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General Stock Discussion / shedule time for (re)upload images
« Last post by kall3bu on Today at 05:56 »
A long time an idea growth in me which belongs to the right shedule time for (re)upload images to the agencies.

Last weeks I got so many more reasons to think deeper about it.

For example:
After 30 days, images, which were not sold or viewed enough times, will get lost in ranking. That means, if we have images which have to compete with other similar images, our images nearly lost the chance to get sold or viewed after that 30 days.
With other words: Delete them would be the same like keeping them. Of course we do not delete them - much work for what?

Why not delete them and upload them another time again?

The idea behind:
Mostly NEW images get viewed and sold - except a few images, which get sold regulary. Would be interesting to research if these regulary images also started to get sold in the first 30 days.

Lets explain it with an easy example:
We upload Christmas images in summer! Who will be surprised that our images do not get sold or even viewed in summer, isnt it?
In October/November/December when the buyers are looking for Christmas images, our images from summer went down on ranking and will have nearly no chance to get viewed or sold.

We always surprised about images got sold even we think they were bad images. But we also always surprised about many of our good images also not get sold.

It might be that we uploaded them in a wrong time or we were just unlucky that in the first 30 days no buyer were searching for that good images.

When i started in November last year, like many of us, I started with flowers LOL and uploaded them directly in November! Totaly wrong!
Should I delete these images - only the really good ones and upload them again in February, when the buyers searching for flowers for the market starting in March?

There are agencies where we easily can delete images and upload another time again. But might these agencies see what we are doing and might block that images?

For some other reasons I deleted some images on deposit and uploaded them again a few month later. Some images, wich did not get sold after the first upload suddenly got sold in the first 30 days after the second upload.

I hope, you get my idea.

Could it be a good idea to REupload the better images?

BUT BEFORE THAT we should check the ranking of these images first.
Some of my images which never got sold, always appears on the first page - on each agency AND on google. These have a good ranking already and should not neccesssary to REupload again. AND even many seemed to view them, but they did not get sold. Even I think also, they are not that good.

But all our own favourite images, who did not get sold a long time: Should we delete them and REupload them again - my flowers for example in February/ March?

I am glad to read your opinions and would like to get an answer from MATT from Adobe too. But because it is not only an idea for Adobe, I posted it here in General Stock Discussion.

123RF / Re: Sudden decrease in sales mid-October
« Last post by Artist on Today at 05:49 »
Wow and I got a negative sale here  ::)
123RF / Re: Sudden decrease in sales mid-October
« Last post by Chichikov on Today at 05:12 »
Same here
I hope they are just not reported correctly
123RF / Re: Sudden decrease in sales mid-October
« Last post by res on Today at 03:29 »
It's the same in my account!
123RF / Re: Sudden decrease in sales mid-October
« Last post by panicAttack on Today at 03:13 »
same here, started very good then stopped almost completely.
123RF / Sudden decrease in sales mid-October
« Last post by tupungato on Today at 03:02 »
Is it only me, or did sales suddenly decrease after October 14?
In October 15-21 I had 25% of sales compared to earlier week, and 17% of sales compared to random September week. That's an unprecedented drop.
Adobe Stock / Re: Undiscovered Assets
« Last post by everest on Today at 01:34 »
Really astounding ! Only a 3% of footage has sold at least one's becoming a find a needle in a  haystack game...... ???
Adobe Stock / Re: Undiscovered Assets
« Last post by cascoly on Yesterday at 22:06 »
I had a thought last night that perhaps there would be a difference between the "Premium" content and "Standard" and that I should check that.

For Images - photos, illustrations & vectors - and templates there are both categories. For video, it's all one price tier.

It's probably not surprising that the percentage of unsold work is higher for the premium categories - 98.05% unsold for photos vs 81.6% unsold for standard photos. The premium categories are tiny compared to the standard - 147+million standard photos vs. 3+million premium

it all conforms to Sturgeon's Law that 80% of ANYTHING is crap! (actually the stricter 90% {also cf TANSTAFL} --  our problem  is finding that small %!
Adobe Stock / Re: Introducing the free collection from Adobe Stock
« Last post by cascoly on Yesterday at 21:57 »
I wonder how many people will take these free images the reupload them to this and other sites as their own to try to sell them.
This is going on at "another major agency" quite a bit at the moment.

What controls/checks are there the images and licences arent being misued?

Our license terms make it clear that this isn't allowed. If any contributor believes his content was misused and submitted by someone else we call out in our Contributor ToU, section 4 that we ask to notify us.



And you think thieves care?

i dont really care about thieves - they'll never buy images in the first place! ignore things over which you have no control, work on things you CAN control & your stress levels will decrease (12 step programs adopted these ideas from the ancient stoics!)
General Stock Discussion / Re: copy/paste IPTC
« Last post by cascoly on Yesterday at 21:33 »
a simpler approach is to first add your caption & tags to a spreadsheet (google dox has a free one)

then any time you need that (or similar) just cut/paste - no need to hunt for the image you want to use as a model

i have over 50K images & can find what i need in seconds

That's good advice. What do you use to paste that data into the images?

i use LR to open the images needing  IPTC then just cut/paste & export; i have a folder of images needing IPTC

you could also do this by opening w PS or any other app & add the details (even windows 'properties' but it's tedious)

to recap:
i have a folder w pix needing IPTC --> open that folder w LR (or et al), add the iptc  and export/save those images; if there are changes needed, i save those in the xlxs for future reference

wonky:  (this implies you've saved the images by a normalized name - eg '200102-xxx rather than 'roses602' tho even that would work [inefficiently])

it takes a bit of work to set up, but proceeds easily after that, even months/years later (I've been using Topaz deNoise & giga pixel to recover scanned images at low res to a submittable size and had excellent results even when the original scans were 640x480! [let me recover images from climbs & travels from the 70-90s i'll never be able to repeat)

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