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Adobe Stock / Where Are Adobe Stock Sales Posted?
« on: June 18, 2015, 11:05 »
Does anyone know where they will be posting sales information on sales from Adobe Stock?

Will it be on Fotolia?

Or will they post sales information on the Adobe Stock website (which means that we will have to register on Adobe Stock to get that information)?

It looks like if you leave the discount field blank, then you will end up with your situation (with no discount but scratched out prices).

Try putting a 0 in the discount.  That should fix it.

In regards to SEO, what is the best way to handle similar images?

Would it be best if they all contained the same title, description, keywords, etc?

Or would it be best if they had a slightly different title, description, keywords, etc?

Symbiostock - Development Area / Issue on Discount Pricing
« on: July 22, 2013, 09:03 »
I have noticed that if a customer adds an image that has a price discount to their cart, that the discount will stay even if the discount is removed from the image.

For example, try adding a discount of 50% to an image, then login as a test customer, add the image to the customer's cart, go back to being an admin and remove the discount, and then go back to the test customer and you will notice that the image in the cart still has the discount.

I would think that this is not the way that it should work, since most discounts would only be offered for a specific timeframe.  For example, I was thinking about doing something like a Labor Day sale.  But if a customer adds a discounted image to their cart, it will stay on discount indefinitely (which is not what I intended).

YOur images sit here


Actually, that is where the thumbnail and watermark version are stored.

The full size images are stored in symbiostock_rf.

Which brings up a question, which folder are images that have been purchased stored in?

...would you know if we can sell the images taken inside national park and/or zoo at royalty free or we need to sell them as editorial?

"Officially", zoos own copyright on their animals.

For example, here is a blurb from the San Diego Zoo:

"We encourage guests to take photos at both the Zoo and the Safari Park. As a not-for-profit organization, commercial use of photos taken at our facilities is strictly prohibited." (see here for more details:

Here is a quote from the Detroit Zoo:

"For all film, video and still photography produced on Detroit Zoo grounds for commercial purposes, a written agreement must be entered into with the Detroit Zoological Society (DZS) and a fee paid per the current fee guidelines.  Two weeks advance notice is required."  See here for more details:

Contact the zoo if you have any questions.

WordPress causes it; it's standard behaviour on the first login, but shouldn't happen again.

I saw it for the first time when I registered my first test user, but then I setup another test user and it didn't happen.

If you have a user that is already created, it seems to happen if you logout on certain pages and then log back in, but it doesn't seem to be consistent.  For example, if I click on the Image Categories menu, choose a category, choose an image, logout, and then log back in, it seemed to happen pretty consistently for me, but not all of the time.  And now I can't reproduce it.

I was also noticing that the menu at the top right was changing when I went from page to page.  On some pages it would show the Login/Register menu option, and then on other pages it would show the Logout menu option.

It seems that there might be a bug, but I can't seem to get it to act consistent enough to track it down.

I finally started to test my website (as if I were a customer) and noticed that logging in as a customer is not always consistent.

Sometimes the customer is brought to the WordPress Admin Profile page (which would probably be very confusing for the customer).

Does anyone know what causes this?  And how to fix it?

Symbiostock - Technical Support / Admin: Please delete
« on: July 20, 2013, 18:14 »
Double post...

Please delete

Click on the views bar image in he menu bar at the top of your site

Yes, that is what I do, but that just brings me to JetPack and shows me summary info.  How would you get detailed info, like " the search terms that led someone to the site" mentioned above?

Thanks, but that just brings me to the main JetPack page which shows summary info.

I assume that you are talking about the section titled "Search Engine Terms" (on the bottom left).

I guess that my site is too new to show any of that info at this point.  Hopefully, I'll start seeing that info soon.

Click on the views bar image in he menu bar at the top of your site

Yes, that is what I do, but that just brings me to JetPack and shows me summary info.  How would you get detailed info, like " the search terms that led someone to the site" mentioned above?

I love looking at the Jetpack stats to see the search terms that led someone to the site.

Where can you see the search terms that someone uses?

I have JetPack installed and have tried to look at every page, but don't see that sort of fine-detailed info.  I just see summary info.

So I'll take that as a "no".   ;D

As the title asks, can categories be uploaded from the IPTC data in an image file upon upload?

I have tried to enter a category that already exists (Travel) in the Category field and the Supplemental Categories field of an image and uploaded it.  The keywords are uploaded fine, but no categories are uploaded.

Symbiostock - Suggestions / Re: Keyword expressions
« on: July 18, 2013, 14:25 »
Interestingly, compound searches work in the WordPress Admin -> Royalty Free Images -> Image Keywords search, but not in the regular Image search.

Symbiostock - Suggestions / Re: Keyword expressions
« on: July 18, 2013, 13:16 »

I'm not sure what O/S you are on, but in Windows you can do a search at the top-level directory for *.jpg, then select all (Ctrl-A) of the results, and then paste them as shortcuts (Alt-E, S) into a new temporary folder.  This new folder will then contain shortcuts (or pointers) to the original files.  You can then use this temporary folder to upload in FileZilla.

What does it mean by "All payments made to central source payments"?

Are you talking about setting up some sort of group PayPal account?

And how would that work for tax purposes?

I am new to this, but I was wondering why registration was required.

Many web sites allow you to purchase something without registering.

I think that it might end up turning some customers off if they have to register for a small purchase.

what's your website?

It is still under construction.  I just started working on it late last week.

you can get a list of your keywords at http://webname/symbiostock_keyword_infor.xml  (or .csv) but xml is easier to read)

Thanks.  You can also get a similar list from the WordPress Admin console @ wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=image-tags&post_type=image&orderby=count&order=desc

you can also see keywords for any site alphabetically or by freguency, along with combined reports for all sites at

Wow, lots of info there!

Did Leo any config/testing for you?  :)

Ding, ding, ding!

We have a winner...

Yes, Leo did some testing on my site a few days ago.  I was having issues processing uploaded images and he must have tried a few images of his own.


I went to look at the keywords that I have in my installation and found a bunch of keywords (such as Anger, Brat, Crying, Furious, Parasitic, etc) that I don't believe came from any of my images.  All of the keywords are marked as having 0 images attached to them.  I only have a handful of images uploaded to my website at this time and none of them are of people, so I was wondering how they got there.

Are these leftover from the standard installation?

Would someone please check to see if they have these keywords.

You can find some of the keywords here:

Anger: <>/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=image-tags&post_type=image&s=anger

Brat: <>/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=image-tags&post_type=image&s=brat

Crying: <>/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=image-tags&post_type=image&s=crying

Furious: <>/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=image-tags&post_type=image&s=furious

Parasitic: <>/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=image-tags&post_type=image&s=parasitic

You can find it in wp-content/themes/symbiostock/archive-image.php on line 40.

I just changed mine to "Stock Images".

Just remember to make the change in your child theme (so that it won't be overwritten by updates to the parent theme).

Edit: Looks like while I was writing this up, ajt beat me to it...

You can find the code here:


You would need to change line 800 from:

   'posts_per_page' => 12, // return 5 posts


   'posts_per_page' => 6, // return 5 posts

But please note that any updates that you make to the parent Symbiostock theme will overwrite this.

The best thing would be to put this in your child theme, but I don't know how to do that for a class that is below the main theme directory (wp-content/themes/symbiostock).  If you figure that one out, then please let me know.

Symbiostock - General / Does Symbiostock track sales?
« on: July 16, 2013, 14:19 »
Does Symbiostock track sales?  For example, when a sale is made on an image is there a counter in the database that is increased for that image?

I searched the forums but didn't find anything.

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