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WAMS - World Association of Microstock Submitters

Is it something doable? Can an association like that bring solutions to some of our problems, needs?

For example;

@ Can that kind of an instution might be a useful, workable ground or base to protect our rights against possible unfair practices of the middleman; the Agencies?

@ In case of a fraud, theft, inappropriate usage of our products, whenever we need legal advocacy, can such an entity assist us?

@ Can such an initiative make regular meetings with agencies, governmental bodies, even with equipment producers, software developers and talk to them about our common, valid issues about royalty shares, pay out limits, rejection reasons, tax issues, equipment and software needs etc?

@ Would it also be usable for such as training & educational activies for the submitters?

There may be cons and pros of course; Such an organisation lets say with 10K members from all over the World, can be a good thing for the sake of solidarity, but on the other hand, you may say, it can be a bad idea because it may help to bring new submitters in by somehow promoting the opportunities in the business? I don't know.

There are financial issues, legal issues and many other issues. It may be a good idea but not feasable financially or it may be feasable financially but ineffective as legally, so does not worth the effort?

I belive, if there is going to be such an initiative in the future, this beautiful and unique platform will be the base & root for it.

What do you think?

Sorry if this has already been discussed but I couldn't find a topic for this subject in my search.

General Stock Discussion / An Interesting MS Industry Report
« on: September 18, 2013, 16:26 »
While I was searching for a free Microstock Industry Report I came across this. It is a kind of compact examination of the industry from Agencies' perspective over Fotolia. It might be interesting for those never seen before. Sorry if it has already been shared and discussed before.

(I found it through a google search, so I assume it is not confidential)

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