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Author Topic: adobestock keywords?  (Read 8883 times)

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Uncle Pete

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« Reply #25 on: February 13, 2019, 15:18 »
This story of ordering the keywords on Adobe is a pain
If other sites can do it without, why Adobe can't?
What is the advantage to order the keywords, compared to the other sites?
I don't order my keywords on Shutterstock, but I still sell more that two times more there than on Adobe, so??

Because the other sites reorder your words, and we have no control, some are alpha sort, some will change the order, some take out words, no matter what we started with. Adobe we are allowed to put our best words first so buyers will see a better match.

Nothing says anyone has to do anything if moving 5 words to the top is too much trouble. And from my own testing, it isn't a matter of only the first 5 or 7 are searched. Things are more like Alamy where the first words have more weight. This is a benefit and we have control and choices.

How about equally weighting keywords. If someone is looking for an image of let's say a green tomato and a file has the keywords "green" and "tomato" it will come up in search. If it sells, then maybe weight the keywords more or the file's rank higher?

Having to manually move keywords around is frankly very time consuming. It is the one aspect of the adobestock website I extremely dislike. What makes it even worse is Adobe LR forces alphabetical order.

Since you mentioned that and so did others. Click the caret ^ symbol and the word moves to the top. So you don't have to be dragging things around one by one, just click the 5 most import and they are all on top. Pretty easy?

Otherwise I try to put the most important in order when I add keywords, but I know I have other ideas when I see the image and want to change them. Sometimes a long time later, I think an image is better with different words first.

Where else can we do that? I see the ordering as a benefit and tool that can possibly help me sell files better, not a complication. And still I'll say, if anyone doesn't want to, they don't have to change anything, the search sees all words, just like everywhere else. (except we get to pick the first 5 if we want, and you can't do that at most good sites, you can't even add or change a word at Getty)


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