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Who do you use to host Ktools?

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Hi all!

I'm considering jumping on the ktools bandwagon and am wondering who to host them with.  I was thinking of using Bluehost but noticed a few more recommendations by Ktools and wondered if having Ktools host it themselves is the better option.

If you don't mind sharing, could you possibly tell me who you use and if there are any known issues with them?  

And while I've got you, do you know of any restrictions in uploading PNG files?  I couldn't find a list of acceptable file types on their website.

If you're talking about the host allowing PNG files, you'll have no problem. I'm not sure about ktools support for PNG though as I don't use it.

I haven't had any problems with their hosting. I'm sure Bluehost would probably work fine too. As far as pngs, you can upload zip files, so I assume you can put whatever you want in there (tiff, png, eps).

I had by far the best luck with ktools hosting.

Great stuff!  Thanks guys, I'll give ktools a go.


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