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1 / Video sale for $1.50?
« on: April 29, 2018, 14:40 »
In the last week i got 2 video sales (clip pack) for $1.50 each. Anyone got this or knows what is going on?

paypal earns interest of off your money? my word, criminal, no other bank does that.
Seriously, you pretend you dont understand, or am i talking to a 3-years old? Did i say they are criminal because they earn interest? or was i even surprised they earn interest? Read other people posts properly before arguing or talking sarcasm. I am done here, was just very surprised Paypal has so many fanboys who are ready to jump at anyone who are unhappy with paypal. FYI, i am OK with Paypal, i haven't had problem with them (touch wood), but i feel for people who have had. If you can not have any sympathy, try not to be a jerk!

I don't know the details of the case, but even if PayPal admitted that they have held funds for no reason in the past, that doesn't automatically mean that they are holding your funds for no reason.

Exactly the point. With the same logic, people who have problem with Paypal do not deserve to be automatically treated as it is their own fault. You have been acting like a  Paypal fanboy, attacking everyone who had problem with Paypal here. It is just not nice!

The idea that they are freezing accounts to get interest on the money makes no sense. Have you taken a look at interest rates lately? PP get at least 3-4% every transaction, instantly, thanks to fees and currency spreads. They make more money the more you use your account. Like every bank they don't need to be underhand to fleece you, they have 1000s of ways all above board.

You dont understand. They hold the funds, but still allow transactions. They make money both ways. I have several people working free-lance for me and pay them with Paypal. They can receive the money in their Paypal account but can not withdraw to their bank before 30 days. Paypal earn transaction fees, AND interest for 30 days. Real examples, and many. The problem with Paypal is they are almost a monopoly, unlike the banks. People still have to use them even if they are unhappy about it.

Off Topic / Re: snipers shoot dead police officers in Dallas
« on: July 08, 2016, 15:29 »
Oh god, if I hear one more ridiculous argument about France and thugs and criminals buying guns and protecting yourself from home invasions and they'll use a knife or a baseball bat or a pile of marshmallows I will barf.

We are a twisted country founded on invasion, genocide, war, slavery and white male supremacy. Unfortunately it's USA DNA. As the country gets less white, the white men feel power slipping away and encourage the proliferation of guns (for white men, natch), spend huge amounts on a super military, incarcerate black men for minor crimes at enormous rates (basically another form of slavery), militarize the police and give them carte blanche to kill black men for selling loosies or CDs or for having a "broken taillight."

We're an aggressive, warmongering third-world country. With people so stupid they think "Born in the USA" is a song about patriotism.

And the best is yet to come, we may actually get a bigot for president soon!
America = too much freedom in all the wrong places!

Maybe it will. But if my account gets limited and it's even the tiniest bit my fault... I can guarantee I won't be starting a post saying that my account has been limited for no reason whatsoever.

I appreciate that when bad things happen, people get emotional and look for somebody to blame, but when something like this happens, you want to be finding out exactly what has happened, why it's happened, how it can be fixed and how you can make sure it doesn't happen again. You've not done that if you're saying that there was no evident reason when it turns out there was an evident reason.

As for knowing nothing about this situation.... I respond based on the information provided. If insufficient information has been provided, then that's not my fault. I was replying to nuzzo anyway, do you know more about his situation than the rest of us?

It DID happen that Paypal holds funds for no obvious reason, they DID lost a class action lawsuit for that - I have received an email (mass), from Paypal itself informing they were settling that lawsuit, just a couple of months ago. So yes, Paypal did admit they hold funds for no reason. And yes, by doing so they earn interest on those funds. I can not say anything about the cases presented here, but i would not conclude that Paypal is totally clean and that everyone who got his/her account limited is because of their fault. Paypal is not an angel, far from it.

I was just as shocked as everyone else to get the message.  The only thing I can imagine is that there might be duplications in editorial titles.  For example, I have some that were shot in Colonial Williamsburg, so they have Williamsburg in the title for the mandatory location but "Colonial Williamsburg" in the description since that is the name of the actual place - it has the name of the city and there is no way to leave it off (and still make sense).  I hope a human will look at any accounts to be deleted and sort out that kind of error.

Yes, and that only happens because we have to follow THEIR stupid format for editorials!

Got the email too, in my "spam" folder'! All my images are 100% with unique title, there are some that have one word present 2 times, like "normal knee versus arthritic knee" - if they call it spam they 'd better delete their entire collection. This is crazy!

I've had no problems with foreign clients this past year - from Ireland, the UK, and Germany, but that's just my limited experience. Most of my clients are US-based.

I wouldn't know i had problems if not for a couple of clients who wrote to ask, i could have missed lot of sales before without knowing. Most of my customers are from the US too. Since i added Stripe, more than half of the US clients also chose Stripe, and on the payment page layout, Paypal is the first option, Stripe is the second, so those who chose Stripe should have seen Paypal.

Looks like people outside the US have more problems with Paypal. If you are selling from your website and have clients from other countries, it may be best to offer other payment options on top of Paypal, because many of your clients may not like Paypal, that's what i have discovered with my website recently.

Of course i can not tell for sure, but during that time i also received an email (mass email) from Paypal itself saying they are settling law suits about the same problem, they have to pay for holding funds for no reason. So they do admit their fault, and yet, it's still happening.
The one i hired from Portugal said Paypal holds her fund because she is new "seller", and Paypal says if i write to them to verify that i did receive the service from her, the funds will be released. So i did, and Paypal released the funds for her that time, but then they hold again the next time, i wrote again and said all transactions from me to her will be made only after i receive the service. I received an email from Paypal saying that they will release for her as one time courtesy, but no more, stating no reason. So what is that? She is not at fault, apparently, because they wouldn't do courtesy if she is.

I dont have problems with Paypal myself yet (touch wood), and let's hope that i will never do (knock wood, again). But i can tell that the number of people who have problems with them is not negligible.
I happened to hire some people for voice work (this year)for my videos and pay them with Paypal. At least 2 out of 5 have their funds on hold for 30 days - those who told me about it (one is from the US, the other from Portugal).
And, i was having Paypal as the only option of payment on my website for a while, until a couple of months ago when i realized that the number of abandoned carts at the point the clients see Paypal as the payment processor is high; and some people emailed me to ask if i offer any other payment option than Paypal. So i added Stripe as another option, and to my surprise, more than 50% clients have chosen Stripe to pay since then.

He took mine, change the background color and uploaded for sale on 123rf, i haven't checked other sites yet.
Here is mine:|&mediapopup

Here is his:

I have just reported to 123rf

Check his port if you see yours:

14 / Re: Video sale for 30 cents at SS, anyone?
« on: March 21, 2016, 19:24 »
Thanks, noodle.

15 / Re: Video sale for 30 cents at SS, anyone?
« on: March 21, 2016, 19:09 »
It turns out to be a $150 sale, just got the balance today. Thank you Shutterstock!

Angela, you may want to email them about that sale, if you haven't already.

About $450 here.

17 / Re: Video sale for 30 cents at SS, anyone?
« on: March 19, 2016, 14:30 »
OK, just got a reply from SS, not definite yet, but at least we know it's a mistake:

"This certainly appears to be an error in the licensing of this clip and we are investigating this matter. Please allow us a few more days to look into what type of license this clip was acquired with and we will get back to you as soon as we research this matter."

Thank you Shutterstock!

18 / Re: Video sale for 30 cents at SS, anyone?
« on: March 17, 2016, 20:28 »
Would have to be a mistake

Maybe it's an adjustment on a earlier sale?

No, that video was never sold before. No reply from SS yet.

19 / Re: Video sale for 30 cents at SS, anyone?
« on: March 16, 2016, 19:59 »
I sent them a message. I really hope it's a mistake. Will post back here if i get a reply. I remember saw some pop-up on the site about getting some full HD footage free, could that be?

20 / Video sale for 30 cents at SS, anyone?
« on: March 16, 2016, 18:46 »
Just got one sale for 30 cents, in "clip packs". What give? >:( Anyone else?

Image Sleuth / Re: Illegal Template Website
« on: February 06, 2015, 11:52 »
Merci microtalk, the reason i asked was because i have removed most of my images (including the ones on that website now) from fotolia a long time ago so i dont have much to talk to them.

Image Sleuth / Re: Illegal Template Website
« on: February 06, 2015, 11:39 »
Thanks microtalk. May i know why do you suggest fotolia and not other agencies?

Image Sleuth / Re: Illegal Template Website
« on: February 06, 2015, 11:23 »
Found mine too. Anyone knows if any agency permits this kind of re-sale?
I dont think the site owner bought the license either, there are too many to buy to make profit.
Thanks for posting. The question is what can we do now?

24 / Re: BigStock Selling HD Videos for $0.15 !!
« on: February 04, 2015, 19:34 »
True, but this is the one scheme that will compete with our sale elsewhere. People make a big deal about the public domain collection from Pond5, which does NOT compete with our sale,  but are OK with this one !!!???

25 / Re: BigStock Selling HD Videos for $0.15 !!
« on: February 04, 2015, 19:24 »
At what time should video makers become worried about Bigstock Footage? Or is there nothing to fear, for you'd have to assume SS know what they are doing. The BS footage collection now sits at 66,000+ up from 30,000 a couple of months ago.

And now they are officially advertising their video collection, just got an email.

I dont understand the lack of reaction to this ridiculous scheme, people must have too much trust in SS?

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