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Adobe Stock / Re: Undiscovered Assets
« on: Today at 06:29 »
Its not much a problem for me. When is shoot food, i don't take only one pictures. I shoot series of about 10 images.
If there are only two images of a series that sell its OK.
There is some kind of oversupply. So it is necessary to upload as many images as possible, because they are getting found only at new images search. So you need to upload many new images every week. They are lost after a month, ore two. Because of the flood of new images. So you must be part of the flood. The game must go on, shoot - upload - repeat.

Never activated Adobe bonus program.
Think i am to lazy for activating.

It is years ago that i canceled exclusivity at istock. Since i keyword in LRC it was easy to upload my portfolio at other micros. I must admit that i shoot mostly food. So there is no MR or PR needed.
About the earnings. There was not much difference between istock exclusivity and delivering the big five.
Its just more work. Nowadays there should be an advantage at istock exclusivity. There ist no upload limit at the micros. At istock signature collection there is some selection that prevent flooding the collection.

General Stock Discussion / Re: How do you keyword?
« on: October 12, 2020, 06:42 »
I use LR classic. Title and description in Meta data, keywords from keyword list.
At series with mostly similar keywords i synchronize these keywords to the other images.
Last step save meta data in file - done.
Agencies reading out metadata from file.
With istock there is some work in DeepMeta. Adobe stock is also some work with essential keywords placing in front. There should Adobe Bridge do better. But i have no workflow with Adobe Bridge. I import, develop, and keyword my images in LRC an do some changes in PS.

General Stock Discussion / Re: How do you keyword?
« on: October 11, 2020, 05:28 »
I use Adobe Lightroom with self built keyword catalog. Works fine and fast.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Stock Photography Future
« on: September 20, 2020, 03:36 »
This ist not the way for me to upload more and more images. I have already closed my account at istock and Shutterstock.
My Goal ist to upload top 100 images at Adobe Stock every month. Its like in the old days of analog photography when i send every month some images to photography magazine competitions. I won't win prices at Adobe Stock. Its about a personal competition to create some top images every month.

7 / Re: August 2020 data is available ESP
« on: September 19, 2020, 12:33 »
Closed my istock account months ago, still sales at istock.
I don't care much about but wondering why they payout less than $1 ?????

8 / Re: July stats disappeared?
« on: August 23, 2020, 05:09 »
8 sales at July, got $0,5
Wow :'(
Otherwise i closed my account months ago.  8)

I am not sure the analogy is precise but I do not see similarity neither. Epic is using the Google/Apple system and agreed that the Google/Apple system will be taking fees if something is sold through that system. Epic used their system but collected fees elsewhere, so there is clear violation of the policy. It is more like editing an already uploaded and approved image to Shutterstock with a link to alternative payment method. The image will be found with the help of SS system but paid somewhere else if a customer wishes to do so. That is basically not correct especially if Epic agreed not do so (as it is in the Play Store/App Store policies).

And even if Epic wins the lawsuit, it does not relate to our situation. It is about monopoly. SS is not monopoly at all. You have hundreds of microstock sites where you can sell your images and even though SS has a high market share, it is far far far away from monopoly. Really, no connection with SS case. Do not hope for any change at SS in relationship with Apple/Epic case.
There ist some kind of near-monopoly at microstock.
Either you go exclusive at istock, or deliver the big three - istock, shutterstock, Adobe Stock.
Because of this market power shutterstock is in the position to cut fees.
There are no more independent microstock producers. At least for stock images.
Deliver all of the big three, go istock exclusive or leave the game.

And yet here you are, posting in MicrostockGroup.


How more simple and true could that be? I don't go to a special interest group website, just to tell them I don't agree.  Yet people just can't stop coming to MSG and writing how terrible Microstock is? 15 years later the same good old days stories.

ps I might have shot my last roll of film, which was out of date, in 2013. Times change, the world changes, markets change. Stock photography isn't what it was and never will be again.

To answer the OP, we are producers of a commodity that the agencies mark up and market. Supply and demand, plain and simple.
I would say stock photography is still the same. Volume has changed. Produce highly volume at less costs.

And you also have businesses whose overhead is a small fraction of what others pay. Work will be outsourced to areas where cost of living is low and so are labor rates (and expectations of such). If you are living in a major "western" city and expect this to be any more than a hobby, you're either exceptionally talented, hard working or you are in for disappointment.
Even for a hobby, istock and shutterstock are not sustainable.

Closed my istock account some months ago. Nowadays microstock earnings depends at the luck of some larger sales.
Meaning without some larger sales every month microstock is death.
It still may work some time for exclusive contributors. But istock, or exclusivity - no thanks.

13 / Re: I QUIT iSTOCK
« on: July 14, 2020, 09:42 »
Has anyone had any experience of there videos being deleted after they have been reviewed and approved? says asset missing...the most concerning thing is it seems to be the videos that being downloaded or viewed the most...
Don't worry be happy ;-)

14 / Re: What does Shutterstock really want?
« on: June 06, 2020, 04:03 »
There is an oversupply of microstock images and also an oversupply on free images.

But there is no oversupply of really relevant content. All agencies are screaming for modern, loclaized, fresh work with high production value.

But at 10 cents, it cannot be produced.

Free sites have an endless stream of sunsets etc...nobody pays models, rents a location and then puts the work on free sites.
Cant talk about "for modern, loclaized, fresh work with high production value"  like lifestyle.
Just doing food. There are quite a few professional food photographer giving away really good food images (20 MP +) for free at unsplash to get traffic on their instagram account.
Professional expensive work for free.

15 / Re: What does Shutterstock really want?
« on: June 06, 2020, 02:46 »
There is an oversupply of microstock images and also an oversupply on free images.

Slightly strange choice of answers. I.e. how much drop do you expect... none, 30%, 50%? And how much less content will you produce? Surely those who have a full time job... who are now working from home, have reduced hours or have been made unemployed... might be producing slightly more or a lot more content?
I have a day job and did not made much photos past 2 years.
Since corona crisis i just work two days a week so i have much time for new photos.
Before corona i produced 300 images a year, now i make 300 images a month.

17 / Re: Feb stats are in
« on: March 24, 2020, 10:39 »
Feb stats - $ 8,26
Its OK

I have some Downloads a week, but not DL every day.
Till now i have about 12 DL in February wich earned about $8.
Not so much, there have been better months.
My Port ist about 3000 images.

About cheap production costs.
I have a day job and doing microstock just for fun.
My production costs are near zero.
When i come home from work at evening it is not much work to pimp up my dinner and make 5 images.
It takes me not much time to edit this images and upload it to some microsotock agencies.
This little effort generates enough money tp buy a new DSLR or lenses from time to time.
I am sorry about the pros here, otherwise i mainly shoot food and landscape / flowers.
So no directly competition for pros.

Photography Equipment / Re: best paint for photo studio ?
« on: January 23, 2020, 13:24 »
Paint it black

21 / Re: December 2019 Royalty Stats report
« on: December 23, 2019, 04:05 »
Yeeaaahhhh - BME

Just joking

Money is quite cheap. If the bank gives you the money - everybody can buy Adobe for $260 billion at zero interest rate :-)

23 / Re: I QUIT iSTOCK
« on: September 21, 2019, 02:57 »
I've done it. After 15 years and six months I finally gave them the boot.

 With the latest earnings down to less than $30 this month (for about 6,000 files, I made more than $10 in my first month with just a few dozen shots) it's not a major loss. Maybe it will lead to an uptick in sales as Shutterstock to compensate.

Its not about the portfolio. Its all about your time invested. 6000 files in 15 Years is about 400 files a Year, or 33 files a month.
I am shooting mostly food. For 33 files a month i invest about 3 hours work. For 3 hours work you get $30 at istock and maybe $ 100 from the others. Meaning you get $130 at month for only 3 hours work. Or $43 for one hours work.
This isn't bad if you are doing stock beside a full-time job.

Wow !!!
July was really poor. So i didn't expect August will be much better.
So i was real surprised by this good August numbers at istock.
There are alway lots of sales at istock. But sometimes ( or most times)  RPD is very low. This time downloads were better than usual for August and RDP was better than usual for istock.
Didn't expect a good month at istock, but it was.

25 / Re: SS continues to deteriorate
« on: September 08, 2019, 02:22 »
I don't care about the money, its just about the fun.
I fiddle about a workflow to shoot and upload 300 food images a month with less than 1 hour work a day.
To shoot quick and good food photos with minimal effort. This is a competition. Maybe i should say its about the completion. Like it was in earlier days at photo competitions. Finding a way that works - after work one hour jogging and one hour shooting.


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