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General Stock Discussion / Re: Good news from Creative Market
« on: November 21, 2019, 15:19 »
Hehe... corporate crap is fascinating. How they always try to make it sound like a good thing for consumers/contributors when things are actually getting worse.

I've been around long enough to see corporate greed ruin a few microstock sites... iStock for instance, that started out as a pretty nice place. But after a few years you weren't really allowed to post anything in the forums and bit by bit we were pushed down to 15% royalties, if I remember correctly...

I guess it will be the same thing at Creative Market eventually.

Print on Demand Forum / Re: Help with tax form 1042-S
« on: March 23, 2016, 11:17 »
Thanks for your answers. Guess I'll just ignore it then, but keep the papers in case somebody will ask for it.

Veer / Re: Veer closing
« on: March 23, 2016, 11:14 »
I got my payout the 18th, but still havent received it. Glad to see others have the same problem... guess it will show up eventually then.

Print on Demand Forum / Help with tax form 1042-S
« on: March 22, 2016, 15:56 »
I recieved tax form 1042-S (from Getty Images) in the mail today for my income at iStock during 2015. I live in Sweden which has a tax treaty so I don't have to pay any taxes in the US. Do I still have to send this form to the american IRS?

And why do I get this from Getty when no other agency is sending out this form?

Definitely slower than it used to be for me.

It goes up and down on a file to file basis. Most files seems to be stuck ad 30 KB/s but every now and then a file transfers at around 3 MB/s... doesn't make any sense. But after almost eight years in this business I've learned that nothing makes any sense when it comes to site functionality...

All sites are down. The golden days of microstock are over since at least two years. Shouldn't everybody in this forum know that by now? :P

Is it possible to see anywhere the actual popular keywords - the most searched words from customers?

maybe monthly would be good.
daily would be the best but monthly should be enough.

No. As far as I can remember it's never been possible at iStock. Most sites hide this information.

Hehe, true. And no CM buyer would pay 1300 for it either.  :P

But can it really be stolen images?? Seems a bit weird that the people at CM would put these images in their bundle without making sure that the "Stocksy" user is real.

But on the other hand, they're already braking the law in a few other ways, so maybe it wouldn't be that strange.  :P

Yeah, it sure seems weird. If it's in fact a fake account, then Creative Market has really hit a new low when it comes to legal matters...

Oh, haha. Didn't even notice that.

Now I see that there's a user called "Stocksy" selling packs... from Stocksy, I suppose. :P
Using a competitor to sell your own images. That's a new strategy.

Oh dear ...

Yeah, that was my reaction too. It's like they want to kill their own business... those monthly bundles can't be good in the long run.

But to be fair, at least they don't seem to include any best sellers in those bundles... but still. It's a bit extreme.

Mixed feelings.  Yes, INSANELY low.  But I'm such a sucker... every time they advertise they have a new bundle I have to buy it.  If I love one font in the bundle I figure it's totally worth it, it's usually not much more than one font with 20 more thrown in.  Trust me, I would never just go buy fonts and lightroom presets.  They likely do very well.  Likely very worth it for the artist.

Which sites are you buying from?

I've noticed that quite a few design bundle sites have popped up lately. I've also been contacted by a couple of these sites offering me to be part of their bundles, but I've said no.

The prices of their bundles are insanely low (but I'm getting used to that in this business...) and I don't know how careful they are when it comes to legal matters so it feels a bit risky. Some of the sites looks pretty fishy as well, so who knows if they would report their sales honestly, or rip you off.

But I suppose if they get thousands of downloads during the short time the bundle is for sale it could still give you a few hundred/thousand dollars, assuming they're not crooks.

So, has anyone tried these sites? If so, which of them are trustworthy? And how much did you earn?

I wonder how much longer Creative Market will survive. The fact that there aren't really any rules leads to an absurd competition that I think will ruin the site eventually. People are going crazy with bundles... even the top sellers are doing it which seems like an act of desperation to me. If their single products were selling well, why would they offer massive bundles at 80% discount??

In a year or two you will probably have to offer insanely large packs with thousands of addons/design elements/images for just a few dollars, to have any chance of selling anything at all. Who can work under those circumstances?

I'm not seeing any changes yet. And when it comes to descriptions they are still there. I think they're visible for the visitor the first time they view an image, and then the text is hidden but still on the page so it can be indexed by the search engines. Or something like that.

I agree that large watermarks is quite risky. I see this at many sites, where the previews are huge and the watermarks are tiny, almost invisible or just covering a tiny part of the image. It makes it very easy to steal. Can't believe they don't take this more seriously.

Yeah, I agree that they have many things to work on... they're selling editorial (company logos etc.) content under the simple license, for instance. I guess they could get sued for that. Many shops also sell their own home made "extended license" under the simple license, hehe. There's no way that's legally correct. The search engine is pretty bad as well. And the site design isn't responsive which is annoying.

But 70% is still nice.  :P

I use Photodeck. Super fast. Nice regular and mobile interface. Lots of configuration options. No code needed but customizable if you need to. Integrates with Wordpress.

Just curious. Why do you want to go to the effort of creating your own site and then linking to micro? If someone finds your site why not let them buy there and you keep the 100%?

I've thought about selling at my own site, but I just don't like hassle of having to deal with customers directly, and with the new VAT rules in EU it's even more complicated. I'll probably link to Creative Market where I get 70% which is pretty good.

Yeah, I used to create my own site using Joomla a while back. And while it's nice to have precise control over everything it also takes a LOT of time. Instead I just want to pay a monthly fee and get storage, all the coding, installing updates and design work done so I can focus on the content.

I want to create my own portfolio site and I'm sick of coding myself so I thought I'd try one those all-in-one sites. I don't need the possibility to sell digital goods directly from the site. Instead I'll just add links to one of the microstock sites.

Squarespace seems to be popular. Portfoliobox looks pretty good too but it seems a bit slow. So, which sites are you people using?

Thanks for all the replies.

Seems like such a hassle to do custom jobs... writing license texts, mailing back and forth with clients, avoid getting screwed, etc.

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia Joins Adobe
« on: March 21, 2015, 08:47 »
I haven't bothered to find out more about this deal. What exactly does it mean to customers? Can Adobe CC users search and download Fotolia images directly in some CC product?

I've been asked to create 25-30 icons, and I'm thinking about doing it since my microstock income is very bad at the moment. But I have no idea what to charge. Any experienced graphic designers here who could recommend a reasonable price?

And how much do you add to the price for selling the copyright to the customer, instead of just selling the right to use them?

What about refunds? I've been snooping around a bit and I notice that there are quite a few complaints in the comment fields from customers who say that they can't edit the file, the file wasn't what they expected, they don't know how to edit it, etc etc. Do you get a lot of refunds?

I also have a question for people who have been selling at CM for a while. What's you download/view ratio?

Just glancing over my sales, at a very rough estimate I'd say it's around a 1 sale per 100 views on average.

Ok! Good to know when it could be a good idea to adjust the price. Even if there are of course many other factors involved.

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