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Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock reviewers are idiots
« Last post by Pauws99 on Yesterday at 07:13 »
I just had a small batch reviewed and the inspection seemed fair. One rejection for focus on a marginal image I put through as I liked the subject and thought I might get away with it and other for similar which I was not surprised about so not all doom nd gloom ;-).
4K timelapses and video with Nikon D850 during 4 days in Vienna (Austria) last July
Adobe Stock / Re: Good bye Adobe Stock from Venezuela.
« Last post by George_ on Yesterday at 06:08 »

You can get paid $2000 per hour for 40 hours per week for TWO HUNDRED YEARS and still not have a billion dollars.

*, keep that billion, i don't want to work for 200 years. I wouldn't want even to get payed for free and live 200 years. My mind is a mess from what i saw in just 45 yrs. Imagine after 245 ones....

Someone will draw a vector similar to mine and it will be accepted because it was not drawn by me! And if I draw a vector similar to mine, it will be rejected.

A-ha! Here is a new conspiracy theory from me:

they push contributors to create parallel-new accounts in order to say the usual

"some billions assets of content"


 "thousands of new artists registered with us!"

Video Equipment / Sofware / Technique / Re: Camcorder Real 4K 69 fps
« Last post by George_ on Yesterday at 05:59 »
Dji osmo pocket. Pair with your phone as a secondary screen as your 5 inch monitor. The setup is perfect for travel plus it is already equipped with 4k60 and steady by design with gimbal by default. Only downside is its not great for night shoot but you can still achieve a good timelapse day or night with nd filters.

Not sure if it is a good option to stick with one not interchangeable or upgradeable camera. There are many combinations of smartphone controlled action cameras and gimbals to choose from.
iStockPhoto.com / Re: IS unlicensed usage only for exclusive
« Last post by George_ on Yesterday at 05:49 »
Not a clue on IS but in other agency terms that i read carefully, Previews download and usage are having specific terms. Previews as content of the agency's site. Guess that applies to all watermarked content, exclusive or not. It is property of the agency's website.
Someone will draw a vector similar to mine and it will be accepted because it was not drawn by me! And if I draw a vector similar to mine, it will be rejected.
Universal health care, while imperfect, is generally a good idea for for low income and middle income people. In the United States, the richest 5% of tax payers pay 56% of federal income tax

Even putting aside the talk of universal health care, almost all people in the United States are net beneficiaries of taxes from the ultra wealthy, all because the ultra wealthy pay the majority of taxes.

"The top 5% of households, three quarters of whom had two income earners, had incomes of $166,200 or higher."

That means in a lot of those cases, each person in a two-earner family earned an average of $83,100 per year. Not exactly ultra-wealthy.

However, there are a few dozen families who ARE ultra-wealthy, and this year their tax rate fell BELOW that of the middle class for the first time.

It's sick that the ultra-wealthy have bought our government representatives and had laws passed that give them ever greater wealth while simultaneously having laws passed that give them lower tax rates.

They game the system so that money is extracted from the lower classes and passed up to them....whether it's through stagnant wages that give them unprecedented corporate earnings and bonuses, predatory lending practices that keep the poor in debt and paying exorbitant interest rates, creating a gig economy that keeps workers from getting benefits, and any other number of nefarious means.

Honestly these talking points are just propaganda by ultra wealthy elites.

People need to understand that what the top 10% or 5% pay is irrelevant. Pretty much anyone outside the top 1%-0.5% is one cancer diagnosis or other negative life event from the street (in the US).

The top 1% have 40% of the wealth in the US.

The difference between one million dollars and 1 billion dollars is approximately 1 billion dollars. You can get paid $2000 per hour for 40 hours per week for TWO HUNDRED YEARS and still not have a billion dollars.

It's infuriating that people will throw out stats like most millionaires are first generation (not that I've actually seen even that stat convincingly backed up) when millionaires are a distraction. The people out there paying no tax and sponging up government payouts aren't the poor, or even the top 10-20%. They are the top tiny fraction of 1% who own almost everything and fund think tanks, politicians etc. to keep us all fighting each other and looking the other way.
Why didn't he get his operation in the UK if the care is better there and free?

Because he's a celebrity and didn't want to have an operation in an NHS hospital being bothered by fans all the time and money's no object? Because he lives part time in NYC and wanted to be close to his girlfriend who's house is there (I think his smallest child may even live there)? Because money, location and the overall health care in a country are irrelevant to someone that wealthy and he could have got the best service anywhere he feels like?

Honestly that anecdotes about rich people would get dragged in to discussions like this as "evidence" is just embarrassing. The WHO will give you a good idea of how good a countries healthcare is for an average citizen.
iStockPhoto.com / Re: Model release... only with an app?
« Last post by samards on Yesterday at 03:47 »
I've always had problems with iStock releases. Now they refuse them because "date on photo EXIF does not match date on release".

How can that be - there is no Date in my EXIF - I remove it always before I send the photo??? Probably they are looking at "modified date" of the file itself, and of course that is not the same date as when the photo is made...

So that is why I stopped sending them photos with people, it is not worth all the hassle.
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