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I need to get a new desktop pc. I do photo video edit for stock. I wanted to get i7 processor with 16gb ram with some dedicated graphic card, but the problem is the desktop pc with only i5 processor and 8gb default ram is available in my country and i dont want to buy another laptop..
so if any one using or has used i5+8gb ram for video editing, could you please tell me if i go with this configuration or only i7 is best? do you find any significant difference in i5 and i7 processor for video editing in after effects/premier (and also photo edit too)
Thanking you in advance..

Software - General / Saving keywords in metadata
« on: July 18, 2013, 13:27 »
How to you save the keywords in images according to your own order as photoshop or Lightroom re-arrange keywords in alphabetical order after saving/exporting images. I have been doing copy-paste from shutterstock but i want to save the keywords in metadata of images according to their priority and not in alphabetical order
is there any simple software/tool or we can do this in Photoshop/Lightroom as well ?

(ps- please note I am not talking about keywords searching tool. For that MSG keyword search tool is sufficient for me.)

I have some doubts regarding how payment is done and commissions are taken by photoshelter. I opened my basic account there few months ago. and i got some  sales last month and paid all money immediately through paypal. Then last night i noticed that some money from my credit card were paid to photoshelter. I enquired to my bank and they said that these money were paid to photoshelter for your purchase but i had not bought anything from PS so i mailed photoshelter and they said these are the commission cuts for the sales you got last month.. its bit strange for me as i normally have to enter my CVV number and other security options for making any payment from my credit cards. More over i was paid from photoshelter through my paypal but commissions were taken from credit card after a month. These were my 1st sales from photoshelter so i have no experience with them. Can anybody please tell me if this is normal for photoshelter payment ? Do they (PS) save our credit card essentials ? The other stock sites and POD sites generally take their commission 1st and then pay remaining amount...

Hello all,
i have been shooting photographs and recently started submitting footage but just with P5 and SS. Though still have small port but ss doing much better and hope p5 sales will also improve as soon as my port size improves.
But i have not yet submitted to revo and clipcanvas.. are these sites worth one's time and efforts these days? How have you been doing with these 2 sites ?

Print on Demand Forum / Unable to reply in zazzle forum
« on: December 29, 2012, 00:04 »
I recently joined zazzle and have sent few items also. No problem in zazzle main site, i still can make product and post them for sale.
But now i see that i am unable to post/reply anything in zazzle forum. I have been active there after i joined but when i tried to reply in thread after some days i see that i can't make any post there as if i am not logged in where as i am.
so can anyone here tell me whats wrong ? Don't know if i did something what i should not have done..

6 / Wow, SS footage reviews within "5 min"... great
« on: September 13, 2012, 11:08 »
Cant believe it. I have been waiting my initial footage waiting to be reviewed in Pond5 for last 1 month. So i thought to try SS meanwhile and amazingly they approved my footages within 5 mins lol
I think this quality also makes SS different from others. :)
How are you guys selling video in SS ?

I just saw that there is note near all of my photos in shutterstock. This note is-

"Note: This image is not available under the premier license"

Is it because i have opted out to sell my images for sensitive uses or my images are not being searched for ELs,ODs and other extra features of SS which actually contribute to much of my sales ? Any one else has same note near his photos in shutterstock ?

Hello Admin and friends,
I am interested to know about the pole in different sections (like we get for micro sites) for Macro sites as well like alamy,getty corbis etc (though these 3 are of main concern )..
  I would be quite interesting to see results and will be helpful for macro site (so for editorial photography) lovers.
I also encourage to include more sections also for the poles...
Do share your thoughts about this...! :)

Ok I posted my 10 images for 1st time for approval in SS... 4 were rejected with comments and rest without any comments.
but these 2 photos got strange reason for rejection--
 "Trademark--Contains potential trademark or copyright infringement" (for both these photos)

But i did not find any logo or something anywhere in my whole photo, do you ?
More over these 2 are already in my DT gallery so why did they not find any Trademark potential ?
please help me. Its so frustrating. Can I reclaim for these 2 photos in SS ?

So friends..
here i invite you to share your information on sale in these 3 macro sites..  simply tell us which site out of-
             Getty / Corbis / Alamy
is selling (in average per day or per month) more images of yours now a days/recently...

Thanking you.

Hello there,
  I am going to post my first 10 photos to SS for approval and I have a good photo that i do need to post.
But as i have already post that photo as "Editorial" in please suggest me whether is it ok to post same photo to SS as RF ?
Thanking you.

12 / 1st sale in Alamy
« on: November 25, 2011, 11:59 »
Hello friends..
  I am about to submit photos for alamy QC and curious to know how much longer did Alamy take to sell your 1st photo after your registration.
So lets share your experience with 1st sale in alamy and how big/small did you earn from that 1st sale...  and what makes you keep posting photos in Alamy ?
Do tell the portfolio size at the time of 1st sale comparing today's port size..

Site Related / What are those numbers...?
« on: November 22, 2011, 22:36 »
Hello there,
 I want to know that in Microstock Poll Results what are the 2 numbers mentioned side to each site name ... one is in bold (left to arrow) and other in few points (right to arrow)
I was trying to guess from the day i joined this site but i think its better to ask people about that.. it may be helpful to incrrease the sell in respective microstock sites :-)
Thank you, :)

Paypal / New to paypal.. need help !
« on: November 20, 2011, 11:10 »
hello friends,
 I just created a paypal account with an email ID. Now i have some curiosity. Please help me-

(1) When I need to link my paypal for reciving my payment (or other transitions) in a site like a microstock site... Do I have to give my complete email account to in desired place to receive payments to my paypal account or what ?

(2) My country currency is not mentioned in the lsit of currency in paypal... So do I have to convert the foreign currency into my local currency after recieving my payment or paypal automatically converts the foreign currency like dollar to my local/country currency ?

(3) Will I have to request for payment to paypal each time I get a payment in paypal or they themself transfer the money to my linked local bank account ? Though I have marked the option (while creating Paypal account) for automatic payment by paypal to bank. Yet want to confirm it.

(4) Can I withdraw money from my bank account by my ATM as i do usually once the payment has come to bank account or there is some different procedure to withdraw money from bank ?

 I know friends.. It might seem silly for some of you but I am totally new to paypal and residing in a distant rural place. so none has any knowledge here about online money transfer,paypal,MB etc.
So i hope you wont mind me asking such questions here and will be helped by you all as i have been since i have joined this fabulous informative site.

Thanking you.

Microstock Services / Question about SS & IS approval steps-
« on: November 20, 2011, 08:58 »
Hello friends,
 I am about to submit 10 and 3 photos for qualification round in SS & IS. I think I have few good pix of people out of which one has been accepted in DT for editorial as i don't have model releases for them.
So i want to know from you guys that do we need to submit the model/property releases along with these 10 (for SS) and 3 (for IS) photographs for approval procedures ?

Thank you.

16 / Few doubts about Alamy submission
« on: November 20, 2011, 08:39 »
hello everyone,
I am planning to submit 4 (1st time) images for QC in Alamy. But i have few terms what i don't understand.
(1) What does RM (Right Management) category ? Does it mean that if we choose submit photo for RM then those photos must be exclusive (I mean is it related to become Exclusive Alamy photographs? )
(2) If we fail to qualify for 1st and 2nd time then after how many days can we submit again for QC for 2nd and 3rd attempts ?
(3) Is it necessary or good to be exclusive for Alamy. I mean if we submit a photo to Alamy then we should not submit the same pic for any other micro/macro stock site ?

I hope I may get answers to my doubts here.
Thanking you in advance.

hello everyone..
   I know its bit strange but being a ne comer to 123RF I would like to know any approx days/months withing which generally sell of photographs start ? Ofcourse it would depends on quality and quantity of photographs still I am so curious as my 13 out of 15 photographs were approved and now have come in the portfolio too... so any guess or suggestion friends ? :-)

Hello friends..
I joined 123RF 1 week ago. I submitted my driving licence as ID proof and 15 photographs (as minimum photographs required asked for 10 so i submitted 15 of my best pix) but as there was address problem in ID they asked me submit another, as the mail did not come to my hotmail acc and was only in 123RF sitemail so I could see it 2 days after its delivery. They said "send another ID proff with clear address so that we may review once again your submitted photographs"
   Meanwhile (before sending my ID 2nd time) 13 out of my 15 submissions had been accepted. Then I again sent My Passport as ID with address.
But the problem is my portfolio does not show any of my accepted photos while profile/account is there. I have sent emails to them regarding mu query but I think the customer feed back is poorest for 123RF. They did not respond any of my email at the same time SS,FT and IS have been replying me with my queries cleared each time. SS replied 6 of my emails with in same day while fotolia emailed me personally 3 times with their answer clearing my problems.
     Now please suggest what can be the problem with my portfolio in 123RF ? Why my portfolio is empty as it has been almost 5 days with my photos accepted.
Need your valuable suggestions friends.
Thanking you.

20 / If one is failed in istock approval..?
« on: November 10, 2011, 02:12 »
hello everyone,
   may i know if some one is failed in any of the approval steps (quiz or sample approval) in istock then when can he/she reapply ? as in shutterstock the next turn comes after 1 months (2nd chance). what about Istcok ?

hello friends..
   I am new in microstock sites and i always keep on listening people that there few images are accepted in x1 and the same set of images were rejected in site x2. Probbaly different sites are interested in different subjects of photos.
  so why do't we make a list of subjects accepted and rejected by different famous microstock sites.
For example- (suppose-)

SS- accepts- landscapes,people,
      Rejects- pets,animal,skyscapes

DT- Accepts-

and so on. Let it be just personal experience of the photographers and it may differ according to quality of images. But still I think we should give it a try which will definitely help newbies and others as well.

           Thanking you all in Advance !

Adobe Stock / where are rejected images ?
« on: November 09, 2011, 03:24 »
hello there..
I am new to microstock sites and uploaded few images in fotolia. Few of them were rejected but i don't remember which were they. So can any one tell me how can I see/know which images were rejected by fotolia... I just have their ID code what came with notification emails from fotolia...
          Thankin you in advance !!

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