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Did you mean looking at a portfolio by seeing the portfolio page coming from google? I found my portfolio page from google and looked at the best sellers and recent photos. They are not the same but i have a dramatic drop in the sales. I used to see my best selling photos in 2023 so far but now i see my all time best sellers.

Look at your portfolios.  If I look at mine, "fresh content" and "popular" are identical.  This happened to me a little while ago but it worked itself out eventually, with "popular" actually showing my most downloaded clips they way it should be.  But now, it's back to being wrong.

Maybe this is related?  Does anyone else notice this?

It doesn't seem to affect customer-facing searches, as my popular clips still appear on the first page of a search.

But on a side note, it looks like this month Adobe Stock will beat SS for sales, which I don't think has ever happened.  My SS are really on the downside this month.

 I did what you said and saw that my recent best sales in 2023 are not listed in catalog manager / most popular images on the page. Shutterstock is listing my best all time sales. I always check this periodically and i used to see my recent top sales on the list. Now my sales decreased dramatically. How can i fix this issue? Is it possible or should i wait to climb next level?

check your search in your portfolio by best selling and by recent sales. if they are the same, your sales and view data were reset. when this happens, your images are removed from top placement in search results.

you need to have them fix it in the search database.

Shutterstock.com / Re: SS just screwed up the site again
« on: January 08, 2024, 07:34 »
There is a dramatic decrease in sales compared to previous years. Did most of the customers move to MJ or other AI services and cancel subscription? I really don't know. Shutterstock always adjusting the site. They removed the info on the preview screen telling the photo is a good seller or not. This might have affected the sales also. There is also a significant decrease in Adobe stock.

Adobe Stock / Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta now!
« on: May 24, 2023, 07:38 »
Finally Adobe introduced its brand new Generative Fill technology with Photoshop Beta. Everything can be done easier now but what are the usage circumstances of this feature? Can a photographer use it on photos and sell on any agency? As far as i know, Shutterstock only works with Dall-E and Adobe has it own Firefly technology.

 They expire according to SS. Weird isn't it? They made few minor changes in the document and they are not accepting old releases anymore.

Why isn't the original model release valid? Model releases don't expire.


Theres no need at all for a new release.

Yes this must be like you said. Thank you.

Date of shoot should be 2019 but date of signing should be 2023.

I can get the new releases signed again, but what will be the signature date?  I took photos in 2019. Signature for Date of Shoot, Witness and parent must be 2019 or 2023? I think only date of shoot must be 2019.

Do a new fake model release.

I have set of photos of a model with signed model release  in 2019.  What should i do when i upload a new photo from this session? Should i get this new release signed with the new date (2023) or old date (2019)? There is a big confusion in the dates. :o

Thank you for all the answers. Sometimes i see posters or artworks with some illustrative modifications of nba stars are being sold in amazon or other places. I really wonder how they can sell these photos in big markets without and trouble  ???

According to wiki public domain photos can be used or sold for profit but i am not still sure. Is it possible use public domain photos in print projects and sell? Is making effects or adjustments allowed?

Thank you so much for all answers  ;)

Do you think that 30 fps is the best frame rate for stock videography? I see some videos with 29.97 FPS in pond5. I will use filmic pro but there is only 29 and 30 FPS options. Are 29.97 and 30 same?

I will use my smartphone and gimbal first. It is hard to find good ND filters for android. I have Hoya Pro variable and i need to attach to phone with an adapter but i couldn't find a solution.

Thank you. As far as i know this rule only for the motion blur quality. As you say, i don't think that no one can understand the shutter speed of a video.  :)

Using the shutter speed with double value of the frame rate is necessary for stock videography always? If i shoot a video outdoors without a Nd filter everything is so overexposed and i need to increase shutter speed. Can i use these type of videos and sell in Pond5?

General Stock Discussion / Re: I will not boycot SS.
« on: June 16, 2020, 02:56 »
Nice try troll.

I will not boycot SS.

We are hitting a global economic crisis, worse than the Great Depression.

I accept, that the value of my images may drop to 10 cents.

Right now my earnings did not change. I am level 5.

Thank you so much :)

yes. as long as the two are signed on the same day as each other. That is the whole point of having a witness seeing the property owner sign the release.
Same goes for model releases.

I took the photos 5 months ago. So i need to use this date for the Photographer Information section. Property Owner and Witness date can be tomorrow or any other day?

Property owner signing date and witness signing date need to match. The other dates don't matter.
Make sure to include a photo of the drawing in the property release.


I made a paper cutout people with simple drawings in 2016 and i have been using this since that date without any problem. In my last upload, I used in my photos and SS declined all and demanded property release. I will fill the release but i don't decide the dates because i created cutout in 2016 but i used them in photos which i took in 2019. Should the property date and shoot date be the same?

Single and extended sales are very low. I really wonder what will happen next month in Adobe stock.

For September, this is the percentage of each dollar amount I got from sales:
0.36        30.10%
0.41     1.94%
0.66           8.74%
0.82           1.94%
0.99          51.46%
1.49            0.97%
3.30            1.94%
5.89            0.97%
10.82    0.97%
26.40         0.97%
Most all were subscription sales.
I have had an increase in sales each month overall with Adobe, which is nice to see.

I did not read the latest statement but if they do this change sales may be affected so much. 30 dollars for 10 images with subscription and 50 dollars for 5 images without subscription in Adobe stock site now.

Custom sales can be higher but the sales marked as "standard" - the ones from Fotolia for credits - will be gone completely next month when they finally shut the Fotolia site down.

A $3.30 subscription sale is most welcome, but those are the low volume buyers and not as frequent as the 38 cent subs...

My latest 100 or more sales with subscription in Adobe stock. I really wonder what happened to single sales. Anybody has the same experience here?

Dreamstime.com / Missing My Sales button
« on: February 05, 2019, 06:57 »
I need to see My sales button like i used to see in fotolia. Where is this button?

Dreamstime.com / Where is My Sales button?
« on: February 05, 2019, 06:51 »
When i login to site i only see a large useless graph and total sales of each photo in the portfolio. I need to see daily sales and credits like i used to see in fotolia. Where is this My Sales button? Mobile version of the site is worse either.

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