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I also had numerous images deleted since June.  This is a response I received about an image of mine of a child sticking their tongue out.
"The image became unacceptable in light of new child policy regulations. In short we have to remove and no longer accept any images that may be deemed by regulators as inappropriate. This includes this kind of images where children stick their tongues out. While we consider them innocent there are people out there who dont so we must prevent any inappropriate usage and the only way to do this is to systematically remove everything we had online and no longer accept such images."

Seems like that could apply to almost any subject  :-\

Shutterstock.com / Re: Anyone get paid (April)from SS yet?
« on: May 13, 2021, 17:38 »
Just got an email technical error will pay you June 15... Something doesn't add up. It is MY money you are withholding and a technical glitch doesn't take a month to fix!!
They aren't going to bend over backwards by doing a special run for us not good but I wouldn't read more than that into it.

I agree.  They have an automated payout once a month and they aren't going to go out of their way to do a special payment.  I do hope they actually fix the error and keep on top of it unlike they have since this first started happening back in January or potentially even earlier.  I'm more concerned that this has happened twice to at least one person's account.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Anyone get paid (April)from SS yet?
« on: May 10, 2021, 21:10 »
As far as people assuming not getting paid is a bug......
I have been submitting for a long time and this is the first time I have not been paid during a payout cycle.  I have contacted support and have been told there was an error and unfortunately I'll be paid in the next cycle by June 15. 
I have seen in the forums that this seems to be going on since around January...this should be concerning to us all.
Making multiple payments a month wouldn't be typical business practice.  Yes they say by the 15th of the month but most companies give a range of dates to account for any delays.

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