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Shutterstock.com / Re: How I got from 400 sales a day to 130
« on: April 10, 2020, 05:41 »
Just popping in to say SS keeps degrading for me, while Adobe is skyrocketing. Now I'am getting 160dl a day on Adobe hah. This keeps me wondering how can one agency be affected so much by the coronavirus (SS), and another agency (Adobe) is selling like crazy in these crazy times.

Shutterstock.com / How I got from 400 sales a day to 130
« on: April 03, 2020, 02:43 »
I've been a contributor for 12 years now. I do it full time and upload quality photos and illustrations.

In the peak time (2016) I used to have 400 downloads a day on Shutterstock. A year ago I was happy with 200-250 downloads. These days I am getting about 130 downloads a day. DESPITE regular uploads.

I am aware of the Covid19 situation, but how is it possible the downfall is strong ? On the contrary I am getting record sales on Adobe.

Has Shutterstock fell so much for you as well ?

PS: my username was created some years ago, it's meaning may no longer be true :)

Shutterstock.com / Re: New algorithm change on Shutterstock
« on: January 11, 2018, 16:32 »
Sorry YadaYadaYada but if it took you long time to get over $10000, then you cant compare your experience with people who used to earn this in 2 months (on Shutterstock only of course) or sometimes monthly for a few years. This is my bread and butter, not an amateur weekend activity and thats why it hurts.

Are you in the .38 club yada?

Yes but barely, took a long time and my ten best put me over, the thousands rest aren't very good income. That might explain some of the increase in earnings, just for moving up last year. Good question, I don't know if that's what did it.

"Old images don't sell like they used to"

This is the exact opposite for me. ONLY the old images sell (and well)! No point on uploading new work anymore. New work never sees the light of day sadly ...

Also a good point, we all find differences. My all time best is an old one, some new are in the top ten.  :)

Shutterstock.com / Re: New algorithm change on Shutterstock
« on: January 08, 2018, 13:40 »
Very bad for me. Some months ago I was having 300+ downloads a day, now mere 150. They are destroying hard working peoples motivation. Over 10 years on Shutterstock so it really feels bad.

Stocksy / Re: Call To Artists is Open!
« on: November 06, 2017, 11:34 »
Soon there are two months since I completed my application. Sean, do you have any information what the maximum waiting time is ?

Shutterstock.com / Re: Removing images conseqences ?
« on: October 21, 2017, 06:38 »
Yes  unfortunately I might have found a correlation, hope I am wrong so I am asking if anyone who deleted some images experienced a declining revenue at the same time.

Shutterstock.com / Removing images conseqences ?
« on: October 21, 2017, 04:30 »

I recently had to remove about 200 images (from my 8000 images portfolio) featuring some models because they no longer wanted to have the images with them on micro stocks and threatened me. I decided to listen to them and remove the images (in spite of the fact I had all the releases of course). The honor thing, I dont want to get into details.
What I am now thinking about is whether the deletion of so many images (despite being just a fraction of my portfolio) might have affected my search engine ranking for my whole portfolio. These images were not super sellers, but maybe Shutterstock punish removing images ? What are your thoughts or experiences ?

Stocksy / Re: Call To Artists is Open!
« on: October 04, 2017, 07:20 »
Still no news whether approved or not. Anyone ?

Envato / Re: Mystery Payout
« on: September 15, 2017, 03:26 »
Did you actually went to the main page? I haven't received any e-mail yet, but clicked on the link for June earnings in my e-mail and it showed my July earnings.

I have about 75 files and I've earned more than 123rf, DT, and Bigstock combined, where I have 1100+ files.

Oh yes, now I see it, thanks ;).

I also received $120 bonus. Does everyone gets the same bonus regardless the number of images in portfolio or the number of sales ?

By the way, shouldn't we receive the report for August ? We have middle September and just only received the report for July....

Envato / Re: Mystery Payout
« on: September 14, 2017, 07:57 »
My bonus has not calculated yet. How many images do you have in your portfolio Dumc ?

General Stock Discussion / Ever heard of premiumphotos.net ?
« on: September 12, 2017, 05:43 »
Got an email asking if I am interested to work with them and offer my images for their bundles they create and sell. Has anyone ever worked with them??


Here the guy explains how it works:

Does anyone know which is best for getting paid into a gbp bank account, payoneer or paypal? I can't seem to track down exactly how much they take on top of market exchange rates  and a lot of the fees for payoneer seem to relate to a credit card that I am not interested in.
I just want to know which is cheaper for getting my ss payments.

Payoneer charges $1 for bank transfers, Paypal doesn't ... and Paypal has a debit card ... Payoneer Doesn't
Edit:I wasn't aware that they had a card ... still, they charge a buck for transfers ... :(

Thanks for that. Seems like the slice they take for exchange rates is pretty similar so no point me switching.

Exactly the point. For me, they might even charge $25 for a bank transfer, but get rid of exchange rates.
The main fee is hidden in the exchange rate., which as you said, is similar to Paypal's.

Skrill is the best option anyway. I dont understand why so many people stick with PayPal anyway.

Could you explain why ?

A fixed amount of bank charges per transaction would be OK (when transfering higher transfers), but the real problem with Payoneer is that they also charge the exchange rate similar to Paypal.

I compared Payoneer and Paypal fees (maily exchange rate) and they are similar. Payoneer might be slightly better (not much really), but is seems to be more hassle to deal with.

Shutterstock would do a huge step if they could send money via wire transfer. We don't need any more middlemen!

Just to make sure, in the country where I live August 15th seems to be a holiday (no school, no work etc). Does it apply to other regions of the US and Europe ?
I am asking since the Monday started miserably. If tomorrow is a holiday, people may take the whole week off.

Which country do you live in?

Currently in Poland

Just to make sure, in the country where I live August 15th seems to be a holiday (no school, no work etc). Does it apply to other regions of the US and Europe ?
I am asking since the Monday started miserably. If tomorrow is a holiday, people may take the whole week off.

General Stock Discussion / Re: JULY SALES
« on: July 26, 2017, 07:39 »
Very bad July. I have seen a decrease since November 2016 as well, especially on Shutterstock. Uploading even more than before. Doesn't seem to make sense :(.
Looking for other venues to sell premium high quality images. What RM agencies do you recommend ?

PS: I know I should change my nickname here.

Same situation here, last weeks are very bad. It seems my nick here is no longer accurate :(.
Strange thing I am seeing a big drop in both Fotolia and SS. Never happened before.

Jonbull what macro agencies do you mean, if you don't mind ?

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe is going to put an end to Fotolia
« on: May 04, 2017, 07:35 »
Anyway, for the reasons mentioned above, I will be very happy to see a complete migration of all FT customers to the new Adobe portal, followed by shutting down the FT portal, as soon as possible.

I hope just the opposite. I wish Adobe with keep Fotolia up and running. I am a Saphire contributor and getting much higher royalty than on Adobe where the royalty is flat for everyone. I am also getting regular high credit sales on Fotolia, whereas on Adobe Stock the prices are much lower.


First of all, I am based in Europe and as far as I know Payoneer only allows to withdraw money in local currency (so not USD), which is exactly the main Paypal issue (high conversion fee).
I have seen a lot of positive feedback on Payoneer on this forum, but not quite sure what the reason is. Can you please enlighten me ?

It looks like Kate Sutterstock is a robot. She visited forum yesterday and started new topic about new dashboard. At the same time there was no answer in a topic about new earning table design. A human would write, "Hey, don't worry, we are listening to you and are planning to make everything back soon.".


I don't care about the dashboard.
Is there any way to see all sales of a certain day on one page sorted by oldest uploaded on the top (like it used to be) ?

Looks like they have too much time there in the Empire State Building or too many people hired who have to do something - even unimportant. Why did they even touch it ? It should be the bottom of they priority list (it worked just fine and was better than it is now) given there are so many bugs, image spamming etc.

PhotoDune / Re: Anyone unworthy of Photodune yet?
« on: February 09, 2017, 07:42 »
Anyone did NOT get the e-mail ?

I did not, so does it mean I am still in ?

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