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Author Topic: Yay reopening??  (Read 2978 times)

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« Reply #25 on: July 21, 2020, 18:04 »
I received an email from Yay today:

Hello again!

A brief update about where we are at with our video contributor technology.
We have recently launched video pricing tiers. This means you can price all of your videos or just one individual video at another price point.
Existing high quality contributors are grandfathered into the "Premium" tier.
New contributors will start at the "Regular" tier. After uploading 100 approved videos, you can apply for the "Premium" tier.

Here's how the new pricing works:
    "Budget" (HD - $5, no 4K)
    "Regular" (HD - $24.99, 4K - $59)
    "Premium" (HD - $59, 4K - $149)

Some videos, like a time-lapse or a less offered content drone shot or a video shot with a DSLR at 4K higher bitrate has different value than a GoPro video for example.
To solve this problem, you can now reprice existing approved videos by clicking the checkbox next to the desired video, in the "Videos" navigation tab.

Regular is priced way too low, in my opinion. So I've applied for Premium tier. hopefully this will be applied without any hassles.
I've uploaded my entire vector and video portfolio last week, let's see if that brings me any sales.



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