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Who do you use to host Ktools?

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For my site I didn`t use KTools since I think it is too limited. But the requierements regarding the PHP ini and other server settings are quiet the same for any script like that.

I set up my own Server since it gives the most freedom. At the moment I use EUKHost.com and I am very statisfied with them. Please not that their Shared Hosting packages are not usable for something like KTools....just talking about Servers!

Maybe have a peek at Hostgator.

^^ +1

I host all of my client websites at HostGator and have to say that their up-time is fantastic and so is their customer service.


--- Quote from: LSD72 on June 19, 2011, 16:17 ---Maybe have a peek at Hostgator.

--- End quote ---

They are on the not recommended list:


I actually considered hostgater till I saw that they were blacklisted.

Michael, do you mind sharing what way ktools is limited?


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