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Veer / 26 days and counting....
« on: May 24, 2011, 17:32 »
My goodness - really!  It takes that long to approve one piddly image?! 

I don't know if I can stay with Veer at this rate - I have a small port, and I need my sales as soon as possible not wait a month just to see the images go up.

Anyone have sales here, with a small illustration port?

I'm just curious, because I've just had my first 2 photos approved on SS (only did illustrations before this) but they are editorial.  I'm now wondering if they only got through because they were timely, or do they in fact have the same standards applied to them as regular photos?

I don't want to get overly happy, and now think that my stuff is good enough just because these got through.  :-\

Just came on the tv.  They killed him in Pakistan - he was living just outside the capital of Islamabad.  The US has his body...


Is this possible, or even one by one - I can't seem to find the option anywhere...

Also, any other sites you guys would recommend that I remove the EL feature from my files - sites that you're glad you don't have it on?

5 / Nice to have a fair price for your work
« on: April 26, 2011, 23:56 »
I am just happy that I sold my first $5.00 image on Canstock, after being up with them since end of Feb (with only 24 files).  That would make 20 Shutterstock sales - so I am supporting them religiously from now on.

(I know it's not crazy sales, but it's only a few files - and was only a couple images at the beginning - I have 24 as of last week).  Would I prefer $25 or $100 for the work, yes, but in micro this will do just fine.

I've only done stock illustrations, but my intention all along was to upload photos.  I would like to start submitting some to see if they are up to par.

Is there a list anywhere of the top 2 or 3 sites that it's the easiest to get into at first with photos?

I don't suck, but my camera isn't a DSLR, (it's a Canon Powershot SX1 IS) so I don't want to start out with SS or IS obviously - are there any sites that would even look at my stuff?  Oh - and unfortunately a lot of my subjects are nature - SO IT SHOULD BE EASY, RIGHT!  ;D

I am willing to with models if I have to, but I do have lots of old architecture shots, and some cool macros as well.  Plus, I have a small home studio set up.

Is it okay to post a link to my flickr here, or not - to show you guys (mostly nature because I set it up to send tourists there for info on local nature attractions)

Because that would suck - all other agencies want higher than that - why wouldn't they want higher resolution rasters - isn't bigger better in this case? ::)

Yeah, I've said it before, but I'm still having the problem - they never get to the "unfinished" section, for me to be able to get them into pending. 

Some do, but most don't.  I've even checked days later - nothing...

Does anyone else have this problem?

 deleted - solved my own problem -  ::)

Veer / Trying to upload first 10 - is upload down?
« on: March 19, 2011, 20:30 »
First of all - do we just upload JPGs of vectors for the first 10, or EPSs with their JPGS - but then is it 10 files in total, or 20 files?  

I assumed JPGS only and it's not working.  I tried to upload them and I get an "unknown error" - and it's not uploading them.  The jpgs are saved at 12-quality level and they say 9 - is that the problem?  

The files are also the correct size for both MP and MB as listed in their info.

I saw the post about it being down on 3/19 but it's 8pm already.... CST.

Veer / How is veer with vectors?
« on: March 17, 2011, 14:24 »
Has anyone noticed any obvious preferences there yet? (like SS doesn't want any flowers, abstract backgrounds, and icons right now)

Are their "likes" more geared toward new ideas, or run of the mill clip art or what?  What about vintage color schemes, and vintage-looking illustrations?

I ask because I signed u,p but haven't uploaded at all yet.  I've been reading that they're more artsy and it's easy to get rejected there.  - am I off my rocker?

I have some vintage-inspired stuff that is very simple in concept but sells well because it's "cool" - but some sites have rejected them for "too simple", not seeing the big picture - if you will, and I don't want to start out with a 100% rejection rate...

BTW - how the heck do you get the little icons at the bottom here showing your ports?

Is it worth it to "bother" the reviewers to tell them that an image they just rejected is actually more accurate then the version they approved only 1 month ago?  They rejected it for "poor execution" which bothers me too - the other one was almost exactly the same - all of a sudden it's badly done?

This is the new one (changed to make the character look more like a bird, fixed her eye-shadow - it was not aligned properly - and got rid of pink background to make editing easier for designers - it was getting views, but no downloads anywhere) - btw it was approved on SS - old one deleted, and it sold within a day already:

This is the old one:

It's a jpg, so none of the eps reasons for poor execution go with it.  Another file that I submitted at the same time was also rejected for the same reason - of course it was approved everywhere else.  I wonder if they just hit whatever button they seem to be nearest during review-time.

(The only thing that I can possibly see is that in the new one I didn't stroke the "nails" on her feet - as in the other image - could that be it?!)

DT seems to have the highest rejection rate for me so far.  I know that I'm not some genius at this - I only started to do digital stuff 2 months ago, but I can't be that bad when everyone else is approving my stuff.

Is it just me?  It's been over a week for a couple of images - no other site I'm with takes that long...

If that's the norm then fine - just wondering what your experience is.

What markers are you looking for on a new site you joined to see if it will be worth your time?  Obviously downloads, but sites' searches work differently, and they have different types of buyers, so what do you guys base it on:

Is there a number of images that you want to be at before you judge a site?  Or, a certain period of time? 

FYI - I have one site - SS that is earning for me - whereas the others (6 of them) have views only - no sales, though only a month has gone by, and it's a small port of 50 images.  (I want to know what parameters to use in the future to see if they are worth staying with.)

So, I wanted to make some keyword changes and I see that on their history page it says "when you edit your keywords the image goes back to 'pending' " which to me implies that you CAN edit them, but when you go to their FAQ page it says you can't edit keywords once they are downloaded.

Has anyone been able to email them and have them change some keywords on accepted images?

Thanks all.

Hi, where do you go to see your image views at 123rf?  Is that even a feature they have?

Also, my approved images are taking like days - to a week - to show up in my port, what is up?  (this happened with my first upload - I had to email them to see what the problem was then too.)

Cutcaster / Zipping files for Cutcaster, and rasters...
« on: March 07, 2011, 17:02 »
I appreciate you guys helping me upload vectors on Cutcaster it says:

"Only upload EPS or AI formats with attached JPEG preview zipped into one file.
Note: Do not place the vector and JPEG preview inside a folder when compressing them into a ZIP archive."

1) How do you zip 2 files into one file, vs placing them in a folder (zip archive)? you just right click, and go "add to"?  because they DO end up in a folder that way....

2) What's the difference with Fotolia and the zipping there?

3) Does Cutcaster generate the JPG from the EPS or do you have to upload that separately?

Okay, so I just signed up with Cutcaster, and don't understand which name will be used where.

copyright holder - is this only viewed by buyers and for the copyright line?  Is it visible with your images - because if it is I may use an initial instead for the first name.

username - where is this name displayed?

alias - who sees this name and where?

Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me here. :-\

Hi guys, this is my first post here.  I'm online with 8 agencies and just went to check my first files on 123rf and they say that they are free for download for a standard license...

What .?

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