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General Stock Discussion / Re: Stockuploader ends
« on: June 23, 2015, 15:25 »
Sorry for the late reply, i was on vacation! Yes it includes the mac version too! Pc version will be sent out this week or at max the next, and then i will start editing the mac version. Dont know yet how long it will take for the mac version but i will follow the same order as the requests that come in.. By the way, i remember you so just type in the username you use here and it is ok even without donation.. :) thanks for your help!

General Stock Discussion / Re: Stockuploader ends
« on: June 10, 2015, 00:34 »
on stockuploader.com there is the donate button.. :)


General Stock Discussion / Re: Stockuploader ends
« on: June 09, 2015, 01:36 »
Hello everybody!

Stockuploader will not work when the site is down. it will be full of errors popping up and eventually crash. Since to upload you need internet access, i never really thought about the possibility that the webpage might not be reachable.
In the next days ill release a update that will give a error message and close the program if the site is not reachable. still better than a crash.. :D

The custom version for PC is already coded (Yesterday i was home alone for a few hours.. :D, that rarely happens..) and I might be starting to mail it out anytime soon.

It works with a name-tied-license and does not connect to the site in any way. Its completely disconnected from the webpage.

At first i wanted to give stockuploader to anybody who helped up to the moment i sent the email out. But given the HUGE amount of requests i got (over 100 emails in 2 days) and the huge amount of requests that landed in the trash (Such as "hey i think i should get a free full version because I used it every single day) I decided to give the people the possibility to donate until december 1st to get their copy. Any donation is fine.. even 1$ for a coffee. Also there are people who dont use it yet, and may start using it before december, and those would not have the opportunity to get the program after december. You may ask, why dont i give it just for free to everybody or release the source code? here are the answers:

1) I do belive strongly that giving is one of the most important things in life. And I appreciate who decided to give back to me without being forced to do so. There are people that donated 20 or more $ after about a week of usage, and there are Others that donated 0$ after 2 years of DAILY use. Well, I think that if stockuploader has to go, its mainly because there are too many people that take and dont give back. And once that this point is reached, I have the feeling that those who actually donated, and kept everybody afloat should be getting something for what they did. I speak of donation, but when I talk about donation i am also including everybody who did anything for stockuploader such as reviewers, translators, beta testers, and so on.. 

2) While i do belive in freeware, I do not belive in open source. There are countless hours of work behind the program, and I dont feel like putting it online and wait for the first guy to take it and start its own site profiting from my own work and maybe even selling the software. Moreover the program includes a license bought with the donations. (chilkat ftp2 library) and I cannot share the license online obviously.

Hope you all understand.. :)

I mean it with all the best intent.

Best regards


Off Topic / Re: Question for the tech experts....
« on: February 04, 2015, 14:59 »
here is the video of how it works from when you fire it up to when you see the picture on the pc! :)


Off Topic / Re: Question for the tech experts....
« on: February 04, 2015, 08:02 »
guys just posted my new instructable in the topic listed above if you want to check it out!

made a new instructable! this one iw much better and uses a custom firmware.. ;) chekc it out! will add a video soon!

Off Topic / Re: Question for the tech experts....
« on: February 03, 2015, 12:22 »
here is the topic that explains a bit more with a link to the current instructable:


but as said i am working on it to make it a lot better! it will be like: buy the router, hook it up, flash a intermediate firmware, flash my custom firmware (up to here its about 5 minutes Worth of time without counting the ordering and delivering time of the package... :) ) reboot, and you have a running access point to connect your laptop to! you only need the host on the computer and its ready to run!

as soon as this version works ill post a better instructable!

Off Topic / Re: Question for the tech experts....
« on: February 02, 2015, 16:31 »
i am working on my wireless tethered shooting rig, and the executable is too big to be placed in the router's memory. So i have to download teh file to the router each time. To avoid having to connect a usb stick first that downloads the file to the router and then connect the camera i wanted to download it directly from the camera to ther router.

But currently i am aproaching another solution and i am building my own openwrt build. i have just another minor problem with the DHCP on the access point settings and then i am up and running... will post the instructable (the updated one) as soon as its finished.

Off Topic / Re: Question for the tech experts....
« on: February 02, 2015, 12:06 »
I have a router running openwrt and need to execute a huge file. (Huge in prop. To the internal storage). I need this router running linux to downlaod the file if it fonds it on the camera and run it

Off Topic / Re: Question for the tech experts....
« on: February 02, 2015, 10:21 »
hey guys..

i do have a sd card reader, but thats not what i need.. i need to be able to download that file while the card is inside the camera.. thats the Whole point of this question.. :D

any idea on how i can make that file show up so i can download it from my camera without having to take the sd card out?

Off Topic / Question for the tech experts....
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:20 »
Hey guys!

i've put an executable Linux script on my sd card. now, i would like to download that file when the camera is connected to the pc. Problem is that my camera does not show files that are not standard.. (jpg, cr2, foldrs named 100Canon, etc..) Through the ptp protocol I only see what the camera wants to show.. also tried renaming the executable to .jpg but no luck.

any idea on how i can make that file show up so i can download it from my camera without having to take the sd card out?


yep, dslrcontroller is another great project made with this router.

mine is basically the same thing with just one difference:

he uses a tablet, i use a pc.

if you shoot tethered with lightroom or whatsoever program then you might want to take my solution, if for you its better to go around with the tablet for a quick preview on location then dslrcontroller is your way.. obviously liveview works on the pc too..

Thank you! :) the project can be expanded by replacing the hardware memory inside and muxh more. But i decided not to do it because this way literally everybod can make this. Its way easier than it looks. You just have to do exactly what i wrote and there is nothing you can do wrong. And in any case i am here to help who wanta to build it and has trouble. And even if that wouldnt work for any reason, hey its 50 bucks... Our gear costs many many times more... But the good thing is that it will work.. Its just very very easy even if it doesnt look so.. :) today i worked on a new script that makes this work also without intenret access and only a laptop for example.. After testing it i will put it online and update the instructable..

Wonder ifsomebody is going to build it... :)


made a new instructable! much easier and works way better!


Hey guys!

in the last days i worked on a litle project to shoot tethered but wirelessly.. it works and is very fast and all the material costs about 50 . Its still a work in progress as I am adding more features to it, but it already works like a charm.

I have written up an instructable for those of you who want to build it themselves...

Here it is: http://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-tethered-shooting-with-any-DSLR-camera/

please let me know what you think!

Best regards


Hello Beppe! thanks for the compliment!

I understand your point.. (not using too much tools)

personally i agree. I use Photoshop/lightroom for editing and stockuploader for keywording/uploading.

I find stockuploader easier to use because its pretty straight forward and idont need anything more than that (for now) usually i use 2 programs in total for each picutre (Photoshop + stockuploader or lightroom + stockuploader) based on what kind of shots i have. But i agree that if youre used to work in lightroom and feel confortable there then there is no reason to switch over! :)

about a collaboration with adobe labs: i doubt that they would be interested as the only thing they are missing is the keyword ordering. and thats pretty simple to implement.. about 30 lines of code for me (in total)

Well there is a button in the program that opens up the msg keywordibg tool.. Those words can then be directly pasted into the program...

What do you mean by controlled keyword dictionary? Also the keyword suggestion is difficult to implement because its difficult to detect the image content.. Maybei could try a suggestionbased on the images already present... :)

by the way guys, if there is somebody here who would like to beta test the program just get in touch! i need as many beta testers as possible now in order to release a good working, bugless program.. :)

thanks guys for the feedbacks.. what i think of this tool is that it is simple.. it hast only what you need and not 1000 functions.. maybe too less for the very techy people but just about right for the rest. (at least this is what i heared from those who used it up to now)

anyway, in a few days ill release it, as soon as it is tested. If you like you can try it and maybe it will be love.. (or hate.. :D)



ps: thanks nisserin for the compliments.. :)

Didnt think of it that way before.. :) thanks for sharing your thought.. Are you using the pc version?

I didnt use lightroom so I cant answer this properly. maybe some other user can...

but what i can say is that it is free.. :) Lightroom is for sure better. The main tool here is stockuploader, that is used to upload files to the agencies. this is just an additional tool to review/change the keywords before uploading.

it allows to keyword a single image, to keyword multiple images at the same time, to copy kewords from one image to many, to reorder them, and to choose between add or replace keywords from multiple images..


Hi guys!

 as you might know stockuploader 2.0 for MAC will have a keywording tool like the PC version has. i finished coding it a few minutes ago and here is a screenshot! as soon as the beta testing team is done with the testing it will be released! :)

 What do you think?



Yep! Thats right! Its coded and beeing currently tested by my great beta testers! The new version of stockuploader for mac will have a keywording tool! So stockuploader 4 mac v.2.0 will have ssl support, keywording tool and a more reliable upload process! ;) stay tuned!

Software - General / Re: FTP for upload TO ALL AGENCIES
« on: May 27, 2014, 11:26 »

nice to see that there are Others here sharing the same interests.. :) i am the coder of stockuploader! did you check it out? i would like to test your program. can you send me a copy please?
Stockuploader also has a keywording tool and is available also for mac.
beside stockuploader there are other tools such as gostock. gostock does not have a keywording tool but with all platforms (i think Linux too)

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