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Pond5 / Just received some money from "Dataset Earnings"
« on: April 12, 2023, 08:43 »
I received a sale under the name "Dataset Earnings", after some investigation it looks like, as usual, the agency is selling our work to third party AI companies.
I went into Account > Preferences and found a checkbox that allowed them to sell the dataset and turned that off, so be aware...

Edit: Zero Talent was faster than me, so let's keep the topic here:

Pond5 / Pond5 will remove ability to set prices?
« on: August 30, 2019, 09:45 »
Just got this e-mail from P5:

Dear Artist,

As you know, allowing artists to set their prices is a principle we hold dearly at Pond5. We do this because it attracts a diverse set of artists and content to our community, which in turn brings in more buyers. Ultimately this freedom creates value for everyone.


As stewards of the marketplace, we have an obligation to make sure that no Artist is doing something that will negatively impact other Artists. That is why our Contributor Agreement mandates pricing minimums and also requires that non-exclusive content not be listed for a price higher than on competing websites. When non-exclusive content is priced higher on Pond5 than on competing websites it destroys the integrity of the marketplace and hurts all the other artists on the platform who abide by the community rules. Over time when buyers learn they can find the same clip for less money elsewhere (at lower artist royalties by the way), they stop coming back. We can never allow this to happen.


If you have non-exclusive video clips in your portfolio priced higher than what they are listed for on a competitive site, in the coming weeks, we will be adjusting pricing to the market rate of $79 for HD and $179 for 4K.


If your portfolio is exclusive but is not marked as such, please  sign up for the Exclusivity Program. "

It looks like non exclusive contributors won't be allowed to set prices higher than 79$ and 179$

I'm new to stocksubmitter, most of my files show that error (the file name is too long).. file names are not long and I can upload those files using normal ftp

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