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Here is my top 3

1- the option to upload vectors via the site, one at a time (not at least 500, that's ridiculous)
2- the option to upload vectors via the site, one at a time (not at least 500, that's ridiculous)
3- the option to upload vectors via the site, one at a time (not at least 500, that's ridiculous)

Rather, it's about socialism and wealth redistribution on a global scale

The US? Socialism? Seriously???

Absolutely! What do you think Obamacare is? Government can force you to buy a service, and then insurance companies decide what kind of treatment you get, what brand of meds you get. And government gives waivers to their multinational corporations buddies/lobbyists. That's not free market...that's socialism.
And what do you think banker bail-outs are? Letting them fail is free market...capitalism. But taxpayer money bail-outs are pure socialism.

America is going to hell in a handbasket, and only the ones paying attention see it happening.

Btw, if you don't live in the US you don't have to pay taxes if you get a employer identification number and fill out the proper forms.
Or did something change and I missed something?

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia Purchases WiLogo
« on: March 20, 2012, 17:43 »
Do not want to rain on anyone's parade, but is this not how logo design has always worked on the internet?

Not a very nice way to earn a living I agree, but someone has been doing it till now, so how is it different now that Fotolia has bought a site which does the same thing as the rest of the industry?

How come everybody is now suddenly up in arms about logo design, which has, as far as I have seen, been been done this way for ages? Am I missing something here?  ???

It was new to me, so now I stumbled upon it, I shared my opinion. I don't have a problem with Fotolia acquiring that company.

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia Purchases WiLogo
« on: March 19, 2012, 13:38 »
I checked the site, but I can't say I like the concept!
They let designers work hard on designing a logo, but only the one selected gets paid.
Contests are great for students who like to show off their skills and who like the practice and motivation. But for professionals who are trying to make a living, this is slavery.

Yes, works great!

Wouldn't be a problem I guess!
She makes the designs, she is the copyright holder. It must be a stockageny account on her name.
You just digitalise her work. Why would this be something different then a photographer hiring somebody to retouch his photographs?

But if you want to be sure, why don't you ask support on one of the microstock sites?

Yes!! I got my first HD movie online!  ;D
Not really impressive, and a little short too.
But this one was for testing the waters first, to know if I did everything right and get my video's accepted!

Now lets try the more difficult sites!

Off Topic / Re: what kind of spider is this???
« on: September 14, 2009, 19:12 »
That's a weird looking thingy!
Do you live near a Nuclear Power Plant?

Edit: Ah you allready said that! Maybe near a Experimental Laboratory?  :)

Remember that a great part of sold images are not used as images on the web.

Yes I know that, but I searched often on images I know for sure are on the web.
And it should at least find the same image on the competing stocksites, where the dimension and colors are exactly the same.

I got the feeling (like madelaide) they stopped developing, and indexing for a while.
Something is going on...., maybe a buyout, or a law suite from competitors or something,... who knows!

Tineye sucks!
Will it ever get out of beta? It hardly finds anything!

Wondering why TinEye couldn't find your image?....Our search index is still very small blah blah blah!

I made a video tutorial for to use seamless vector patterns.
It's not about creating them (that's my job ;D)
It seem there are buyers out there who use Illustrator and don't know how to remove the gradient.
More then once people contacted me via sitemail and via my website.

Well, we all had to start somewhere, so here's a little help;

Experienced Illustrator users......don't even mind clicking here.  ;D

Tutorial: Using seamless patterns in Adobe Illustrator

OK I got a reply from SS, only informing me they forwarded my e-mail to the appropriate department.

But I'm going to deny permissions anyway!  ;D
You guys convinced me!

Looks good Noam!
How did you get rid of the flickering?

Great movie Leaf!
I'm dabbling with time lapse myself, but I use Photoshop Extended!
And I got the flickering going on too.
Can the flickering be removed with the "interlace flickering removal"-action?

@arquiplay77; did you hear anything yet?
I replied by asking a few questions, 4 days ago, no answer yet!

@Pixart; great article

Adobe hates Europe. Prices are also higher in European countries!

If you want to buy a second hand copy, look at sellers in your neighbourhood. So you can pick it up, and check for yourself if it's a legal version!

^^^ Shouldn't this be worth posting on the SS forums? I'd like to hear from SS admin what is being proposed and by who.
I just send a mail to Shutterstock if they could give me some more information. I can't find anything about this on their website.
Shouldn't there be at least some sort of article or something?

I also received that email!
I'm not sure, exposure is good, but I agree with most of you, I don't want to work for free!
I allready find my work stolen on the net more and more lately, without me getting paid!

This is what concerns me;
Quote may also want to include additional images as blog
templates or backgrounds. They want the rights to modify,
redistribute, and use your image in commercial blog templates.  Please
let me know if there are any additional images you would be willing to
include in this program.

So if I give permission, they can use all my work all the time?!

hope the cleaner doesnt knock the power cord on the server, we may lose the site altogether :)
You think Getty leaves them a budget for a cleaner? :D

Thus I don't think it will be bad for us contributors if the new customers will come from to istock instead of StockXpert.

If you think dropping down from %50 commission to %20 is good for us than I need to say no more  :)
I don't care too much what per cent of sale do I get because it's more important how many sales I get. Each of istock or shutterstock give me low per-image sales yet each of them generates more sales and $$ per month than StockXpert (some time ago my StockXpert sales were in line with IS or SS but that's not the case any longer. It will become even worse with JIU and sales getting away from StockXpert).

Aren't you forgetting something?
What determents how many sales you get on a particular site? ......the amount of buyers!!!
So redirecting customers to Istock instead of StockXpert does make a difference.
And not only that......most of us have more images on StockXpert than on Istock.
So yes, definitely,  it will be bad for us submitters!

22 / Re: Shutterstock Tax center live
« on: July 24, 2009, 14:12 »
OK I got it now!
My company is called a "Sole proprietor" (eenmanszaak)

Claudia, I am afraid you filled in the wrong form.
We need to apply for an EIN and fill in the W8-BEN form.
It looks like our fellow Dutchman "devation" (Edwin) has figured it all out; (Dutch language)

23 / Re: Shutterstock Tax center live
« on: July 24, 2009, 10:12 »
Thanks Anyka,
In that case I have a Legal Entity". I do have a VAT number.
But someone over at the SS forum said I would still be an "individual"!

24 / Re: Shutterstock Tax center live
« on: July 24, 2009, 09:50 »
Lookup 'legal entity' in a dictionary for your own language...
Our tax system has other terminology. A word for word translation wouldn't make sense!

All I want to know is;
I have a one man business, what's the correct terminology for this in the American tax system? Am I considered to be an "individual"?

25 / Re: Shutterstock Tax center live
« on: July 24, 2009, 09:41 »
IMHO, if you are not a 'legal entity', you belong in A2.
I'm sorry, I googled on legal entity, but I still don't understand exactly what that means!
I know everything I need to know about taxes in my own country, but I don't know anything about the American tax system!

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