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New Sites - General / Re: Know anything about Dreamstock?
« on: June 16, 2010, 12:46 »
So if one person signs up for a month and pays $100 and downloads the entire database in that month (70,000 images), you tell me that they're going to pay the photographers $7000?  I'm going to look up the contact infor cuz I have some land for sale.

Since I fixed my host file, I have had a 100% success rate on this site.  I use Firefox on Vista.

123RF / Re: 123 / Inmagine?
« on: January 12, 2010, 14:26 »
123rf is back for me.  Just so you know.  And WOW! I got a sale for $48!  ;) jk

123RF / Re: 123 / Inmagine?
« on: January 12, 2010, 12:49 »
I just tried again and still get the inmagine site.  :-[

123RF / Re: 123 / Inmagine?
« on: January 12, 2010, 12:07 »
How bizarre, now the old site is back ???

not for me.....

123RF / Re: 123 / Inmagine?
« on: January 12, 2010, 11:57 »
I just tried too.  My username and password don't work here.  hmmmm

Dreamstime.com / Most searched for with fewest results
« on: December 12, 2009, 00:12 »
Below is a recent post from Tangie @ Dreamstime.  The keywords are kinda sloshed together but make more sense at the site if you hover your mouse over them, because each set is a hyperlink.  Might be pretty useful.

It would be nice to see more sites do this and hopefully it's not a one shot deal for DT.


"You will find below top searches that generated few or no results. The list includes keywords that were most searched for but returned very or no results at all in the recent weeks. Most are multiple-keyword searches, which means the image should be relevant for all keywords below.
This list can be used as guide to give you hints of what people were interested in and what subjects you might approach. In case you have such images online, you can edit the files and add missing keywords, IF the case. Please add the keywords only if relevant - do not spam!. You will also notice that there are some misspellings.
If you already have such images but have not uploaded them yet, you might consider uploading them now.

Most searched for with few results only

closeup industrial metal old rivets texture, gears old rust texture, background drain grate metal texture, backgrounds patterns rendered shapes, abstract drips grunge ink splat splatter texture, licenses, abstract cracks glass macro texture, hubble space telescope, 3d landscape rendered terrain, monschau, 12 christmas days, cracked detail grain old textures wood, female reproductive system, asphalt close cracks texture, closeup gel liquid texture, beauty colorado denver landscape mountain nature, asphalt macro street tar texture, miley, most wanted, lighteffects, brussels griffon, bills coins currency finance money us, gstring, mediavel, thalia, short skirts, pauli st, sanserif, possum, kitt st, dordrecht, whitehouse, grinch, background closeup metal texture vent, background closeup rock texture volcanic, jlo, puerto rico vieques, germany hamburg pauli st, cyst, desk girl school stare, branches limbs oak tree, christmas days twelve, dario, daddy yankee, eastern philadelphia prison state, coyotes, bloom center flower macro orange petals yellow, decay garbage junk, foreskin, beavers, background feminine flower girly petals pink rose, oberhausen, bernhardiner, flying squirrel, close metal rivets rust texture, background brick crumbling red wall, humanoids, anacondas, asphalt cracked pavement texture, diorama, aishwarya rai, blue effect light mesh spiral swirl, mediterenean, tonsils, close cracked grain stump texture wood, seo, animal shelters, indian musician native, fall forest orange pennsylvania tree woods, esophagus, close cracks rings stump texture tree, concrete paved texture

Most searched for with no results

korral, kottenforst, rolandsbogen, bonn germany kottenforst, floors paths pavements, image metapixel mosaic, bonn germany rolandsbogen, bonn gemany, bonn germany rheinaue, africa chipengali namibia south umfolozi, bright brown egg food light orange shell, istanbul kozyatagi turkey, angle colorful game glass marbles toy, aquarium bite fish leech menace mouth, 2006 february germantown storm winter, arjan hamberg merwesteinpark, clouds mountain puget rainer sound sunrise tacoma, course delaware golf landscape water, humanparts, driving ny to, focus montage rail tunnel, arc colors fan pantone rainbow spectrum stripes, gamebirds habitat native natural their wild, crane dramatic origami paper peace shadow white, babies baby fairmount geese park, center eilat sealife, egg potential shell texture warm, blacksburg lake tech va virginia, aerialphotography, 16 ball bowling number, cut fresh fruit khiwi sliced slices tropical"

Thanks for this.  I'm sending it to family. ;D

Cameras / Lenses / Re: Olympus Pen - 50 years in 3 minutes
« on: November 12, 2009, 18:38 »
Wow that video is pretty cool.  I couldn't imagine doing something like that!

General Stock Discussion / Re: Level 10 or Level 12 File Quality
« on: November 12, 2009, 14:10 »
Hi Race,

 Still helpful and also showed your willingness to help. All good things, thanks for your efforts.


I agree.  It was fun and different for a change.  I wouldn't mind seeing another example.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Level 10 or Level 12 File Quality
« on: November 11, 2009, 23:05 »
I`m pretty sure the top photo is level 12 file quality.  It`d be funny if I was wrong though.  I would say I am 80% sure.

123RF / Re: 123-October Paypal Mixup
« on: November 03, 2009, 15:40 »
I haven't gotten paid yet either.  Hopefully we will get the proper amount in our paypal account this month.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Skin issue
« on: October 20, 2009, 15:51 »
Even with the portraiture plug-in I haven't gotten a out of focus rejection before unless the image was out of focus.  Show us a 100% crop so we can see for ourselves.

I have no problems with AVG and istock on my home computer.  Just the one at work.  I use FF on both.

Thank you for responding.  I didn't want to just ignore the warning to see if a post was made at Istock.  So thank you for checking for me.

When i type in "istockphoto.com" the website shows up and then it flashes over to this page.  Is anybody else having this problem?

General Stock Discussion / Re: Attach a fake Model Release?
« on: September 24, 2009, 15:03 »

Well, I took the Tobi back no problems.  I will have to think about another product to try. 

@Pixart - Thanks for the offer, but I don't think I am coming to the city anytime real soon.  Costco does have some good prices on some things though.

@Suljo  - Sorry for moaning about this crappy product, but since backdrops are a part of photography and removing wrinkles is related I figured this post should go here.  However, I don't care if it gets moved to offtopic, so if Leaf figures it should be there, that's fine.

p.s.  You guys would really love the store we have in a mall in Winnipeg (Polo Park).  It's a store which stocks ONLY As Seen On TV stuff.   ;D ;)

I'm not sure if you all get the infomercial for the Tobi Steam Cleaner, which derwinkles fabrics with "ease".

Well, I went to my local Walmart today in search for a steam cleaner to dewrinkle my backdrops and found this Tobi there.  It was more than some of the cleaners so I thought it must be good.  

When I got home I set up my wrinkled backdrop and went took the Tobi out of the box.  Putting it together wasn't too bad, but some things I noticed right away was the wand hose was pretty short, and so was the cord.  When I took it to the backdrop, it wouldn't reach the top, unless you took it off it's stand which you are supposed to do.  So a couple minutes later the top half was totally dewrinkled.  It worked really well and I was impressed.  I proceeded to do the bottom, but as soon as you bend over, the "water proof" jug spilled on the backdrop.  ugh!  

So, I needed to wipe up the spill and here I am holding a shoulder strapped Tobi with one arm and a Steaming Hot wand in the other.  The off switch is on the back of the Tobi, so I guess you are supposed to be a contortionist to turn it off without burning yourself.  You aren't supposed to put the hose down, because condensation will build up and go back into the machine.  

I finally did get the whole backdrop dewrinkled, but now it came time to put this contraption away.  I quickly realized as I was putting it together that it would not be realistic to take it apart and put it together every time you needed it.  You are supposed to do what they say and leave it on their stand and store it in a closet.  Oh yeah, I have lots of empty closets in my house.  No problem!

So, all in all -  Yes the Tobi works, but I find it unstable and potentially dangerous.  And who has the room for one of these things?  I guess I need to buy and bigger house to accommodate my Tobi. jk :).  It's going back to Walmart tomorrow.

Anyways, I was wondering what you guys use to dewrinkled your backdrops.  Do the smaller hand held steamers work well?  

If you are curious to see what the Tobi looks like, here is a link.

Thanks everyone, I was surprised to see this old thread active again.  Since I can't change it for all the sites I just prefer to keep it. :)

If I really believed they shouldn't have been rejected, then I would NOT COMPLAIN, but first post the pictures online either here or shutterstock critique with a 100% zoomed in crop. 

This way I would be able to see what other people think and come to a decision: 1. My batch of photos really isn't up to snuff and I need to forget this batch and try harder for the next (keeping in mind the critiques given in the forum). or 2. The reviewer had no reason to reject all my photos and I will reupload a few at a time (3-5) amongst another batch.  If those 3-5 images are rejected again, I wouldn't bother with the rest.

Off Topic / Re: Ultimate treat
« on: July 15, 2009, 12:16 »
Where's the first page? ??? :-\

dragon_fang, you love DT
but if this persists to become Irreconciable Difference, would this mean soon there could be a Trial Separation between you and DT ?   ;D

This is only an annoyance for me.  I will soon fix the two model releases in error to their specifications and everything will be just peachy from here on out.  I would really like to get my approval rating over 80% again though. 

So... sorry there will not be a separation from Dreamstime and me.  Like I said, I really do love like them very much, and I hope kissing their ass time will solve all issues.  ;)

When uploading a new model release, I always upload only 1 photo of the shoot to see if there is a problem with the model release. This way, you don't get the whole batch rejected. Although I never had a model release rejected on DT.

That is a good idea, except I already have hundreds of images accepted with that model and that release.  No problem recently with the release.  I thought I fixed it a while back but I guess I didn't and dreamstime didn't notice or care until now.  I just wish they would send me an email and say something like, "Please fix you model release (reason) and we will review your photos." instead of just rejecting everything and lowering my acceptance ratio.

For the most part, dreamstime is one of my favorite microstock sites for many reasons.  The only trouble is with their approval rating system which I try to keep above 80%, but then get a whole batch rejected because I included a po box in the model release instead of a house address. 

I know it's my fault, as I've had this problem before and I thought I got all my model releases fixed, but I guess I missed one. 

The other problem is I always find it a guessing game when to upload a model release if you can't see the model's face.  I couldn't see the models face so didn't include a release and was told to upload one becuase the model is the main subject of the image.  The problem is I've uploaded model releases in the past with models who you can't see the face and receive a rejection stating that the model release isn't needed for this image.

Yes very irksome.  Like I said though, it's MAINLY ;) my fault.

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