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GLStock / Re: GLStock does not pay ?
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:39 »
The site is of course being actively run.  I have not had time to actively post here or work on any significant changes to the site, but we make all payments that are requested once meeting our $50 threshold.

@ Niserin, please PM me your username or email address and I will look into your request.  It's possible that since this post we've already addressed it, but I am not finding a username under "niserin" so unsure of your account credentials with us.

@ Me - I'm sorry to hear that, under my ownership I have paid out all payments requested in a timely manner.  I don't imagine that was any time recent, but I'm happy to discuss further.

@ Stocktastic, I'm sorry to see any contributor account go, but being realistic with the nature of sales volume for many contributors, I of course understand it.  I welcome all contributors to continue uploading, or to keep their portfolios on account.  At the end of the day, even when an image doesn't sell, we incur costs of hosting the images, but that is not necessarily a reflection of the contributors work.

If anybody has any questions, you can always email me at [email protected].  I receive the emails directly to my phone and always try to respond same day.


Phil Shapiro

GLStock / Re: GL Stock Seriously??
« on: August 03, 2018, 16:51 »
There's nothing really too different I can say other than what I already said previously.  I am unhappy that sales are not good for many contributors, but outside of continuing to work on improving the site as it stands, I can't control which images sell.  Sales are admittedly low, which is something I have been honest about, and that affects me directly much more than it affects any individual account, so making GL a more profitable company for myself and our customers is always a priority and something we are working towards.  Your portfolios are your personal businesses, and you have every right to make any business decisions you feel necessary that will be in your best interest.  We never want to lose contributors, but it's a part of a micro stock agency big or small, with high sales or low sales.  I'm sorry I don't have a response that would be more satisfactory to any individual contributor, however the work I do, and the work I plan to do continues. 

GLStock / Re: GL Stock Seriously??
« on: August 02, 2018, 17:23 »
Well, I used to have pretty regular sales.  I havent had one since January, I think.  So going from something to nothing is going to get negative feedback.

Of course, and I'm not telling anybody they are not entitled to their opinion regarding their personal experience, positive or negative.  I am simply responding.  If you are unhappy with sales, you have a right to do what you'd like to with your business.  There is nothing binding you to have your images on GLStock as there is no required exclusivity to use our service.  I am contacting you directly to continue the discussion.

GLStock / Re: GL Stock Seriously??
« on: August 02, 2018, 17:21 »
Well, I used to have pretty regular sales.  I havent had one since January, I think.  So going from something to nothing is going to get negative feedback.

Of course, and I'm not telling anybody they are not entitled to their opinion regarding their personal experience, positive or negative.  I am simply responding.  If you are unhappy with sales, you have a right to do what you'd like to with your business.  There is nothing binding you to have your images on GLStock as there is no required exclusivity to use our service.  I have contacted you directly to continue the discussion.

GLStock / Re: GL Stock Seriously??
« on: August 02, 2018, 16:09 »
Still haven't gotten any response to my cashout I sent on 7/11 ...

I messaged you several days ago here regarding this.  Your account currently has a balance under our standard payment threshold, and you have not sent any messages via email or through the internal messaging system, so I'm not aware of any cash out request.  You're always more than welcome to contact me back if you have any questions via PM here or at [email protected].

Payments are made as per usual, and have always been. 

There are no promises of riches from microstock for both the sellers and the operators of small agencies.  This is something that I think is pretty clear from the many threads in this forum about GL or other agencies.  GL has always been in the "low earner" category on MicroStock, so to see the only negative feedback by comparably low or little to no sales for some members of these forums surprises me, as I always felt the expectations of what GL produces for many contributors pales in comparison to the likes of several billion dollar corporations, and many other large companies.  GL was run by 2 people for many years, and was purchased from the original owners and run by 2 other people since.  I understand that selling stock images/videos/etc. is the primary business of many of you, and I would never want or ask any contributor to not continue to use GLStock, because I do value every one of our customers' business.  However, if you believe sales are not worthy of your time, it is your right to do with your business whatever you believe is right for you.

Despite any negative feedback, we have continued to honor the high sale commissions that were implemented by the previous owners, regardless of our increased costs to operate the business, which is very different than what other agencies do when their costs go up.  We continue to pay our contributors on time every time, and we continue to operate, work on development of our technology, and work on the business.   

I do not frequent these forums any longer, but any of our customers or potential customers (buyers or sellers) may always contact me via email at [email protected], or PM on these forums and I will always be quickly responsive to any requests or questions, as I always have been. 

I am sorry that sales have not been strong for many of you, that is obviously not something I want to be the case.  My intentions of purchasing the business was to improve upon a declining ship, which I've always been very clear about since I joined these forums.  The business still produces sales, many new buyers per day, and significant traffic to the site, so we will continue working. 


Phil Shapiro

GLStock / Re: Gl Stock down?
« on: December 11, 2017, 13:41 »
Uploader is working now.  All should be well!  Sorry for the inconvenience.

GLStock / Re: Gl Stock down?
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:42 »
Hi There,

We are fixing a few server issues.  The site is back up and running, but still a few items we are working to fix and have up and running, such as the uploader.  Will drop a line as soon as it's fixed.  Should be later today or tomorrow the latest.

All buying functions are working properly, and images are displaying properly as of this morning.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I appreciate the kind words.  We also do not have exclusivity, meaning that buyers can often find the same images on SS or other larger agencies, and pay pennies on the dollar for the same image.  There are very real challenges we face based on the current pricing options, and that is why we are considering expanding upon the way buyers buy images through us with different packages.  There's no doubt there's a lot of work for us to do, and we've committed ourselves to do it.  Nothing is overnight, but nothing would make us happier than to make our contributors more money.  We have that common goal, and I rather work with our contributors to exceed that goal, than work against the grain of course. 

You're making the incorrect assumption that the results of our marketing was yielding positive results on our old design. Wasting money on ineffective marketing is very different than spending money on marketing and seeing positive results.  In a completely saturated industry, it is very easy to burn through thousands of dollars with little to no results, and our old design was the perfect example of that.  That's a big reason why the previous owners never used paid traffic.  They relied on SEO traffic, yet by the time we purchased the site, the SEO rankings had dropped significantly from the years prior.  We still have a large amount of daily traffic from the search engines, but nothing like years ago.

Our old design yielded very poor results of marketing spend, converting visitors into sign ups.  With our new design, we are seeing a much higher conversion rate of visitors into members signing up.  Now, our mission is to increase our conversion rate from sign ups to paying customers.  So while the new design has yielded better sign up conversion rates, our new challenge is converting these sign ups into paying members.  That is where the pricing model has posed a challenge for us, and one we're working towards addressing.

Because our lifetime value of a customer is lower than our competitors, more important than throwing money at it assuming that is the solution, we need to make improvements that increases the LTV of our customers.  When your average LTV of a paying customer is $40 - $50, and your competition's average is anywhere from 3-10x higher, bidding on the same placements yields us net losses, and yields the competition net positives on the marketing spend.  So reaching the same customers via paid advertising as a company who frequently receives $2,000 sales makes it a lot more challenging for a company whose average sale is significantly lower.  It certainly helps them as well with their marketing spend that they only have to pay you guys 10% of sales, whereas we are paying 40-52%.

Again, it's not as simple as you may think.  We ARE currently running various marketing campaigns, and testing various sources, spending a lot of money relatively speaking.  Testing internet marketing campaigns is not something that can be analyzed on a daily basis, but done week over week, month over month, etc.  In the meantime, we are analyzing the statistics, and are collecting lots of data, optimizing campaigns, and working to figure out ways of increasing our users' average LTV.  The challenges I've mentioned above are what affects those LTV figures, and so there is no obvious solution to make overnight improvements while also keeping contributor commissions high. 

We get a lot of negative comments because sales are low, yet where sales are highest, all I see are complaints about commission structures for contributors.  We pay to host all of our contributors images, regardless of whether they sell or not, we pay for marketing, we pay transaction fees, etc.   To do this, and continue to offer some of the highest commissions in the industry leaves for very tights margins, which means a lot more out-of-pocket spending on marketing dollars than you would think.  So when I'm spending my money to try and yield better results for our contributors, it's difficult not to take the harsh negative comments a bit personally, but I try my best to brush them off.  I'm not a major corporation, we are a couple of people just like all of you.  If you want to have a friendly conversation, I'm all for it.  I'm always open to suggestions and friendly debate on the merits of what we're doing. 

To reiterate, we are testing and working towards finding ways for us to not only be a profitable company, but we are doing so in a way to make sure we are NOT like the larger agencies who are constantly cutting your commissions and devaluing your work.

I am here solely as representation, to show that we are here every day working on this and trying our hardest. However, I'm not going to get into an argument over a grammar mistake I made (and heck, I wouldn't be surprised if you can find one or two in this post as well...), and I'm not going to continue arguing over how hard we're working to make you more money, while trying not to undercut you at the same time.

If you'd like to make positive suggestions, we will take them into consideration.  I'd submit that your unhappiness with GLStock runs much deeper than just dissatisfaction with us, but more so dissatisfaction with the industy you work in.  That seems to be the common trend, and rather than caving into the constant negativity we see here, we press on and keep working on our project.  It's easy to kick a horse when it's down, but it doesn't make sense to kick that horse when you're asking it to ride you across the desert.  It would be easier for me to disregard these messages and just continue working on the project, but the only reason I am here is to put a face to our company, and to represent a small company that IS working hard every day to make improvements.  At the end of the day, we are not a public company, do not have shareholders, and are beholden to ourselves and our investment, which we are trying to turn into a positive one.

PS: A couple weeks of pausing marketing campaigns is really not a big deal.  We don't have a $50mm marketing budget that we evenly spread through 365 days a year.  We test, collect data, make optimization, and continue testing.

I think they forgot the No.1 priority, keeping enough buyers to make it worth contributors uploading.  The old site seemed fine to me, they could of spent money marketing while working on the new site design.  Now, like many other sites, it looks nice but isn't frequented by enough buyers.

It's silly to say we "forgot" that buyers are crucial to the business, as that is a given.  It's a lot easier said than done when competing with companies who are spending tens of thousands of dollars a day (if not more), and the average lifetime value of a buyer is dramatically higher.

There's a lot more than throwing marketing dollars that goes into converting visitors into paying members.  We are working on this every day, and we are finding obstacles that we have to overcome.

For those who don't think we're worth uploading to, you're welcome to your opinion.  At no point did we set unrealistic expectations for the members of MSG here.  We said from day one this is going to be a long process, and one in which we are working towards.  We receive significant amounts of uploads each day, and we review images each day.  Unlike our competitors with hundreds or thousands of employees, we're a couple of people doing everything.  We of course want to earn everybody's business, and attract more buyers, and there are things we are working on to do that. 

Some of our sellers do relatively well and are frequently seeing sales, some see a few sales per month, and of course some see little to no sales.

Giving up control of pricing to our sellers does in fact pose challenges.  We are in the works of pursuing additional purchasing packages that would enable us to control pricing for those packages, while trying to attract the larger buyers out there.  We are treading carefully around this idea, as we need to ensure that our sellers still have control of their pricing, as we believe (and most sellers believe) this is a source of positivity, since you can determine the market value of your images.

As you can imagine, our site attracts people looking for a few images here and there, and only some bigger buyers who buy more frequently.  It always has been the case.  That's the difference between a la carte buying, versus subscription buying.  The larger companies who have significant budgets much rather spend $.12 per image than $1 - $30 per image.   Yet, as a seller, you rather make $0.40 - $16 per download, than $.10 per download. 

Buyers could care less how much a seller is making per image, they only care about how little they can pay per image.  The challenge of paying contributors high commissions, and allowing you to determine your own pricing is one that often discourages buyers.  Unlike the buyers, we do care how much you make per image sale.  So we are trying to find that healthy medium where we ensure high commissions for our sellers, while putting together packages that are attractive for buyers. 

We are also not trying to make massive changes on a whim, and spend a lot of time doing research and planning, before queuing up our developers with new initiatives.

In the near future, you will likely see new buying options for sellers, where the price per image is controlled, and based on the package they chose, will determine the commission you earn.  This would be in addition to the a la carte pricing.  This is not set in stone, but something we are working on and discussing internally.

GLStock / Re: Any signs of life?
« on: October 09, 2017, 09:28 »
We haven't made many significant changes for contributors, this is true.  In this industry, where changes to contributors always seems like drops in royalty rates, things will remain stable.  Regarding our internal business & marketing plans, that is not information we are going to make public.  I assure you, we didn't spend a year revamping the site to let it sit idly.

Microstock News / Re: Is GL Stock still operating?
« on: October 03, 2017, 16:48 »
Doesn't seem to want me to log in with the Graphicleftovers username and password and reset doesn't work either.

Hi Sammy,

We are fixing this bug, should be working properly by tomorrow.  Please PM me your username and I will reset your password for you manually.



Microstock News / Re: Is GL Stock still operating?
« on: October 02, 2017, 15:47 »
Thanks Sean, certain areas will look pretty similar, for sure.  There are new functionalities, I will be making an announcement later today most likely, both here and via email to our members.  We are just putting some finishing touches and fixing some bugs.

Regarding our extended licenses, you can use images for resale.  Images can be sold as wall/canvas art, within the terms/restrictions of the license.  I can't speak specifically towards any particular market place, but as long as our terms and other third party market place terms are being adhered to, I wouldn't see any issue with it.

Thanks for the reply.   Some of us who also sell photos as wall art via POD have only recently realized that people are simply getting full-res files with extended licenses and selling prints of them on Etsy and elsewhere.  And obviously their prices can be low.

I'm not going to let this happen, so ll I can do is opt out of 'extended' licenses. Which is unfortunate.   

I just tried to do that on GL, but any attempt to edit my 'profile' gave me a bunch of error messages which I couldn't resolve; for example I get 'City can't be blank', but there's no 'City' field in the form.

City can't be blank
State can't be blank
Zip can't be blank
Country can't be blank
Phone can't be blank
Username should only contain letters, numbers, or -_

Will message you privately to get that squared away.  Keep in mind, there are still some bugs/kinks we're working out.

Microstock News / Re: Is GL Stock still operating?
« on: October 02, 2017, 12:25 »
I'm happy to see the site back up.

In line with a recent discussion thread here, I have a question.   Would GL's 'extended' license allow reselling as wall art on Etsy?

Perhaps to clarify the question - does it allow reselling of digital files, possibly slightly modified (like flipped, cropped, or background color changed.

No, a buyer of the license cannot "redistribute, resell, lease, license or sub-license" an image in any form.  The extended license allows the user to sell merchandise using the image, but does not authorize the user to "license" the image out, or resell the image itself.

Microstock News / Re: Is GL Stock still operating?
« on: October 02, 2017, 12:21 »
Thanks Sean, certain areas will look pretty similar, for sure.  There are new functionalities, I will be making an announcement later today most likely, both here and via email to our members.  We are just putting some finishing touches and fixing some bugs.

Regarding our extended licenses, you can use images for resale.  Images can be sold as wall/canvas art, within the terms/restrictions of the license.  I can't speak specifically towards any particular market place, but as long as our terms and other third party market place terms are being adhered to, I wouldn't see any issue with it.

Microstock News / Re: Is GL Stock still operating?
« on: October 02, 2017, 01:35 »
And the new site comes with exciting news!!!

- a comission cut.

40% instead of 50%.

This commission change happened 1 year ago.  We grandfathered all users who were at 52%, and their commission remains at 52%.  All new accounts after we made the change last year were at 40%.

The site is up and running, but there are still a few things we need to fix.  We will make an announcement later today.  Thanks for your patience.

Microstock News / Re: Is GL Stock still operating?
« on: October 01, 2017, 18:50 »
Hey Guys & Gals,

Sorry for the downtime today, we sent out an announcement via our messaging system regarding it.

Our new site should be live within 1-2 hours, an announcement will be made here when it's up and running :).

Thanks for your patience with our process!


Still here, redesign is completed, we're just doing significant analysis and fixing bugs prior to launching.   We're moving as quickly as we can, but as documented in other posts, we're taking our time to do it right the first time so that we can launch the best product possible.

GL has a lot of untapped potential (ie: video, audio, and other file formats).  We are hopeful that changes we make will benefit our contributors and buyers alike.  Our key focus during the redesign is to improve the buyers flow, as well as add functionality for them to more efficiently use our site.

We appreciate our contributors (as is clear by our royalty rates and our committment to keeping them as high as possible).  I understand a high percentage of few sales may not amount to a lot of money, but if we are successful at turning it around and increasing sales, that high royalty percentage offers a lot of opportunity to our contributors. 

Site Related / Re: Graphicleftover long approval cycle
« on: July 31, 2017, 22:16 »
Hi there,

Your images have been reviewed.  Sorry for the delay.

We review images Monday - Friday.  There was a bit of confusion on your account due to reviewer notes on the account.  When we had not heard from you in quite some time after we requested your portfolio, there was a note that we were still awaiting a response on your account, so we accidentally overlooked your images.  Everything has been updated and you're all set!


GLStock / Re: Any signs of life?
« on: July 05, 2017, 22:59 »
Dead. I used to see ads for them on Facebook and the like, now nothing. I suspect they pulled the plug on marketing in the run up to relaunch, but something must be up because the relaunch has been in the making for ages now.

Hi All,

We do not have a large team of developers working on this.  GL is a significant app with lots of components and moving parts, and the redesign and development requires time, diligence, and testing.  We expect the new app to be live within the next 4 weeks.

Indeed, marketing has been on halt until the redesign as I've mentioned in other posts.  We are adding various features that will make GL more competitive in terms of the functionality we are offering our buyers, making for a better and more efficient purchasing process.

The new app will catch GL up to speed technology-wise.  The app has not been updated in several years, prior to new ownership taking over.  So the technology, and what we are able to offer to buyers is of course not where we want it to be.  We are investing in our technology before investing in marketing.  Our redesign is not just a makeover, but it is a much needed technology update that will yield much better results in our marketing efforts. 

In addition to the new features that are being developed, there are various markets that the former owners of GL have not approached, and these are areas we expect to be moving into in the very near future (ie: video, audio, etc.). 

We're still here, working.  Emails are always answered, calls are answered, payments are always made promptly, image review is done daily, and we are here to answer questions.

GLStock / Re: Sales Plummet on GL since takeover
« on: June 07, 2017, 16:43 »
"we still cannot say exactly when everything is going to turn around"

I think they were asking when _anything_ is going to happen.  Aside from the pricing change, I haven't noticed any difference in the site since takeover.

We're not making any new releases until the complete project is finished.  If we give an ETA, and have delays, I can only imagine what the posts will look like ;).  So we are reserving our ETA.  When we have a more clear picture of when we'll be finishing up, we will let everybody know.

GLStock / Re: Sales Plummet on GL since takeover
« on: June 07, 2017, 16:11 »
How much longer do we have to wait?  I don't understand that if the previous owners were bad at marketing, they seemed to be selling more for most of us?  I wish you well but have very low expectations now, hope you prove me wrong.

My questions exactly.  If you could give an estimate of when you expect the site revamp to be finished and the serious marketing push to start, it would be reassuring.

And as bad as you say the prior management was at marketing, I still had regular sales with them.

It's very difficult to give an exact date of when the process will be completed.   We have internal goals, but there are many factors that can slow down the process.  There is a lot of complicated development work that is being done.

Like I mentioned, we have made philosophical changes to the business so that we can move forward in a manner that we feel will be most profitable for us and our contributors in the long term.

Indeed, some of our changes were relatively drastic, and some have slowed sales down a bit.  Specifically, having one price for all image sizes was an important philosophical change that we feel strongly about for the long term strategy of the business.

While constantly keeping our contributors in mind, we are committed to compensating them fairly.  We gave flexibility of pricing and have honored one of the highest commissions in the industry.  It is very challenging to make both contributors and sellers simultaneously happy, and I think that is very evident when reading through the tens of thousands of negative posts about the top tier agencies, where most contributors generate the majority of their revenue.  Most agencies are buyer-centric, and apparently the contributors here in MSG do not seem to believe they are fairly compensated for their work, despite those being their highest revenue sources.

I've looked back through MSG and noticed that for 7 years, people have been asking about GL; asking if it's dead, why people aren't working on it, asking why they would shut down new contributors, asking if anybody is even reviewing image uploads, etc. etc. 

I think it's important that expectations are properly managed.  We never came here and told everybody that sales will quadruple in 6 months. When your images do not sell with GL, we are the ones who actually lose. We are here to answer questions, and to form a dialogue between GL and members of this forum. 

The larger firms are racing to the bottom, finding ways to offer the cheapest prices to their buyers.  By doing this, they are neglecting the desires of their contributors because they feel that they can do so.  Since they have the largest databases of buyers, they know that their contributors have to accept pretty much any changes that they make, regardless of whose best interest it is in.

We're not sitting here talking negatively about the previous owners of GL.  We purchased a business that was neglected, and on a significant decline.  Reading through MSG, the decline has been documented for many years, prior to us coming along.

The difference now, is that we are holding ourselves accountable to make the business succeed.  To stabalize a business on the decline is very important, and we have done so, albeit at a lower level of sales/revenue than most were expecting.  However, there is no magic switch that we can flip that increases sales.  There is no magic marketing switch that makes all ads and landing pages effective.  There are no magic switches here.  Even if we are the greatest marketers in the world, which we are not claiming by any means, we are still competing in an industry filled with multi-billion dollar companies, with tremendous margins leading to tremendous advertising budgets.  We offer something different.  Our margins are slim because we are providing the contributors with what they want --which is fair royalty rates, and pricing flexibility.  What we have been working on since we acquired GL was laying a NEW foundation for future success.  While sales may be low for some contributors here, GL has always been a low earner according to MSG.  If we want to make it a medium - high earner, we need to do things differently than the previous owners did, and we are committed to the changes we have and will be making.

We care about our contributors, and are not satisfied that many of you are not satisfied.  There are plenty of short term ways of increasing our margins and sales count, but we are taking the long term route, and will continue to work towards long term success.   It is obviously in our best interest, and our contributors' best interest to increase sales. 

If our business were a ship, we purchased an old rusty ship that was taking on water with several little holes in it, and a faulty engine (let's consider the engine the backend technology that runs the ship).   Instead of plugging up the holes in the boat and leaving it rusted, we decided to rebuild the ship, repaint it, and add a new engine.  To keep up with the fresh new look and feel, we're also changing the name from GLStockImages / GraphicLeftovers to GLStock.com.  If we just repaired the ship, it will stay afloat for a while, but would require a lot of ongoing maintenance and may take on water again at any time.  However, ideally by rebuilding it and adding a new engine, the ship will be able to perform at a higher level for a long time.

So to answer your questions, we still cannot say exactly when everything is going to turn around.  We are confident that when our rebuild is complete, overall sales will increase.  We are adding several features to make a better experience for buyers, which will help us be more competitive.  It will enable us to implement a marketing strategy that certainly will produce better results than that of the current site.  The task ahead of us is not small, but we are committed to it and will continue working as hard as we can to acheive better results.  In the meantime, there is no cost to have a portfolio with GL, we do not require exclusivity, nor are there any obligations to contribute work to GL.  However, our data shows that those actively uploading are seeing better results than those who are not.  To reiterate, we stand to lose the most when sales are low, when we have carrying costs regardless of sales volume.  So rest assured, we are working on this, and we are committed to turning it around.  There's just no obvious answer as to the date that any one contibutors sales will increase.

GLStock / Re: Sales Plummet on GL since takeover
« on: June 06, 2017, 15:04 »
Thanks for the comments everybody.  It's been an interesting process for us.  We have certainly not closed shop while we are revamping our site, we manage uploads daily and are always working to bring on more buyers.

Regarding our marketing strategy, our marketing efforts were not as effective as we hoped, and so we have slowed these efforts dramatically, waiting for our overhaul, where our marketing will surely be much more effective.  The previous owners were not marketers, and our site currently is not converting visitors to paying customers at a rate that we're satisfied.  The new site should produce better results.

It was very important for us to make changes to the philosophy of the site, and the service we provide our buyers prior to the redesign, so that when the redesign is complete, we will have a fully functioning site that has our new strategy implemented within.

We're still working very hard on our redesign, and we are excited to be able to produce results.  It's definitely not pleasant for us to see unhappy contibutors, but I assure you, this is why we are putting in the amount of work that we are.  It's difficult to make everybody happy, but the best we can do is follow through with our plans to make positive change, and we will continue to do so.  We very much appreciate your patience with the process, and we hope and expect that the release of our new design and technology will produce results that make everybody happier with GL.

GLStock / Re: GL Now Offers Payoneer
« on: May 09, 2017, 14:51 »
@Stockastic, we certainly appreciate your understanding and your feedback.  To give some insight, we are about 90% finished with all of the new designs, we are just putting some finishing touches there.  However, the development is where movement has been very slow.  Neither myself or my partner are developers, so being able to pull off a major redesign while adding new functionality and improving the user experience has been and continues to be a challenge for us, but one that we are making great progress on.

We have completely upgraded the site with tracking technology, allowing us to better optimize our paid marketing efforts, as well as make informed decisions by collecting data the previous owners did not have the ability to collect.  We have added various ways of "suggesting" a user sign up for a Buyers account.  We are adding lightboxes for a more efficient working process for our buyers. 

We are also building the foundation to be able to accept new media types (ie: video, audio, etc.).  Currently, our foundation is only able to handle images.

We are trying to make it so that when we launch the site, the Buyers will have many more reasons to use GL, rather than simply having a new look and feel.  We are also ensuring that we do not launch prematurely, to the extent that the changes we are making will not be as effective as we anticipate.  We are waiting until we are pleased with the product, and it will be released in a version that we are most proud of.

I have only mentioned a few things that will be coming out in the upcoming release(s), but as a software developer, I'm sure you can appreciate that this requires hundreds of hours of design and development work.

We actually did send an email out to our buyers about some upcoming changes, here are a few things we touched up on:

"Here is a brief rundown of what we're working on:

-  Complete Redesign of Buyer & Contributor Interface
-  Making significant improvements to search results pages.
-  Addition of Lightbox Functionality, giving you the ability to work and search more efficiently.
-  Offering a quicker, more seamless purchase and download experience.
-  Change to Credit system: Rather than receiving deposit bonuses for deposits of $100+, you will receive discounts on many credit packages. This will enable you to spend less on each image you purchase! IE: If an image costs $10.00 (or 10 Credits), you will pay significantly less than $10.00 for that image by purchasing a discounted credit package.
-  We will be experimenting with Bundle Packages, offering a collection of photos to be purchased together (ie: 25 Image Vector Set, 25 Seamless Pattern Vectors, etc.)"

We anticipate an increase in credit purchases, and thus an increase in image sales by making the switch from "deposits" to "credits".  Based on the technology our site was built on, we are not able to offer tiered discounts, we are only able to offer "bonuses".  As a buyer, a bonus is nice because it allows you to get some free images.  However, most buyers are more interested in paying less per image, and our new credit plans will incentivize buyers to pay less per image by buying more credits.

Unlike other agencies, if a buyer purchases a discounted credit plan, you will not receive less commissions.
This is a big process for us, and I can assure you all that we are doing the best we can to make it happen as quickly as possible, but we are not willing to sacrifice the overall quality of the project we've been working on for quite some time, solely to launch something prematurely.

I know some of you believe that we are "waffling", and that's okay.  You're entitled to your opinion, but the reality is, we are taking a neglected site/business and giving it the TLC it deeply needs.

GLStock / Re: GL Now Offers Payoneer
« on: May 08, 2017, 09:57 »
We are working on a total revamp of our site, both in design and additional functionality and revenue sources.

We are looking at < 2 months for the new site to be live.  It's been a long process for us as the new owners, and it's tough that sales have dropped for many members, but I do find it important to stress that there are many members who have seen their sales grow significantly with us. 

Behind the scenes, we have been building the foundation for future growth.  We have invested a lot of money in our proprietary technology, and we will continue working on growing the business.  I'm sure it's difficult to be patient, but we are a very small team of dedicated individuals trying to do some big things.  When comparing to companies with billions of dollars in cash reserves and teams of developers, we are admittedly going to be slower to make major releases like the one we are working on, but we do have high expectations for the results.

What you should expect is a much better user experience, additional features for buyers to work efficiently in GL, and some new opportunities for additional revenue for sellers.

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