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1 / Re: January 2023 earnings statement
« on: February 22, 2023, 11:55 »
Yep, just got mine.

You always get one of those emails when theyre about to pay you, so you should receive your money shortly.

I thought you could apply and theyd judge you on your submitted work, but I may be wrong.

Theres a big difference between iStock exclusive and Getty exclusive. IStock is total artist exclusivity for RF, Getty is image / sister image exclusive. Make sure you know which one youre signing up for.

Nah, thats a very bad deal for photographers - small dollar amount one time payment per picture for an exclusive image that you cant ever remove or sell elsewhere. No royalties.

What's interesting experimenting with this technology is what it's good at and what it's bad at.

I think it'll eventually become really good at lifestyle stuff - beautiful woman sitting in private jet, eating a bowl of salad etc. for instance. So those type of photographers are screwed.

Imagined images and illustrations - those artists are largely screwed.

Generic landscapes - misty forests, dramatic mountain ranges, green farmland. Those photographers are screwed.

What it's really bad at is named locations. It doesn't seem to be able to produce decent realistic images of Big Ben or Mt Everest or the Taj Mahal because those images require a single viewpoint and you can't combine images without it looking very odd.

At the very least the watermarks show the images that they use to learn from are stolen.

This sort of thing is the reason agencies are rejecting this kind of content, because someone is going to get sued for a lot of money somewhere:

11 / Re: Selling photos to russia
« on: September 13, 2022, 05:22 »
Why all this negative criticism of Russia?  Don't you people know your history?  And don't you know what has been going on in Ukraine these past couple of years?  Do your research and don't believe anything you read in the press, and particularly the American press.

Yes we do. The Russians, under Putin, have been invading Ukraine and killing Ukrainians since 2014 whilst waging a propaganda campaign that only the foolish cannot see through.

It is very impressive, but it is using pre-existing images at some point in the creation process.

Photographers and illustrators need to be paid for the use of those images, unless they've been donated.

Inevitably, it'll be like Pinterest and other tech start-ups - steal and never say sorry.

Presumably it's a reaction to Shutterstock buying Pond 5.

iStock / Getty accept cityscapes with multiple logos that aren't too dominant. You'll need at least 5 different ones in a scene I would guess.

Surely its manipulating and combining existing images into new ones? Its not generating images from scratch and those starting images have to come from somewhere.

General - Top Sites / Re: My first month with Freepik !
« on: April 24, 2022, 03:26 »
Youre not a journalist, youre a blogger. This referral business neatly illustrates the difference between the two. Journalists are generally held to a much higher standard which your referral links negate.

17 / Re: DT wants to go after infringement
« on: April 14, 2022, 08:55 »
I would have thought that non-exclusive RF makes going after infringers more or less impossible.
I do know a photographer whos entire business model seems to be to aggressively go after infringement- though the death of RM has put paid to that.

I feel like it is worth bringing community attention to - we are art people here and it is so sad that Depositphotos decided to use war as an excuse to earn some extra buck and spread hate.
Depositphotos stopped payouts to all Russian and Belarusian contributors. There was no notice in advance, Payoneer and Paypal still worked in those countries - people just got emails that starting now they won't get paid but Depositphotos will keep selling their content. As I know they are the only microstock that chose to cut off contributors (and they are already in a pretty sad and bad situation already). No need to say that most Russians and Belarusians do not support the war and are nearly completely stripped of their savings and earnings. We are supposed to create art, not war. So very sad.
I deleted my portfolio from this Depositphotos, don't want to support the owner who chooses a path of hate and discrimination.

Thats very sad that you are caught up in a war you dont support. Not much help to you, but you should know not everyone blames ordinary Russians for this murderous invasion in Ukraine - most people understand its Putins war. I hope it ends soon and you get your life back. Good luck.

I was convinced by the massive bomb crater outside and the screaming women carried from inside on stretchers. Yknow, facts, not the surreal crazed ramblings of Lavrov.

This seems like a fair summary of the background to this disaster and how Putin and the West reached this point:

Plant-based food.

Y'know, the basis of all life on Earth. Surely people aren't objecting to Plant Based Foods?

The latest is the children's hospital. It all seems to staged. If a hospital was working fully and then I would have expected many people about. I see a lot of military people and few civilians. I hardly, or actually don't see, any doctors or nurses. And the pregnant woman could have been placed into the scene.

You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this about such a disgusting attack. How have you reached this point where you are denying what everyone knows to be true? How have you lost your basic humanity that you would deny the suffering of these victims? Its just appalling. Please look closely at yourself and honestly examine your motives and reasoning. Bring yourself back from the brink before you cannot recover from this madness.

To support our community, we will be sending an additional payout to our Ukrainian contributors this month of $250. The payout of these funds will shortly follow the normal March payout. Please note these funds will be distributed to all Ukrainian contributors that are already receiving a payout this month.

That's a pretty good gesture. Hopefully it will be followed by more.

Dreamstime are giving Ukrainian artists 100% royalties:

Cant do better than that!

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