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No. You're basically taking other people's work and selling it.

You risk having your entire portfolio taken down.
It must be 100% your own creation, so the answer is no.
Theoretically, yes. Higher demand means more value.

Not that prices should radically change overnight, that would maybe confuse or turn away customers.
Wouldn't it make sense for agencies to boost prices of images with strong sales? Or maybe to give the option to the contributor to do so?
no. anything you upload you must own copyright to.

I am currently selling some fotos and illustrations at Adobe Stock. I was wondering if I am allowed to include icons from sites like or (pro account) in my illustration which I am selling.

Based on the terms of these sites this should be OK but whats about Adobe stock?

Your help would be kindly appreciated! Thanks!

Adobe Stock / Re: Change to sales notification email
« Last post by ODesigns on Today at 13:07 »
Emails now seem to be coming in daily for me at around 1:10 PM Eastern.

But to reiterate the common sentiment here, I'd like the email to show every clip that has sold the previous day, not just the "best seller".
Adobe Stock / Re: Editorial Video in Adobe?
« Last post by wollwerth on Today at 12:34 »
I have a lot of both photos and video. I travel to a lot of remote locations and frequently get content that is used for travel documentaries on other agencies.
9 / Re: Dreamstime Problems
« Last post by JetCityImage on Today at 11:32 »
"We are experiencing a delay in the earnings count and we are working to correct the issue now."

Your enquiry will be sent directly to a Contributor specialist and answered as soon as possible.
MicrostockSubmitter / Re: Stocksubmitter and release forms
« Last post by steheap on Today at 11:26 »
The steps you describe in the Edit releases to create a new release sound correct. Presumably you uploaded your release file as part of that step. At that stage, the newly created release should be shown in the Saved Releases section of that dialog. Then I close that dialog and highlight the thumbnails of the files that need the release. I type in the first few characters of the release name in the field under the categories and your release should appear as a choice. Click on that to select it and click save. You can also add releases when your file is selected in the Edit Releases dialog box itself.

Not sure where your steps differ to this? I'm on Windows if that makes a difference.

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