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MicrostockSubmitter / Re: Updates
« on: May 01, 2017, 06:33 »
+ We have introduced the new batch handling system for ESP and Dissolve.

1. Added an option to remember the batch for the future uploads. The program will use the remembered batch until it will reach the specified size limit or until the program will be restarted.
2. Automatic batch naming option will now keep using the same batch for uploads until the batch reaches the size limit.
3. When the batch reaches the size limit the program will request a new batch name instead of stopping the upload process.

+ Delete hotkey can now be used to remove files.

+ Added an option to block uploading of files without enabled additional formats to CM.

+ The program will now automatically remove the date from the description of Editorial images when submitting to Pond5.

+ Added an option to specify a custom FTP port for Custom FTPs.

+ Added an active mode option for Custom FTPs.

+ Pond5 and ClipCanvas will now use the common Country field.

+ Keywords without specified terms are now grouped in the beginning of the list when opening the iStock terms window.

+ Added support for the Allvago agency in "upload only" mode.

+ Rejected status icon is now red.

+ Upload file preparation can now be canceled.

Great update! It will be great as well if I could sort my collection based on sales, download, alphabetically, or just manually into the position I like.
Thanks again for this awesome software!

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