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Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe has blocked my account
« on: Today at 11:47 »
It takes a lot of time and hardwork to get a balanced income from microstock. Its a highly competitive market.

If contributor do any mistake > Destroy them and take away all the earning.
If employee makes any mistake > Give them a scolding and ask them to resume to work.

Feeling relaxed that I quit them few years back.

Adobe Stock / Why display only 100 pages?
« on: April 15, 2024, 01:25 »
I have a portfolio which have lot of images but Adobe stock only displays 100 maximum? Why?
Same is for search too, only 100 pages for any search term.

Isn't this wrong when there are so many contributors and so big library?

Yea I know it has nothing to do with Stocksubmitter. Though regardless, it still happens (probably with any kind of upload system or method.) With a service, like Stocksubmitter, it's not a case of 'set and forget.' One still needs to remember to edit the files afterwards in DT and deselect that selling of the rights option.

I didn't know there was a bulk disable option.

I think you are missing some option here.
Mine is permanently disabled and I usually get this email from them:

Your file appears to be suitable for logo usage. Since this usage is allowed only under the exclusive rights license SR-EL, we strongly recommend you enable the SR-EL (SR-EL). This way, you ensure your file attains its maximum sale potential and sells for the highest earning license.

It doesn't matter which upload method you are using.

Pond5 / Re: What is this "Lump for 9184"?
« on: April 12, 2024, 07:13 »
I also got this..

What is this lump and dump?

Recently, Ive been submitting some videos to DT with Stocksubmitter. And I just happened to click on one of those videos that had been accepted into my port. That video, and all of my other commercial videos, are marked with "Sell the rights." I quickly disabled that option from all the files that I submitted with Stocksubmitter.

When you upload content normally to DT (via their web uploader) I note that files are marked with "Sell the rights" as default which is ridiculous. I'm sure that the majority of contributors have no intention of selling the rights to most of their images. I should have realised that the same thing would happen with files that were submitted with Stocksubmitter. It was only by chance that I decided to click on one of these uploaded video files in my port and I made the unfortunate discovery.

And then I remembered that I had also uploaded videos with Stocksubmitter last year and for all that time, they had been marked with "Sell the rights" and I never realised until now.

It is not due to stock submitter, few time back dreamstime system auto updated everything to sell the rights.
You can though bulk disable it I guess.

From where are they taking permission??
I read an article where it was mentioned training as a FAIR use...
What's going on here? Can anyone explain what does fair use define?

8 / Re: Contributor Fund Entry
« on: March 28, 2024, 01:02 »
$216 with 79 images. Guess they also pull from videos, too?


I am also down with negative earning.. This is really crushed my plans.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Experience with Vecteezy?
« on: March 17, 2024, 21:18 »
Strange how they sell 1000 licenses for 5 USD and pay you 14 USD for those 1000 licenses, looks hot deal for them, lol

I wasn't Aware that they are so rubbish. Takes 1 year for them to remove your files.

Why 1 year?

General Stock Discussion / Re: Experience with Vecteezy?
« on: March 16, 2024, 01:52 »
I have a colleague with around 2k+ designs and not even able to cross $50 in three years.

This is getting crazy... I have seen some new clips which are way too good.
Stock video industry is at risk.

I do it manually and very accurately.

I can see it happening. I am down to 30-40% which is concerning.
Non-qualified people also have entered the market and have flooded everything with AI.

Adobe Stock / Re: 2023 Adobe Stock contributor bonus plan details
« on: February 18, 2024, 23:53 »
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to inform you that we have updated the learn and support page with details on the 2023 bonus program for Adobe Stock contributors. You can view the information here:

Be sure to check your Adobe Stock contributor portal this coming week to learn if you qualified!

Stay creative,

Mat Hayward

All Hail Mat and Adobe

Can anyone share some insights on how much do shutterstock makes in profits in a year?

And how much they pay to their employees including their top Cs in the company?

Adobe Stock / Re: Why no portfolio follow option in Adobe Stock?
« on: February 10, 2024, 04:05 »
I liked some contributors portfolios but why there is no option to follow them? Why?

It's been discussed. It's a matter of prioritizing engineering resources. I wouldn't be surprised to see this feature some day. When? Your guess is as good as mine.


Thanks Mat, I appreciate that it has been discussed.
I was working with a team and we were going through the stocks on Adobe where we liked some users work and bookmarked them. But we really missed the follow button which would come more handy than bookmarking all the portfolios.

Adobe Stock / Why no portfolio follow option in Adobe Stock?
« on: February 09, 2024, 07:55 »
I liked some contributors portfolios but why there is no option to follow them? Why?

The greediness of their management has no limit. So here are the consequences...and when the numbers talk all the rest does not matter.

I agree, they are too greedy. My earnings have significantly reduced to 1/4 of normal which I used to get. No matter how good quality you upload, nothing will work.
SS just looted us and remember karma always strikes back.

From past couple of years, I have personally asked my clients to choose Adobe Stock over Shutterstock.

Not in my case. I am still getting mix of royalties.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Vecteezy, the new Eldorado?
« on: January 10, 2024, 06:42 »
"In our Free program, we use the pay-per-download model, where you earn $5.00 per 1,000 downloads for vectors and photos, and $10.00 per 1,000 downloads for video. This program allows you to maximize your download volume. Learn more about the pay-per-download Free program. We're currently accepting Free program applications for vector, video and photo contributors."

Images sold given for 0.005$, videos for 0.010$...  ???  ::) wow, it stings, it stinks...
they advertise here, right on the forum (Sponsors)

ha ha...
Even a porter earns way more.
I am looking for a coffee but have 0.005$ in my pocket.  ;D

23 / Re: Happy Reset!
« on: January 09, 2024, 22:31 »
In my opinion, the problem with shutterstock is not the percentage for the author. Its problem is the constant decrease in the number of buyers. Buyers are leaving this stock.

Do you have evidence to support that? This chart below would say otherwise. In my opinion (although it's pretty much backed up with numbers, experience and observations), the number one reason for declining income with microstock is, and always has been, the competition from fellow authors and new authors. At Shutterstock and everywhere else. Sure, there's plenty of other issues that can affect it... levels, commissions, changes to searches and other features, new agencies, people using cheaper agencies, subscriptions, the rise of AI, the rise of free sites... and all of those combined probably affect earnings more than competition, especially of late... but as a single factor, competition is the one. We don't hit 'the wall' due to a reduction of buyers, we hit it because we can't produce a year on year percentage increase on our portfolio numbers that exceeds the percentage increase of competing content.

Any much was distributed to contributors?

Does anybody (Mat?) know if there will be an Adobe Stock contributor bonus program for 2023?

I have same question.. Mat kindly reply.

Can I sell my portfolio of 5k stock images to someone for a lumpsum price and remove it from my portfolio so they can sell it?

In theory, it is possible, but there are quite a few problems.

The person, who buys the images has to upload them again, which may cost a considerable amount of time, the images may not all be accepted again and they certainly lose their search positions. All these issues combined mean that you will probably get considerably less money for the images than you would get in the future by selling them yourself.

Also the person who buys the images would have to trust you that are no legal pitfalls in your portfolio and the images do not violate anybody's intellectual property.

I somewhere disagree with him.

You can transfer the rights to the buyer. You need not to delete that portfolio, just change the email ID to the buyers email.
The buyer also don't need to re-start everything, keep that portfolio running as it is as a separate portfolio.
And if the buyer already has his own portfolio on stock. Now he will already have 2 portfolios and 2 accounts. Wouldn't this be a violation of the stock rules?

No, such exceptions are taken care of with written permission from the agency.
You need to legally transfer the rights.

If this was violation, why do shutterstock owns bigstock?

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