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General Stock Discussion / Re: I Think I'm Done
« on: July 12, 2013, 04:39 »
Agree totally Dan,

Lost interest a year or so ago, got motivated again and uploaded a bit, another cut came and I went away for a while, uploaded sporadically. Got interested again a few months ago and uploaded. Poor sales in may really lost interest, Alamy's changes hurt me a lot this year. Just a long line of being hurt by best match changes and commission cuts. Also realised that I dislike the agencies and I just cant be bothered (standards have risen and I'm not interested enough for images to sit at the back of a search :).
Even struggling for motivation to set up symbiostock site (I'm halfway through uploading). Logged in here and stock sites today, first time this month :) (I remember checking ss multiple times a day years ago :)
I'm going back and watching photography videos and doing stuff for myself, its nice being able say 'yep its has no commercial potential and is iso 800+ but is still nice'. Getting back to having fun :) exploring new stuff.
I'm lucky enough to have good day job that pays well, my stock can sit in and bring the income it does (still significant, but only a fraction of what it was), I cant see myself uploading to a stock site again :)


They are so many

Today I have seen this great
Could it be a stock photographer?

thanks, the shot of guys in tutu's made me think of the very cool tutu project

and thanks Starzipan

I wanted to give a little sense if humor for the day but instead made folks upset- no more jokes from me :-[

No! I thought it was great, so sad it is funny! emailed it to my kids and we've all had a good laugh

so sad  ;D

I could see the complaints - but the double beef doesnt fit,  where do I put my fries and coke :)

Thanks Sue, been off looking at Salgado, time certainly well spent :)


(I have a few shots of me that have sold a bit - but you cant really see my face - probably says a lot  ;D

PhotoDune / Re: Photodune payout among the slowest?
« on: May 31, 2013, 09:01 »
my last dt payout was 2 days so quick. Not sure on Dune but thanks for the thread just saw it and remembered that I have to hit payout tonight because they work on australian est time (I'm also in Australia but always forget  ;D)

We had a similar thread a few years ago, thought it might be interesting to do it again. We all have differrent tastes but what photographers (stock or non stock) inspire you or whose images do you look at when you just feel like looking at some photos?

For me some of the old 'masters' Ansel etc

more modern

I still like Rarinda Prakarsa some duds and heavily photoshopped but still some great images.
Gavin Gough - who is part of the visual peacemakers
Did a one day workshop with Gavin in Bangkok, expensive but definitely worth it - quickly assessed where I was at, worked out ways to push me and certainly taught me a lot. His being a super nice guy comes through very quickly and people are at ease with him - with that connection I look at his images and can imagine being there and get inspired to jump on a plane, or at least go take some photos :)

Who inspires you? 

Hi, when I hit publish I get 'failed to copy image xyz...' is there permissions or something that needs to be set?

(running 1.3.7 and cleantheme)

Adobe Stock / Re: 9 sales from same image at once
« on: May 19, 2013, 16:55 »
some places (panther definitely, some yay partners I think, etc) have this for partner sales and show as the same image selling multiple times, maybe ft do the same?

Personally, I couldn't do business without using 4 or 5 of the core Adobe apps every day so for me this makes a lot of sense.  I subscribed 7 months ago and I'm absolutely loving it.  New features and fixes added to Illustrator in real time? Yes please! I also really enjoy getting to use the new products under development particularly the new web/mobile development tools.  I think if you are using a technology professionally it really pays to be keeping up with current tools and best practices.

At first I was very wary of the idea of "renting" software, but my experience so far has changed my mind.  This model definitely has an audience that it makes sense for, but I do think they should be offering some more flexible option for people who don't want the latest and greatest or an ongoing cost.
I wouldnt mind renting either, but the price is too steep for me. If I checked correctly, CS6 alone will cost me 37 euro a month. Too dear.  If it would cost me 20 euros or dollars a month, I wouldnt have a single doubt and subscribe.

yep I only have it because of academic version, no way i'd pay for non-academic when I dont use a quarter of the software

Does anyone know what happens to the third party plug-ins such as Nik software when PS is subscribed?

works fine

bought nik color efex last year but saw the new price from google a few weeks back for the whole pack and couldnt resist :D

licences can be on mac and pcs or combination


white parts of the ferry are blue and the sea is half yellow, half blue so my guess is they said white balance? :)

changing the blue half the sea to match to other side, brightening the bottom half the photo with a bit extra on the ferry gets past the bright spot in the sky.

I was talking to a friend who does alot of remote location shoots without internet connections -- the cloud will be worthless to him. :P

you dont have to be permanently connected. Not sure how often it checks online, but it isnt everytime. You get licences for two machines but you can actually install on more than two and when you start the software on the third it will ask to sign in and then take the licence from one of the others. When you need it back on that machine sign in again and it is back (made it sound more complicated than it is). So as long the machine without internet holds one of the licences, it doesn't check real often. I use it on my laptop and was away a couple of weeks ago without internet and it was fine.

Cant believe I just defended a subscription service  :o ??? :-[

I dislike software subscriptions but I got the subscription to the adobe suite with the view that I was going to use more software :). I still haven't opened any of the other software (only ps, lightroom, illustrator a couple of times) but I get academic pricing ($15/month) so am still happy with it.

thanks, I've read so many threads trying to find it :)

can someone please point me to where you get the 'featured image' and 'latest image' plugin/widget?

thank Chico

Just bought it, thankyou for producing this. (Interesting the sale site makes you choose a Canadian province - I'm now in Alberta, I'm sure it is nice there :) - took me five minutes to find the download link in the email but eventually got there :))

Anyway, it all looks good, but a feature request if I may. Is it possible to remove the images / blog dropdown in the child theme? (I've hacked it out of the main theme a couple of times, but each time I update it does the Arnold Schwarznegger and comes back :))

20 / Re: Do I have to worry?
« on: April 26, 2013, 05:23 »
3 x $13.5 and 1 x $16.5 for me :)
(on top of 9 x el's and a $80.40 its a very nice month :D (I usually avg 2-3 els)

General Stock Discussion / Re: Travel photography Sales
« on: April 24, 2013, 06:08 »
I travel a lot and have at least one decent seller from each trip. The problem is identifying which image that will be. Also, keep in mind, what is a distant location to you is just down the street from dozens of photographers who can shoot it at the right time of day in the right season.

yep, local photographers who can ask people to sign a model release too :)


Yaymicro / Re: YAY Newsletter: Information About New Product
« on: April 19, 2013, 17:42 »
thanks linda for replying and for being so open about it all.

Yaymicro / Re: YAY Newsletter: Information About New Product
« on: April 18, 2013, 16:57 »
Sorry I'm confused (it's late :))

small image packs
10 images = $9.90 = $0.99 ea
100 images = $59 = $0.59 ea
500 images = $199 =  $0.398 ea

our commission is between $0.13 to $0.20 per sale but is also 44%??

looking with fresher eyes :) (but I would love for you to come back and tell me that I'm wrong and why)

artists commission is $0.2 for a small image sale, regardless of the whether it is 10 image pack or a 500 image pack sells?? so our commission ranges from 20% to 50% depending on which image sold??

and it is 44% based on selling 1 of each pack, but I'm sure you'll sell a lot more 10 image packs then 500 image packs (Especially if you are trying to target small buyers and using price as the lure.)

Sorry for being so cynical but after years of dealing with the micros as soon as an agency says 'great news' my first thought is that I'm about to be screwed again.
The way I see this deal is "great news, we are cutting prices and commissions - you'll probably average somewhere around 25% commission instead of the 50% you were getting".
(I'm sure you would know what this will work out at based on previous sales and analysis - hence hiding it?).

other comments
There are just so many differences between the customers of stock images and music I don't think it is good comparison.
Still, with low image prices comes a low commission per image. - Why? why is this a given (and not just Yay) - we cant afford to run with our offer so we have make the artists subsidise us because they can afford it??? rings of istocks unsustainable and not doing stock for the money :D
The only way we can make a fairer deal... - a fairer deal is a commission cut ???
we give what we consider a fair cut of our earnings, and to make sure that our earnings are high.  - we have to cut your commission so we can earn more - sounds like a getty statement :D
we think well reach a new segment and high volume with targeted product towards new segments. - and with every commission cut is the statement that you'll get amazing levels of new sales blah blah blah   ;D  ;D

So did your market research, say the limiter is price? I would still guess and it is very much a guess, that someone is willing to pay $0.50 they will pay $2. I would guess that image accessibility, finding the right images, payment methods, education etc would be bigger factors??  I would think going after bloggers would be more about wordpress plugins, deals with etc, incorporation into other plugins ie visual composer module for insert stock image, a lot more factors than price?

Yaymicro / Re: YAY Newsletter: Information About New Product
« on: April 18, 2013, 08:24 »
Sorry I'm confused (it's late :))

small image packs
10 images = $9.90 = $0.99 ea
100 images = $59 = $0.59 ea
500 images = $199 =  $0.398 ea

our commission is between $0.13 to $0.20 per sale but is also 44%??

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