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General Stock Discussion / Best photo archive
« on: January 25, 2016, 06:54 »
Hi -  What is the best photo archive that shares high quality images in large volume?

I want this  archive to be similar to and use all the stock agencies and show all the images.(ie. everything from shutterstock, istockexclusive, fotolia etc etc

Does this exist? or  Do I just use google images and type "stock photos". I want something better when I need to show

Please and thank you

Symbiostock - General / Weird activity on Symbio
« on: September 01, 2014, 14:52 »

Can someone explain the weird activity on the Symbio forum to me? Why is that happening?

Thank you,


What do you call a website that sells photos  and illustrations? Microstock website? Stock website?

What do you call a website that sells photos, illustrations and footage? Production website? Media website?

I am a little confused and tried to google it. it didn't help.

admin edit: edited the subject to be more descriptive.


I checked out Leo's symbiostock website and have been observing this forum for a while.

I would like to sell my illustrations and photos. Eventually learn videography and sell  footage.

Can you sell footage using Symbiostock?

Thanks indvance

Newbie Discussion / Need Your help quick PLEASE
« on: April 13, 2013, 21:27 »
Hi Everyone :D,

I am new. I wish I came across this website sooner.

So I am have been working on graphic illustrations for long time now.  I would like to sell my work. Or should I be saying  "license" my work?

I am considering my options on different stock sites. What's bothering me is that amount of money  that I would receive from the major stock websites. They would be receiving really big dollars and I would get cents. It doesn't seem fair.

This forum is great. I came across discussions that we have the ability to build our own stock websites and sell our own work. So far using the search engine I have come across
WordPress -Sellmedia,

Are there other options out there that you guys can suggest? Any threads I should read?


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