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Dreamstime.com / Closing Account of Dreamstime
« on: September 23, 2020, 07:40 »
Since around begin of 2020 my sales on Dreamstime had a very deep dive. No way that I could ever reach again that high payout balance of $100. So it took me several months to delete all my files one by one.

A few days ago I asked to close my account, and requested, to kindly pay-out my current earnings balance of $38.54.
But as expected Dreamstime denied me two times the pay-out of my hard-earned 'commission'.

In the dashboard I see, that my account is still active, not yet closed, but that my earnings balance is no more visible. Only if I search further I still can see this amount still showing up.

I guess this company is making a lot of money from photographers who cannot reach their payout limit, and see no other way than leaving it with them when quitting.

Finally I am happy, having left this platform. Their practice are almost scam-like.
This is just to inform guys in similar situation, not to expect any human considerations from Dreamstime.

P.S. After your first reactions to my post I must agree, that my phrase 'almost scam-like' came probably out of a kind of frustration. I certainly DID read and know the agreements I signed beforehand. But I still have a strong sense of unfairness applied against the contributors with this high $100 payout limit.

It's not true for me. If I click on the pictures on the online list you will see the number of views and the number of sales.

Quote: "B: Use the image description from the metadata rather than the image title like every other agency does.  That would save having to re-type or copy and paste the description when uploading"

Same here. It's time-consuming...

Actually I never had any problems with uploading on their website. But I agree that the whole process, and especially the categories is a pain. The only platform where I very often have upload problems is Alamy, depends on the time of the day. I am uploading in the Philippines.

Thanks for your replies. To make it clear, it is not not that I WANT to clear the license plates. It is only, that I do not want to get any rejections because of NOT removing it. So can I leave the license plates unaltered for editorials on all sites then?

Hi guys, Sorry if the question had been answered before; I'm quiet new to stock photography. Simple question: Is it required to blank the license plates from cars and motor bikes for submission as an editorial image? Are all agencies require the same? Because it looks often very 'unnatural' when I do so. If yes, are you just blur it, or remove all numbers completely? Thank you

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