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i have the feeling these "ai" is using google images and other sources and combining these somehow. we had this before where faces were "generated" by ai. but as far as i understood, these generated from real life photos token for this project and then combined to a new image. i would feel proud to have a real ai in this world, but i expect a complex script that combines from existing images again, sadly. Someone teach me the opposite, iam sceptical.  ???

iStockPhoto.com / Re: March Statements are in
« on: April 23, 2022, 12:30 »
finaly made my payout after last month super low  :'(

General Stock Discussion / Re: Is Indivstock any good?
« on: April 23, 2022, 12:28 »
Surprisingly simple and good. RPI over 6 USD. Lowest single commission was 0.33 USD. No problems so far.

123RF / Re: Is this the oldest refund ever
« on: April 15, 2022, 10:12 »
-xx.xx too several times, even from years i just started. This agencies are so horrible. There are 3 agencies left i like. all others are so pain, like our enemies and not partners.  :(

General Stock Discussion / Re: This month's sales
« on: October 20, 2021, 19:37 »
last few months
Adobestock x 4  :D
Shutterstock -40%  >:(
Alamy +-0
Dreamstime -20%
istock -90%  :o
123rf +-0
Indivstock +20%
Depositphotos +10%
Pixta +-0
canstockphoto +-0
Panthermedia +10%

to prove what will happen in the near future? no, how could i?
Data to prove it is killing your sales?

omg.. too many, killing the regular sales for sure. first i thought it is a good idea, now it`s horrible..

That was a very large second wave - total in the free section is 574,566 items, 529,156 of which are photos

July 16th, the total was just over 319k

Most of the other asset types stayed nearly the same as in July.

The quality is excellent - putting a Customer hat on I wouldn't see anything different from the main collection.

At the beginning, the stated approach was breadth, not depth, but with such a large free collection, the depth has noticeably increased (based on some test searches I did)

I hesitate to ask, because today's answer might be different in the future, but is there any notion of a maximum size of this collection?

All for $5

Not career building for sure, but great for corporate profit.

I must say, I am thrilled.
1. You get to decide for yourself
2. if you decide to do it, it's "only" 12 months.

At first I feared that these have to be given away infinitely / forever then.

Therefore, many thanks for the consideration.
I'm becoming a real Adobestock fan and this is the reason i will support AdobeStock here.
Thank you.

After 30 days or so, it automatically resets to ACTIVE.

Nope.  I unlicensed from July to December last year.
you are wrong "blvdone", this regulation is "new",was introduced when many had deactivated until December

After 30 days or so, it automatically resets to ACTIVE.

for this case an extended license is actually necessary? He sells the product (video) whose real value is the video.

Shutterstock.com / Re: SS levelling up
« on: January 11, 2021, 09:21 »
Level two should be reached in another week.   ::)

I was at level 5 until December 31st not that it made any difference to the
piss poor royalties. 

My new years resolution was to cease submitting to these ass hats I've even started to submit to Depositphotos once more because at least their royalties are better than scumstock
ROFL. depositphotos lowered commissions today. But okay, still better than sh-it-terstock

123RF / Re: No stats for Dec then
« on: January 02, 2021, 13:47 »
click on earning details
tab 2020
dec 2020 where total earnings = 0

I am very glad that I had never deleted my portfolio, 2 years ago the sales became less and less. Now I am at 700. Already 50% of my top 3 agencies. Really good !

someone contacted getty and SS? Are they allowed to share them for free. What iam missing here? Photos too? can not see a search form for photos, videos only.
If it`s true, wow! what !

if uncle-pete was right, we'd all still have a nokia 3310. there must have been someone at Apple, amazon.. who said, no, everyone buys from nokia, it is the number one company, we don't need a company as Apple. Who does need Amazon? ebay is the number one company for onlne shopping, noone needs electric cars, i will not invest in technology for electric cars.. nearly every company in this world was once number 1 to 4 and was replaced by others.

There's honestly a logical and business reason why the four biggest agencies are the four biggest, and it's not just because contributors uploaded the most photos. Rather the artists upload the most to the biggest, because that's where we get the most sales and make the most money.

Adobe Stock / Re: Your account has been blocked?!
« on: October 20, 2020, 06:00 »
A friend also had this a few years ago at fotolia, which means you uploaded too many similar images and most of them are "bad" in AS's opinion. If you upload from the same series several times a day, you will be reported by a selector. 2 weekks until you receive a message, and they will tell you, you should delete a few similar images by yourself. Just the experience of Fotolia, no idea whether it is the same with Adobe.

I would give a part of my images (200 of my 20k) for free to AdobeStock.
I would love to support AS. One of the last hopes i have for Microstock.
A nice to have would be, resize these free-images to 2500px. Big enough for customers but not big enough to re-sell or re-upload by thiefs. Full-size by payment only.
What i realy hate, some (not all) people complain about this concept or middle-tier sites but at the same time offer their images on "unlimited downloads" sites too. That is realy killing the business.

Dreamstime, canstockphoto, indivstock.
123rf maybe too, couldnt find it, so maybe not anymore

Upload BEFORE knowing the commission rates and prices? in the worst case the site will offer unlimited-downloads for USD 9.99 .. Who knows.

today i disabled 10.000 images.

you should not write "BEACH" or "Beach". It maybe will not be translated or split wrong, as recognized as a name of something.
= beach

good: New York City
bad in some cases: new york city

Realy critical if you make more "mistakes", e.g you add "a new york city"
Will be completely different and will be translated incorrectly

just my experience

I will disable my portfolio June 1st. I haven't uploaded much lately for other reasons, but I won't upload anything to SS.

In addition to tweets about the change, I thought I'd also try highlighting images that would be #GoneJune1 as part of #boycottShutterstock. I haven't put links to Adobe Stock in tweets yet, but might mix tweets about #Shutterstock slashing royalties with "go here instead" messages.


I think the messaging should be simple - to try and get the general point across. Especially on twitter, you don't want lengthy explanations of the details.

The small things are very important. Delete the SS badge at your profile too. The best thing that can happen is that the SS is forgotten and Adobestock becomes the standard. Little things count.

I will not delete, but i stopped uploading to SS. There is not return for me. Same as i stopped istock a long time ago.
If i would continue there, i would feel bad every single day while working. No thx.
AS, 123rf and some others to continue.

there is no "who is". I'm a little skeptical

... what? haha
There is no "about" page - who is running this site and if company, the name of the company.
Not sure but, i can see only 11.000 images. The pictures are displayed repeatedly.

there is no "who is". I'm a little skeptical

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