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Author Topic: sold 64 videos yesterday for 84 cents each  (Read 4062 times)

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« Reply #50 on: July 30, 2020, 13:02 »
Got a 34c today for video. Makes the 60c one look good!


It's your own fault for leaving them online at SS while you already know for weeks they're selling for peanuts, so why complain here when you can also simply remove them?

I was just pointing it out. I know what SS are doing.  I do not upload footage anymore and will remove my portfolio in January. Not sure its my fault. People on this site are very quick to blame others and be negative to others. One of the reasons I don't really follow this forum as much as I did years ago. No doubt I will get negative quotes back. Seems the way of the world now online.

I deactivated my video portfolio before June since I was only level 1.
I also deactivated my images during June but decided to reactivate them again and take what is left, until January 2021 that is.
Does that mean I will continue posting about how bad my sales are? no way, that doesn't make any sense and makes me look stupid. Unless others are trying to make all this look positive, then I will prove them wrong but that's not the same as complaining.
As far as I'm concerned if you decide to leave your portfolio up or continue uploading you lose the right to complain about it.
I do not expect any sympathy for getting flooded with 10c sales at Shutterstock, that is my own fault and can easily be avoided.

Better then nothing?
Well eventually we will have to choose, continue supporting Shutterstock and similar agencies or make sure there is still a future for us in Microstock.

Are we being too negative? well if you find something positive about this business please let us know.

I read (need) this forum to get up to date on the situation in Microstock. Many are just here to provoke others. I rather have the naysayers as they like to call them then the provokers or smartasses, not to mention the SS fanclub members ;)

Forgive us for being too blunt. It's not because we are hateful people, on the contrary it's just because these agencies tend to get the worst out of us. Many contributors put a a lot of effort, time and money into this business. We put our heart into this only to get screwed later on. They might as well spit in our face!


« Reply #51 on: July 31, 2020, 06:12 »
Everyone is in the same boat. Nobody can do without the money, but Shutterstock is pulling the whole industry down. It's imperative, especially for video, that we get our files onto Pond5 and off SS.

Pond5 is a major player in video licensing. If you go exclusive, they get your files back onto Adobe and onto Vimeo stock. You get 60% of revenue. If you do the maths, you realise that you don't lose much from an Adobe perspective. It's earnings comparable.

Quite simply no its not.  P5 does not sell as much full stop.

Most of us ALREADY have our all files on P5 and have done for many years.  non exclusive we get 40% not 60% but that in no way makes up for the low sales.
You don't have to believe me, look at the monthly survey graph on this very site - P5 is one of those tiny lines right down the bottom amongst such giants as DT and 123RF in terms of earnings.
The P5 forum isnt exactly full of people praising how well sales have taken off and how well exclusive is doing for them either.

If a site by volume sells only about 10% per month vs another site than a 60 to 40% difference in commission is negligible and makes almost zero difference to the final totals.

The maths for me (and looking at the graphs, others) is very simply.  Pulling videos off SS and AS to go P5 only will lose us many hundreds of dollars per month in lost revenue.  Thats the brutal reality here.

So you're telling me it's much better to keep supporting SS and kill the whole industry because other agencies will have to follow, make a few hundred bucks the next couple of months until it gets

Im not convinced you reside in the real world.  You havent explained how if, having guaranteed $0.00 income from Shutterstock you're supposed to buy anything with that?  Are there landlords im unaware of that accept principle in lieu of rent money?  Do supermarkets have an option to pay with good will instead of money?

If you pull a portfolio you are guaranteeing an in come of 0.  Nothing.  No money.  No payout. Nothing goes into the bank.

If you're also deluded enough to think SS will care (or even notice) an absolutely miniscule number of contributors pulling an utterly insignificant amount of media off the site then by all means go ahead.  The problem is you think you matter or are somehow important to them.  You're not.  None of us are.  You can do all you want but it isnt going to change their policy which has been costed, planned and modelled.
So its your choice whether you want to accept a guarantee of no money and buy food with it or settle for a not-ideal but some money instead.
But to think anything will change due to actions is utterly deluded.

You are talking about photo or video? Video is a complete different story many video-artist do equal or better on P5 than SS.  Photo sales are very poor on P5 absolut no comparision to SS in this regard.


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