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« on: August 22, 2013, 02:02 »

Thanks for everyone's help thus far. Things working out well.

Currently I have Zenfolio really well setup with smart collections that I publish and everything auto uploads/deletes etc to Zenfolio from within Lightroom. Its great. Obviously Zenfolio has poor SEO and I want to join SymbioStock for the community it has. Not sure if its going to replace my Zenfolio (, or supplement it. Ill decide in time:)

Does anyone have same dilemma and has any form of uploading from within Lightroom? I guess one can FTP from within Lightroom but I was kinda after some form of syncing with smart galleries. Like I have with Zenfolio.


« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2013, 10:48 »
I use LR collections and smart collections extensively to keep track of which agencies have what images, but it cannot automatically link and upload with Symbiostock, other than FTP, but I use a separate FTP program to upload anyway so I'm not concerned.

I have my agencies organized as below. It takes time to set it up but once done it is extremely beneficial to me. Others have different ways they work, but this works for me. Good luck.

I start with a "Main" collection which I call "000 MS Images". The reason for "000" in front is organization. It puts this collection at the top of my collections. I put every image that is in any agency or that I want in any agency in this collection. When I'm trolling for images I'll make this my target collection and simply hit the letter "B" when I'm on an image that I want moved to my "000 MS Images" collection. I also tag every image in this folder with the Label Color "Blue" so I know at a glance what images are in my Stock collection. I also create a Smart Collection called "000 Images Need Blue" with three match all parameters, show images in collection "000 MS images", Label color is not Blue, Label color is not Red. This is simply a check to easily see if all images in "000 MS Images" are correctly labeled "Blue" or "Red"(FYI, for simplicity sake I've called it Blue above but in reality I use a custom name, Microstock)

I then have a Collection called  "001 Agency Images"
In this I have Collections for each agency. iStockPhoto would be "IS iStockPhoto". ShutterStock is "SS Shutterstock".
Within each Collection I have a smart collection. I'll give you a ShutterStock example.

Smart Collection:   SS.1 Future Images             Match ALL  Collection contains words "000 MS Images"
                                                                                    Collection doesn't contain "SS."
The above smart collection will only show images that are in 000 MS Images but are not in any other "SS." collection. It works this way because smart collections do not calculate the results of other smart collections.

Smart Collection:  SS.2 Select Images Red      Match ALL   Collection contains words "000 MS Images"
                                                                                   Collection doesn't contain "SS."
                                                                                   Label Color is Red
The above smart collection only shows Red Label colored images that are in "000 MS images" and not in any other "SS." collection. These are images I picked out from my "SS.1 Future Images" that I WILL be working on.

Regular Collection: SS.3 Working On       I simply grab images from the SS.2 Select Images Red that I AM working on. When an image is moved into this collection it is automatically removed from  SS.1 and SS.2 above.

Regular Collection: SS.4 Ready to Upload   These are images that are finished and ready to upload. When moving them here I would remove them from SS.3.

Regular Collection: SS.5 Uploading  These are images that are currently uploading. You can do without this folder, but I like the extra layer so I know where each image is in the process line. These have been removed from SS.4

Regular Collection: SS.6 Pending  These are images that are waiting approval from the agency. They have been moved here after SS.5 and removed from SS.5. I actually have sub collections in here because I would usually have multiple collections pending at the same time.

Regular Collection: SS.7 Resubmit  These are images that were rejected but can be resubmitted after correction.

Regular Collection: SS.8 Rejects  Rejected Images moved from SS.6 and removed from SS.6.

Regular Collection: SS.9 Online  Approved Images moved from SS.6 and removed from SS.6.

Finally I have a Collection called SS.10 Duplicate Check which has 6 Smart Folders. These are to make sure at a glance that the same image does not appear in multiple places, so it is a check.

The first Smart Folder is called "SS.3 Duplicate Check"
It contains the following rules.

Match All: Collection contains SS.3
then a sub group: Any of the following are true:
Collection contains SS.4
Collection contains SS.5
Collection contains SS.6
Collection contains SS.7
Collection contains SS.8
Collection contains SS.9

You would repeat that for each of the other Collections replacing SS.3 with SS.4  and putting SS.3 where SS.4 was etc.

Finally I use JF Collection Publisher to collect and "Publish" my images to a folder. I use a smart folder for each agency within JF Collection Publisher.

I create a Publish Collection with the process parameters I want for the agencies. Within this one Publisher are Smart Collections. The ShutterStock one is named ShutterStock Uploading and contains the following 2 rules.
Match Any of the following:
Collection Contains all SS.4 Ready to Upload
Collection Contains all SS.5 Uploading
They are processed into Its Own sub-folder and named for the collection name give above.

The set-up takes a bit of time, but if done it makes keeping everything organized very easy. As images are chosen they get removed from the folder to be able to choose from and from then on will not appear as needing to upload to that specific agency.

Finally... I also have some exclusive images. They are also put in the "000 Microstock Images" collection. They are also placed in an agency exclusive folder set up the same way above but without the "xx.1 xxxxx" Smart Folde
The exclusive images would end up in the (example) "GI.9 Online". In each Agencies xx.1 Future Images I would add Collection doesn't contain "GI."

Hope that helps and makes sense.

« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2013, 10:53 »
So much easier to be exclusive :D

« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2013, 11:55 »
 :P LOL true!

« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2013, 13:01 »
I use a similar but much more streamlined process:

0 raw -- holds new images from cameras
1 select - 0 lvl images are renamed to YYMMDD-xxx format, then edited into folder 2 or 3:

2 needs work - lighting, focus, isolation, panorama sticjhing, etc, edited images go to 3

3 iptc - waiting for iptc info - then goes to 4

4 ready for upload
 these get directly uploaded to SS
if I don't immediately upload to my other agencies they go into 4A which is a holding area for futher uploads - from here I also select images that will go to my symbio site
5 is a temp archive - holds recently uploaded images, eventually moved t my external & offsite backups

I do look at the SS results & reprocess if it might help, it isn't worth following up for any of the other agencies. if they take them fine, otherwise, I just ignore them


  • Freelance Photgrapher based in Melbourne Australia

« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2013, 20:25 »
Wow thanks for great detailed responses. My system in terms of stock (10 libraries) is to go thru my images and mark as flagged and green colour (had issues with just colours in past). I then upload equally to all libraries. No exclusive so thats easy.

My Zenfolio smart collections work entirely off combos of keywords. So when ive edited images for my stock libraries a London image would have 'europe, landscape' in its keywords. This is then added straight to my Zenfolio gallery. Its brilliant. I can make all kinds of changes and just sync perfectly

Obviously the Wordpress side is different, hence my asking. Its a very tricky thing getting this right because it has to be robust, backed up and applied from the start. At present  ill just upload to Symbio as I so for other stock. How I approve images is another matter, I average maybe a 75% so I wont upload images that have failed on most sites.


« Reply #6 on: August 23, 2013, 00:46 »
however, those rejected for 'low commercial value' may be just the niche images that sell on your symbio site!


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