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1 / Re: Zero sales of new files
« on: Today at 10:54 »
Given the number of new images coming onto the market compared with slow growth in demand   if sales for most contributors weren't going down that would be strong evidence that sales were controlled. Certainly some suffer more than others. Whether that is by design, random results of algorithm changes or changing customer demand is speculation unless you have a source in shutterstock or access to their data.

2 / Re: Shutterstock Milestones
« on: Today at 02:11 »
1) prospective contributors believe the hype and enter the market without doing any research

If I may comment on that, there are not actuall resources on failure and agency tactics. Just "how i earned {amount of money}" and referrals even to crappy agencies. And a total recycling of "news".

The actual research and evaluation perhaps  is uploading and getting
payed $1,37 per clip
etc etc.
You only really need to look at the total number of images on shutterstock and divide that by the total amount paid out to see the odds are against you. I'm sure though huge numbers do try it for a month or two and realise its not for them.

3 / Re: Shutterstock Milestones
« on: Yesterday at 00:57 »
The more images that are added and the less that's paid out per contributor, the more it seems to attract people to the pot. Obviously nobody in the stock game has their own financial wellbeing in mind. Basically it's a good way to lose money fast but yet it seems to attract more and more lemmings.
Obviously people in the stock game think it will benefit them financially for many it doesn't of course

I think there are two reasons
1) prospective contributors believe the hype and enter the market without doing any research
2) Some people believe they can beat the "odds" and some in fact do.

4 / Re: Shutterstock reviewers are idiots
« on: October 14, 2019, 12:57 »
I wouldn't blame reviewers so much. Its an entirely predictable outcome from opening the floodgates by allowing anyone to be a contributor with only one accepted photo. You could have a monkey press the shutter and do that. I doubt SS invest more than a tiny amount in training and probably give reviewers seconds to review each image. Along with that either by design or lack of control we seem to have some contributors able to contribute anything without inspection. I am amazed that they still remain by far the most succesful agency. Their marketing to buyers must be absolutely world class.

5 / Re: Alamy. Philanthropy is in our DNA
« on: October 12, 2019, 03:07 »
It's hard to fathom how tone deaf you have to be - how little you understand your contributor community - to post here about how you're taking a portion of profits to donate to charities (all of which I'm sure are most worthy).

Not once, but twice you've pleaded the business needed a larger share of the gross as your reason for cutting royalty payments to contributors (in the time I've been with Alamy).

From my perspective, that's our money that you have decided to donate to charities on our behalf. Don't expect me, and I suspect many other contributors, to feel good about that.
It doesn't really make much difference to me what organisations or people do with their profits. All stock agencies aim to make a profit. If Alamy decided to spend their profit on luxury yachts what difference would it make?.

6 / Re: Alamy. Philanthropy is in our DNA
« on: October 12, 2019, 02:55 »
Please start another company for your charity aspirations and stop using contributor commissions to make you look generous. It's a bit of a sham
They are open about how it works. No one is forcing you to submit work there.

7 / Re: How is this possible?
« on: October 12, 2019, 02:18 »
It seems that Grossinger has reached the $500 mark on SS. It took over 7000 photos and some videos to get there. Not an outstanding ratio between upload numbers and sales but it goes to show that he has persistance.
Seems to be he set out to prove one thing and his results show the opposite.

They most definitely are conserving server space.
Any evidence for that?

Now they are really overdoing it. I made one image where the object is isolated on white and one image where the object is in snow and a snowball is next to it. Where is that similar? I had the image with snow and the snowball rejected for similar. I have never made similar images like others where I couldn't even see the difference in the photos unless I looked at it for 10 minutes.

I do mostly editorial video and I am sure it's an AI/software application that's screening their massive database of 600 million files for similar content and rejecting it or flagging it for the reviewer to reject, I don't even know if SS has human reviewers anymore, could all be AI for all we know.

All I know is if pretty much any part of the images in the video are similar to anything already on the site it now gets rejected, I went from about 10% rejection to 90% rejection.

They most definitely are conserving server space.
I doubt its anything to do with server space which gets cheaper all the time. Its simply incompetence. Rejecting stuff that might sell makes no rational sense.

With the number of submissions they have encouraged with their free for all entry requirement I would imagine its impossible to recruit and train enough competent reviewers and give them time to review at a economic price.

The problem with Shutterstock is that you have to use your password to send over insecure FTP. Open invitation for hackers.

Adobe Stock / Re: The rise of Adobe Stock
« on: September 28, 2019, 00:40 »
Since some month Adobe stock sell more and more. here is my stats

June 2018   1337
July 2018   1390
August 2018   1430
September 2018   1403
October 2018   1656
November 2018   1771
December 2018   1368
January 2019   1835
February 2019   1699
March 2019   1787
April 2019   1857
May 2019   2067
June 2019   1816
July 2019   1924
August 2019   1983

Shutterstock lost sell but Adobe stock is rising

Having a lot of downloads is not all ... the most important number is the RPD! And this number is on the way down since AS is in the market!!!

... much more than the number of sales are growing for only few contributors!
Both RPD and no of downloads don't mean much on their own. Its multiplying the two that gives the important stat. Not sure anyone knows how many gainers/losers there are.

13 / Re: Shutterstock Milestones
« on: September 26, 2019, 02:31 »
The non-stop flood does in a way surprise me. Most images won't sell. You would think at some point word would get around and the sentiment might be: "don't bother" regarding uploading for the casual photog.
I suspect a lot of people load a tiny number of images the forget about it. Theres still a lot of suckers/phototraphers to recruit thinking they will earn big cash from random phone pics.

...Because Bill Gates has a taste for easy money. He owned Corbis for many years then sold it to VCG for a hefty profit. Guess he wants back into the game. ...

To interrupt your rant with some facts, temporarily...

Microsoft Corp and Bill Gates are two different entities. Microsoft never owned Corbis (Bill Gates did).

Bill Gates no longer runs Microsoft; Satya Nadella is the CEO.

Adobe is much more than a stock agency - if you wanted to get "back into the game", buying Adobe, Inc. would be a very odd way to do that.
Adobe is a software company so its not out of the question that microsoft could buy them but not especially for  the stock element. But theres no reason to think they are even remotely thinking about itat the moment.

Thomas Cook travel just went bankrupt leaving 600,000 stranded and 21,000 out of work.

Offtopic. I was watching the news showing a Thomas Cook airoplane taking off. Perhaps at least all related stock media to have some boost sales. (in other words, one's death is other's survival...)

Actually, I sold the Thomas Cook logo (I shot it three weeks ago for Adobe editorial) eight times today... Not that it makes me rich, though.
I sold an image of a statue of James relation yesterday. Wonder if someone is confused?

Microsoft could afford to acquire most businesses if they felt like it. This is pure speculation from no where as far as I can see.

DepositPhotos / Re: New images - views and sales
« on: September 24, 2019, 02:53 »
My experience is similar. I just tink new content gets buried under the mountain of competition. It does seem odd though that I quite often sell 5-6 year old images for the first time.

It would be nice if once, just once, they agreed to swallow the mistake between them (Canva and Getty) and keep the contributors whole...

Sadly it just shows where the balance of power lies between the agencies and their suppliers.

19 / Re: This is all we got - A SORRY
« on: September 21, 2019, 06:23 »
What does anyone expect?  I'm surprised they bothered to explain. If like me you are signed up to them don't say you weren't warned  :o

20 / Re: Im sorry about Dreamstime
« on: September 20, 2019, 02:29 »
I seem to do okay on Dreamstime.  Enough that I feel it's still worth it to upload there.  But 123RF seems to be rather stagnant and their upload process is super time consuming.
Amazingly RF is doing better for me the last couple of months but from a cliff edge drop about a year back. I don't find their ftp uploading time consuming.

What a let down lots of refunds for me too.

22 / Re: How do I delete images on Shutterstock?
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:42 »
I have gone to my portfolio, I hover over the image to delete, select the pencil (edit), then click the trash can. The box where the image is goes white. But there is no other feedback as to if that image has been deleted.

Also, where can I see how many total images I have in my portfolio? Yeah, they have really effed their site up.
Thanks in advance.
EDIT: never mind figured out the deleting part. Had to log in under username instead of email. still don't know total in my port, will keep looking.  >:(
EDIT: never mind, found that too. In the catalog manager, left column.

And just so you don't think you are crazy, I did some in the past, and they would be gone and if I refreshed the page, come back. Go away and login a minute later, they were all gone. It's a matter of what server of many and where, that you are accessing. The site is not instant, everywhere, all at once. Can take 15 minutes to an hour, for everywhere in the world to be in sync.

I was deleting images that had the wrong keywords so I could upload them again, properly.

Thanks for confirming I am not crazy. 😄 Yes, they have a message that says they might not disappear immediately. I figured it would depend on server refresh. I just got a payout, but I already have some sales. Guess I will be leaving a little money on the table for them,

I didn't read that as leaving, just deleting files. If you wanted to close your account and get all the money, you have to ask them to close the account, after which you would get all the money. Then they would delete all the files for you, along with your account.

Or maybe I didn't understand? By going that way, all you would have to do is ask them to close your account and then at the end of that month they would pay you anything left. Maybe you can still get the last bits.

Yes, I am leaving them. I know I could close my account that way, but I feel better deleting the images myself, then I will ask them to close my account. I know its stupid, because they are so unscrupulous, with the way they have allowed pirates to steal images, and all the other stuff. The horse is already out of the barn. I will just pretend I am in control of my own images. 🤬
You can opt out of sales while you are doing it. Theres also this "You may remove Content from your account at any time, provided that in any ninety (90) day period, you remove no more than (i) 100 items of Content; and (ii) 10% of your Content, whichever is greater. So you may want to make sure you have received your final payment before deleting the lot ;-).

General Stock Discussion / Re: What's happening with Yuri Acrus?
« on: September 18, 2019, 00:53 »
I guess no one bothered to look at Yuri's Instagram account.  He was looking for "new faces" for his portfolio.  The address listed for the casting call was in Cape Town.
yes I don't do Instagram....that was for January 2019 though last post Nov 18

24 / Re: August stats
« on: September 18, 2019, 00:49 »
Oh what excitement.  :o
Highest number of sales of the year, but have I got lucky in the Big Getty Sales wheel of fortune?  8) or is it a worsening rpd?  ???

Good luck, everyone
High sales for me too but not optomistic

General Stock Discussion / Re: What's happening with Yuri Acrus?
« on: September 17, 2019, 02:09 »
People who claim to be big trad photographers and big business, but they cry over Microstock sales lost, reviews, losing hundreds of dollars.

i wonder who you are referring to, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wink wink

Pick a number, it grows every month. LOL Then the people with fine arts or photo degrees who can't stand being rejected by a stupid agency reviewer and also know how the buyers are fools for not downloading the best work out there.

Heck I upload things, usually I think they are interesting enough and might sell, yes I'm disappointed when they don't, but the idea is still to make a product that buyers want, not art.  Also the days of shooting what you see on a walk about, are so long gone, they are ancient history.

I admit sometimes I upload things that I just liked and I don't expect anyone to download them. Some are a surprise, most I'm right, no market, no interest.

Anyway I don't understand the obsession with what's Yuri doing, only to be followed by so many people who know better and are trying to put him down? He's himself, if you were like him, would you come to some forum to be ridiculed , insulted, and attacked. Or just take the millions, stop giving advice to people who won't listen.

Yuri Arcurs is rated as one of the highest earning photographers in the world, it's still making him millions a year.

Who else here has endorsement deals with Hasselblad? Or any other camera  Mfg.?
I don't think many are obsessed but just curious. That link is several years out of date. I see no evidence one way or the other he is currently making profits of millions of year. He may have changed his philosophy but it seems odd that the master of self promotion seems to be in stealth mode  :-X

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