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Pixmac / Re: starting out slow
« on: August 07, 2012, 17:11 »
  I'm  taking  my  time  with  this  site.  My  first  upload  was  8  pics  -  3  were  accepted  (i  did  overlooj  a  name  brand  on  one  -  my  fault).  My  next  upload  was  10  and  2  were  accepted  and  the  rest  are  waiting  to  be  reviewed.
  Hopefully  this  slow  approach  will  put  only  my  best  on  site.

Sorry to be harsh but if you can't get stuff accepted on pixmac it's time to look for other things to do with your camera. Just being honest. If it's income you are after that you are micromanaging minutia and needing to tell people about it is indicative that you may do better in an hourly job. Just a reality check here.

Why do you even bother with them? There comes a point when you have to decide what your times is worth. Factor in the time spent uploading to the low lifes and then do the math. If you want to work for 3 cents an hour go ahead.

If you want a coop, then create one. Build it or at least investigate the costs to build it.

No, no, it's more fun to talk about it and especially fun if you're the OP who thinks theyve come up with a brand new thing we haven't discussed repeatedly, but no one does anything about

Yes let's beat the dead horse until it's totally vaporised. And once more, no one wants the ball. I expect another thread will come about mid September ;-)

Photo Critique / Re: May I please have some critiques?
« on: July 26, 2012, 22:33 »
See Strobist 101 because you can't light.

Can't understand why some try to game the system for loose change. Big waste of time.

One of the problems is that stockers are frequently clueless as to what the term Isolated really means to a seasoned buyer. Isolated should mean "No shadow" and I think only Bigstock comes right out and says this. Search almost any agency, and you will find numerous objects with shadow, ugly shadows, really bad color noise shadows.

And here's my favorite - what is this??

So someone tell me - how can ANY of these images be considered Isolated? Does not matter if it is a photo or 3D. Yet the term has been inserted by the contributor.

If an agency tied to segregate just via use of the Term Isolated to form an auto-catagory or genre, well you can see what an absolute joke this would be.

General Stock Discussion / Re:
« on: July 07, 2012, 15:00 »
Have you ever heard of Working on Spec? This is just a dressed up form of that.

General Stock Discussion / Re: DT Wipe-Out
« on: July 05, 2012, 01:28 »
Stranegly, almost a BME at DT for June.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Moving up the Ranks Fast!
« on: July 01, 2012, 08:52 »
What a waste of bandwidth. Are you really serious with this post? Being proud of and feeling the need to broadcast a low rent district mentality is appalling.


State of Virginia officials say this is the largest single non-hurricane power outage ever. And there is  alot of stuff that runs through there server-wise.

Luis runs to store to buy 2 iphones...

Selling Stock Direct / Re: email from peopleimages
« on: June 27, 2012, 09:21 »
What were you doing there? Looking for a Submit button?

at this point it's a lost battle and a lost war.

it's just too easy to steal content nowadays.
and Flickr itself doesn't give a sh-it about copyright infringment, which says it all.

You're right. They went from a blanket No Pin sitewide policy for copyrighted images to this new scheme

Reference link to their old position back in February

I took all of my images off of Flickr last month. It was mostly local travel landmarks. I got tired of freeloaders wanting free use and those stupid Schmaps travel people bugging me at least a couple of times a week. The images I had on Flickr were not much more than decent travel snapshots, but they were of value to some because I shot some of the more obscure stuff that no one else took. They can all go screw themselves and I'll find something else to do with the images. No great loss for me as far as any time investment on Flickr.


Actually, the title must be something like: SCAM ALERT: STAY AWAY FROM YOTOLA

Well you could take the SCAM word out and just title it

"New Agency Yotola - CALLING ALL SUCKERS"

15 / Re: Dreamstime and Pinterest
« on: June 07, 2012, 02:28 »

Storm, do you have a link to that stock site or portfolio?

I will have to do a search and see if I can come up with it again. There are so many thieves on micro I've kind of stopped caring.

I routinely send invoices for usage on non micro stuff. Happens all the time. Have never used the Paypal button though.

Not only do they not care, but they require it.  Dreamstime wants one release per model period, even if it is years apart.  I believe they make exceptions for child models where their looks will change over a number of years but for adults, one release is the way they want it.  sigh ...

While I generally roll my eyes at some of the oddities of the IS review process, in this case I think IS has it right and DT is wrong. I can think of a number of situations that associating one particular image with model releases from different shoot would get you in trouble. I'm not arguing with you, I'm just having trouble believing that DT would want to open them up for those kinds of problems down the road.

In order for things to stand up in case of a court challenge, Dt is wrong.

18 / Re: Dreamstime and Pinterest
« on: June 06, 2012, 15:18 »
This whole thing is getting overly complex. The basic point is that what Dreamstime is doing is explicitly against Pinterest's stated terms. You can only pin images you have copyright to.

And I see DT has an account at Pin and is doing some of the dirty work themselves

It's also so damned nice to see they are willy pinning the Editor's Choice images

And whoever mentioned Image Exchange to find images in the other Pin thread? Yeah, that doesn;t work - apparently Pin has denied access to that agent.

And an edit/update:

I wanted to test image exchange so I went on Google images and typed in a common keyword. Image Exchange is up and working. But I found a stock image that was snatched full res right off Wikipedia that was loaded to a stock site. Some sleuthing of that stock account at one of the low earners reveals several stolen items.

This is one of the reasons I gravitate further and further from micro each day.

So glad you posted the article's link!  I clicked through a few of its links and learned Pinterest is already making money, even though it's still in beta.  How?  By removing referral/affiliate links and adding its own...and they don't disclose they are changing referral/affiliate link info.   >:(  Some bloggers think this sneaky little problem might be the way in which to sue Pinterest for copyright infringement.


I heard about them removing Amazon affiliate links and I've heard Zazzle members complaining about disappearing affiliate codes on their links.  That was the first I've heard about Linkshare.  From what I've heard, Pinterest doesn't change the link right away.  The sneaky *insult removed* wait a while and strip it weeks later so the affiliates don't notice anything, or by the time they do, it's already been 'repinned' with Pinterest's own affiliate links.  

As terrible as that is, it's also great because they can't hide behind "safe harbor".  We just need someone with some grunt to take to court.  Another plus is that  affiliates will have no reason to use them anymore, which leaves only those housewives who pin without realizing they are breaking the law.  We should scare them away.

Next image I find one of my images on there, I will be adding a comment saying that they did not ask my permission to use the image and therefore have infringed on my copyright.  I will demand they purchase a license from my favorite agent and a few days later send a DMCA.  Word will get around and eventually they'll be  to scared to 'pin' anything.

We should all do that.

Pin was using Skimlinks but publicly admitted to have stopped the practice. See the link from Feb 2012

They've probably found another sleazy scheme by now.

20 / Re: DT - for facebook
« on: June 05, 2012, 04:29 »
And here's what some of the rest of the world thinks about Time Images

Who . buys a stock image to put on the top of their Facebook timeline? Would you do it? Would any of you really pay a buck to put the photo of some random model doing some stupid thing?

I guess there's a clientele for this service. And it makes me sad.

Link to article

General Stock Discussion / Re: alamy CTR Score
« on: June 04, 2012, 17:29 »
If you have content that is

1. Needed
2. Engaging

Buyers will click. Otherwise, they won't. That's really about it.

Trying to scheme to improve CTR is a waste of time. They should really eliminate the CTR from the Alamy Rank scheme if they are still using it, because buyer clicks started to fall by the wayside when Alamy introduced the image rollovers.

Off Topic / Re: Recommend a movie (2011/2012 if possible)
« on: June 03, 2012, 13:37 »
I kind of feel the same way Wut, that the box office is pushing trash. Best I've seen this year has been Up In The Air with George Clooney. Little bit of romance but it doesn't reek of it. I tend more to like action stuff like Die Hard and the Bourne series. I also like lawyer stuff. There was an early Matt Damon film where he played a lawyer called The Rainmaker. It also has Danny DeVito if you can believe that he added a very good comedic twist to the otherwise serious movie. Rainmaker is in my top ten list of favorite films.

You might like Lincoln layer then. Or a classic runaway jury. I watched up in the air and will give rainmaker a try (although I generally don't like lawyer stuff). Take a look at margin call, it really shows why we're in recession (and it's not a documentary, that's the best thing about it, there's just so much documentaries I can take before I feel like my head will explode) and you can relate it to ms on so many levels too :o . When it comes to action moves, Jason Statham is featured in many of them, for instance the bank job is one of his latest and pretty good. My fav is lock stock and two smoking barrels, again, so refreshing, if you take a break from H-wood. A classic. Snatch is similar, most like it more, but not me. Still very good, of course.

I think Rainmaker hit a chord with me for this reason - many think that when students get out of school and pass the bar, they move into swanky houses or apartments and are set for life. My cousin got out of law school and the only job she could get before passing the bar was working at a chain department store while driving her 10 yr old Chevy. Clerking for judges or even doing duty at a firm is very political here so in order to do that you need family and political connections. In the Rainmaker movie, Damon moves into a garage apartment at a house owned by a little old lady and mows the lawn for her. He winds up with a partnership of sorts with DeVito and grows up pretty quickly. I don't know if Rain even ever made the theatres. I found it on videotape for 5 bucks at one of the discount stores.

I will check out the titles you mentioned.  Thanks!

Image Sleuth / Re: "Bumper Stickers"
« on: June 03, 2012, 13:24 »

Just havin' some fun here

Off Topic / Re: Recommend a movie (2011/2012 if possible)
« on: June 03, 2012, 13:07 »
I kind of feel the same way Wut, that the box office is pushing trash. Best I've seen this year has been Up In The Air with George Clooney. Little bit of romance but it doesn't reek of it. I tend more to like action stuff like Die Hard and the Bourne series. I also like lawyer stuff. There was an early Matt Damon film where he played a lawyer called The Rainmaker. It also has Danny DeVito if you can believe that he added a very good comedic twist to the otherwise serious movie. Rainmaker is in my top ten list of favorite films.

Off Topic / Re: Pinterest anyone?
« on: June 02, 2012, 16:57 »
yeah, i'm really sad and tired.
i can't see any exit from all this ... and by the way :

- pirating mp3s with napster was judged illegal and the service shut down, but uploading on youtube a video made of a screenshot with a stolen mp3 seems to be fully OK these days...

As an aside by commenting on the youtube aspect here, back maybe 6-8 mo ago, there was a video that gained popularity in photoworld and of course the photos were gaga bcause the video was made by a 13 yr old boy with a dslr, or something like that. But he snatched the music. When you turned the sound off, it was just another piece of youtube crappola. I've been editing video for a very long time, and I know garbage when I see it.

So back to the pinners - guess at a corporate level there's nothing like getting cybermules to do all the dirty work for you. And let them take the rap if things implode by twisting and obfuscating the law.

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