumbest moment so far: going on a full-day trip/excursion, prepared my (then almost brand new 4k camera), fully charging battery, bringing the spare battery, all checked! Off we go! ... 2 hours later, still in the bus, I figure I've left the SD card in the reader back at home... Stuck with the "dead weight" for the rest of the day :D

General - Stock Video / Re: h264 vs Photo JPEG
« on: August 30, 2017, 09:12 »
Thank you for you answers. As far as I understand, I won't be gaining much from switching to photoJPEG.

General - Stock Video / h264 vs Photo JPEG
« on: August 28, 2017, 12:36 »
Hi there!

For the past few weeks I've been busting my head about this dilemma so I've finally decided to ask around here.
I see a lot of topics and different opinions about this.
What I'd like to find out is - am I losing sales/customers because I offer (almost) all my portfolio in h264 codec? Does it really matter, sales-wise?
The only "research" I conducted is to check the top 100 popular clips on ShutterStock and rougly 15% uses h264 codec, while other 85% are a mixture of ProRes and PhotoJPEG. But I can't know how big of an influence codec plays when it comes to sales.

Thank you all in advance! :)

8 / Re: SS model release
« on: June 20, 2017, 03:31 »
I am having issues with model-release rejections as well. I always use generic release template and so far it never caused any problems (used it for more than 50 different models, everything was okay). Now all of a sudden there is an issue, I keep getting rejected for one release in particular, over and over again - and yet this very same release was used for 240 images already approved without any problems!

Just plainly irritating.

9 / Re: Contributor Page "502 Bad Gateway"
« on: April 14, 2017, 02:37 »
It's down for me too, even the buyer site.  :-\

PhotoDune / Re: 10% approval rate
« on: June 15, 2016, 18:00 »
I've given up on PD a long time ago for that same reason - they reject almost everything...

Photodune = Envato

So Envato Owns Photodune? Are they are two separate sites or is it the same site with two different domain names? If Envato is a 7 on low earners is Photodune also or are they like SS owning Bigstock in which case Photodune cant even rank on the earning ratings?

Envato is the company. PhotoDune is their website/marketplace for stock photos/images. They have 6 other marketplaces (for video, for 3d models, for audio, etc...) but author can sell on multiple of their sites with same account and all sales flow into the same earnings balance - similar to having photos, vectors and video on ShutterStock.

I've started on Envato, only because I entered the world of micro stock through AudioJungle, selling sfx.
Only after a few years I entered the video (and photo) worlds.

I am in similar situation as SpaceStockFootage, because the most of my earnings come from Envato sales.
I used to absolutely love that place. However recently they started making a lot of weird changes and it made me (and so many other authors) wonder about the whole situation.
Most notably, their efforts to highly complicate and mess up the earning structure and taxes. It used to be so straightforward: authors earned commission of certain percentage, as high as 70%, and that's it. Now you need a PhD in Quantum Mechanics to understand the whole thing :D
Also, anybody who spent some time on Envato knows that most of their energy is directed toward their most successful marketplace - ThemeForest - so other Envato segments are suffering a lot.

Even this upload tool you're so excited about has been announced more than a year ago, and works on it started about a year ago (with some lengthy pauses in between). A whole year! And it still seems like it won't bring all the necessary features - since the old tool will be kept to cover for those. Things are moving way too slow, if you ask me...
A lot of essential tools are missing, and it seems like nobody at Envato cares.

I always love to see progress, but it is far from an ideal picture.

P.S. And yes, we do have to wonder what will happen now when the flood gates get opened more than before :)

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