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Hello ALL.  Hopefully I didn't give anyone a heart attack. This isn't really the MIZ. I am his good friend Tony and was with him holding his hand when he died. Hon and Todd told me about this blog and as I had Bob's computer I logged on to check it out. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to view and make comments. I've known Bob for 27 years and as many of you said he could be caustic but that was Bob at times. He was always willing to give and help anyone that needed it. He even told the doctors at the cancer center that he shouldn't be there but out helping other people. He will be surely missed by all who really knew him. Again thanks to all for your comments.  :'(


Shutterstock.com / Re: not a single download today yet
« on: September 08, 2008, 15:59 »
Well, again it only makes sense to come to reasonable conclusion that there is third party responsible for this rash of poor performance in our portfolios.

Since i feel the least affected by this monstrous demon, I feel obligated to seek out and destroy what ever this evil do'er,  money thieving entity is.

I will let you all know when i have destroyed it



Dreamstime.com / Re: It is annoying!
« on: September 04, 2008, 10:40 »
Wow!?...this must be a relatively new dilemma. Very rarely have i seen DT's site down. Is this a recent round of events?

the MIZ

Dreamstime.com / Re: DT very active
« on: September 03, 2008, 10:47 »
From the past to the present, I have used DT as my "Control" stock site to measure my effectiveness as a concept artist. DT has been and remains rock steady in it's ability to draw buyers to it's it's site.

While some other sites may fluctuate up and down according to seasonal trends, DT has somehow managed to keep a relatively even cash flow coming my way.

My philosophy is to stick with the winners, and so I do with DT.

the MIZ

General Stock Discussion / Re: Today is last day of this month
« on: August 31, 2008, 09:53 »
Believe it or not....right now is the time to start preparing for Xmas. Halloween, and
Thanksgiving don't hold a candle to Xmas combined.

That is to say don't ignore them, but do concentrate, focus and target Xmas as you move
into the Fall season.

I might mention this as a last note in, my personal opinion: There seems to be agreement
among us photogs that when there appears to be a lull in sales we offer up the excuses
such as "well it's Summer"..."it's the holidays"...etc

So...if that's the case then that's all the more reason to start early on your holiday projects.

the MIZ

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia sales - good or bad for you?
« on: August 30, 2008, 11:31 »
For what it's worth (because I believe everyone has already hosted their opinion)
The best type of selling images are generally conceptual, in the category of business.

I key in on concepts because a concept image will yield a broad range of ideas that are
more open for interpretation than a non-concept image.

As for how I've done regarding sales on FT this month? I've managed to reel in $213
as of this posting. A bit above average.

the MIZ

Adobe Stock / Re: My image in Best Sales 7 days! Whoho!
« on: July 23, 2008, 06:36 »
I'm right there behind you. Excuse me, would you mind getting out of my way?

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

Watch for me on a website soon.
My plan is to open up a 1 cent an image website. 100 images for .99 cents.

I'll make alot of money with just a small investment.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

I believe your supposed to use FT support for it's intended purpose: Supplying moral or psychological support  in times of need.
Or even for supplying you with money or other necessities when your experiencing hard times.

The fact you asked for aide for a trivial tidbit like views is almost obscene!

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason


Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

OK so I'm just playing around here.
"True. But if they ever are caught somehow, you could possibly sue them into oblivion. Maybe."

Caught somehow? How? You would not even know it was stolen.
The image would be the exact same image that was purchased legitimately.

And sue them?  Suppose (and I realize I'm stretching it here) they lived in another country?

This thread was not posted for any other reason but to make us think, and realize that no matter what we do
there is no way we can fully protect our images. We need to know this going into this game.

Me personally? I'm fine knowing what can happen and... has probably already happened without me even knowing.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

I can steal your best image, and there's nothing you can do.
Better yet I might steal it and you would not ever even know it!

Suppose I'm going through your portfolio. (admiring all your wonderful images).
I spot one fantastically great image I think I would like to use on my website.
It's too much trouble to sign up to buy your image, I want it for free.
I don't want it with watermarks, and the thumbnail is too small.

One solution might be to use tineye to find it on the net used by some other person who bought it.
Copy the image from their site. Wow! FREE IMAGE! and you would never even know or even suspect it.

I often wonder how many of our images are not stolen directly from us, but from a site that actually purchased it legally.
No use in loosing sleep over it. Someday in the future they might come up with a solution, in the meantime keep shooting.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

Bigstock.com / Re: Strange and harsh reviews of uploads
« on: July 20, 2008, 03:46 »
Oh my goodness. The term "Pay back is a bitch" plays true here in your case!
"I have uploaded in the past, even ones that I think aren't particularly good, have limited commercial use, etc."

So...you got away with getting images accepted that should have perhaps been rejected by your own admission.
And now it's catching up with you. Oh well, that's life. "Take the good with the bad" ...etc.

I think you stated you are "Considering" uploading them again. I think you have sub-conscientiously  already really convinced yourself
YOU WILL upload them again. It's your way of saying "Your wrong, these are good images".... "Look at them again"

It's obvious that you are frustrated, and that you are writing about it here in this forum as an outlet to vent that frustration.
You went and spent all that money for a new camera when all along the solution to your problem was available for $3.95.

If I may, (and I mean no malice, or intend any offense) I looked at your images and I think though may be acceptable by some,
generally they lack any real commercial value.

I too have some really bad images also in my portfolio (maybe not as bad as yours though) and I used the Subliminal Plug-in to get them approved.
Trouble is getting them approved did not guarantee anyone would actually buy them. So they sit gathering dust.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

General Stock Discussion / Re: New Ideas???
« on: July 19, 2008, 04:34 »
I agree ....less work equals more FUN.... loose the camera.
Just breeze through some other portfolios like on IS, DT, and and few others.
Pick out the images you like, download them, and resell them on the smaller less known micro sites as your own!

Be sure to flip them horizontal, so they are not as  quickly recognized, and pick out only good quality images, with composition and color.
I recommend starting with IS for beginners. IS reviewers are the pickiest, and will assure you good images to start with.
It's important you start with top notch images if you want to maintain a good reputation.

Picking out only the best images to resell will go a long way in maintaining a viable income in this industry. Remember you need to develop a good reputation.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

Adobe Stock / Re: Rejections, rejections, rejections...
« on: July 18, 2008, 17:44 »

......My sales have been going crazy lately, with a BME in June and a strong follow-up so far in July.  And my Earnings per Download is up to $1.11 this month.  More realistically, I am averaging $0.86 per DL for 2008.

Seriously, if this continues and the raise is as beneficial as Dreamstime thinks it will be, I will consider exclusivity with them next winter. 

So I guess it's OK for you to toot your horn, but if I do it you want to slam me to the ground, bury me in the dirt, and then spit on me.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

Adobe Stock / Re: Rejections, rejections, rejections...
« on: July 18, 2008, 16:21 »
Start another thread about SS and I will comment.
It is vulgar, and rude manners to hijack a thread. Please consider using some proper forum etiquette in the future.

Why do you always insist on changing the subject of a thread Mr. DanP68?
However, I look forward to reading your thread about your troubles, and will gladly comment when I spot it.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

Adobe Stock / Re: Rejections, rejections, rejections...
« on: July 18, 2008, 15:44 »
I think I need to apologize to all those who are experiencing muted downloads on FT recently.

Seems like (as it appears to me) I uploaded a huge batch of "Killer Images" in the recent passing weeks.
These images seem to be * up all the downloads to my account and I don't know how to make them stop!

Please bare with me as I am aware of the problem, and I am working on a solution soon.
I might consider deleting some of my best sellers just to even out the downloads and give you guys a chance again.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

Photoshop Discussion / Re: Help I lost the photoshop tools?
« on: July 18, 2008, 15:30 »
The TAB key hides the tools. But I never in my life of working with PS heard of anything you describe.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

I make over $300 every month with DT. Nothing has changed since I have been with them since July 2005.

In order to judge, or get a feel for how a sites sales are going, you can't do it in a months time.
You will need to do it over a minimum period of 12 months.

Image demand varies on season, holidays, current events, etc.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

General Stock Discussion / Re: New Ideas???
« on: July 18, 2008, 11:10 »
I was gonna shoot this myself, but I'll share them with you...only if everyone promise not to steal my ideas.

A group of teenagers greeting an arriving fire truck to a house fire, and handing out marshmallows and sticks.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Active in Forums - Increased DL?
« on: July 17, 2008, 04:28 »
It's also true and a proven fact:
If you stand on one leg while you rub your stomach with one hand, and pat your head with the other, while reciting "Mary had a little lamb"
you will increase your chances of downloads for the day by 63% on iStock.

This I know to be true.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

Dreamstime.com / Re: Low color profile?
« on: July 16, 2008, 18:07 »
I changed a copy of the layer to LAB mode....did a curves adjustment on the A & B channels, switched it back to RGB, and then changed the copy layer to Multiply, created a mask to mask out the center of the cabbage, and then I was done.

Time: 30 sec.
Artifacts: None (None created by this technique)

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

Dreamstime.com / Re: Low color profile?
« on: July 16, 2008, 15:40 »
I did it. I used to do tutorials on this....but some people wanted me to stop, so I did.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

On 42 st and 5th ave in Brooklyn during Summer months there is an every night bazaar that lasts
into the wee hours of the morning. There are carnival rides, contests, food venders, and arts and crafts sellers as well.

It is a haven for artists and photographers who sell their work for next to nothing, especially in late Summer.
So to answer your question: "why are many writers an photographers  gathering late at night on 42nd and selling their work there ?"
well simply put there's money to be made.

These guys would sell their souls if they could to make a buck.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

General Stock Discussion / Re: Domain names for sale
« on: July 15, 2008, 11:34 »
I also have

For sale too.
Prices negotiable - My child needs new shoes.

Cranky MIZ
The voice of reason

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