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Author Topic: No more keywording!  (Read 2478 times)

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« on: December 10, 2013, 16:48 »
Hey all,
I'm just curious how many of you don't like keywording/captioning? Some people probably enjoy it but I'm guessing not everyone.  I've seen plenty of threads here about people outsourcing the metadata process.  That's VERY understandable :)

I recently left a job overseeing metadata and distribution for a stock footage company and am wondering if I can make it work as a freelancer.

Anyone here want someone else to worry about the writing so you can focus on making great images? Reply or PM me and let's chat.


« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2013, 21:50 »
Well, is there a good reason why we can't discuss keywording and the pros and cons of a keywording service here openly?

I am definitely one of those who consider keywording (for selling my photos online) a necessary evil. Not just that: it also needs to be done right. That takes some effort and time, which, unfortunately, isn't quality time for me.

Usage of a keywording service so I can focus on making great images sounds like a great idea. But it doesn't work. At lest not for me.

OK. That isn't fully true. I am still happily using Picworkflow to help with the keywording task. It doesn't work in saving me time and effort in the end BUT it does work in providing better results.

In order to keyword the bulk of my photos you need detailed knowledge of location and/or subject. If I provide that upfront as a detailed description I am already half done. If I don't provide that description the outsourced keywording becomes meaningless at best. From my experience there are only about 20% of the images where hiring a keywording service makes sense. With those images I am often surprised by the angle the keyworder has been looking at the image. Sometimes it is just plain wrong but often enough it is very valid and provides keywords that I would have never thought of. That means I am now spending time reviewing the work of the keyworder instead of doing the keywords all by myself. It leads to better quality keywording, which justifies the very reasonable price tag, but it doesn't save me a minute of the much hated keywording task.

I don't think anyone could provide an affordable keywording service that would free me of that task.

Now, back to keywording  :(


« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2013, 01:18 »
Ooh, Pilens, you bring up a really good point.  About how the location and subject of the images is half the work.  That's something we were dealing with often at my last job.  The filmographer would *sometimes* keep a log/journal from a shoot, but sometimes all we knew was "These 700 clips are from Paris."  :)  Then we get to exercise our google maps and wikipedia skills to identify the locations.  I have to say, we got pretty good and learned some cool techniques and tools along the way.  Like you discussed, though, the photographer has the best perspective and angle on what they were trying to achieve with the shoot.

Seeing as how my experience has been with only one client (my previous employer), I'd like to get a view on how various people feel about keywording (and if there is a general consensus).  I'll gladly keyword 5 photos for anyone who wants (for free) in exchange for your feedback on the keywording.

I believe that there is a balance to be achieved in getting high quality keywords at a reasonable price.  They may not be as perfect as those done by the photographer, but they'd be good enough to be worth the trade off in time and energy.

Let me know if you're interested (either here or at newbielink:mailto:[email protected] [nonactive]).


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