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Just delete it and resubmit
ok thanks I did that
I didnt see the delete button and I thought you couldnt remove the image

hi last night i submited a design i made to adobe but forgot to change the catagory from photo to illustration.i tried to edit it but when it goes on pending for review  you cant edit it.
when this happens ,they reject the image tell you to resubmit it ?or they pass it?
i dont wanna see my portfolio blocked if they use ai to review images.for spamming for eg

Adobe Stock / Re: What's going on!
« on: June 26, 2024, 18:28 »
That week I had about $200 in sales.  Around 12,000 images in portfolio.  Only $1/wk for 4,000 assets is pretty bad honestly.  If you can post your portfolio, I can give you an advice.  My portfolio is below.

hi one question
You have very good images but I see a lot of people images I m not talking about the portraits but pics from random people
How are these accepted ??adobe dont take editorial
In many of them people are recognisable

Thanks for the reply Yes its my image of course is just I ve heard that Adobe looks at some images As ai generated even when you edit them thats why I was Asking I m not sure if these web sites use ai to remove the image background

i found a good site that it removes the background of an image, and you can save it at its original size in png. so  my qs is,,,,    if i   send these images to adobe and ss,,,is there any risk they read this as ai generated, and maybe block my account?specially adobe,whicn they are good for blocking accounts and they dont give you any reason for doing that .
i use mucrostock keyword and i see many images with white backgrounds but you can tell these are not from a LIGHTBOX which i also use to photograph products but from different sites or photoshop

Uncle pit no YouTube removed my first channel but they didnt remove and  the second channel under the same email address .thanks for the answer super photo  Im gonna give it a go is just I dont think I m talking with their custmer support but bots or an ai

in the summer some hacker stole my google account and my facebook account as i said it in another thread,   ,and   had access to my channel on    After he deleted half of the videos. he put spam videos. and youtube  terminated the channel. I managed to get it back my google account, but I lost the yt channel. I sent mails  on yr and on their twitter page explaining what happened.. but they still dont give my yt channel back.
 the issue now  is that on my second channel i created  ,i was playing some cover  music and some music tracks were mine.i composed them  Apparently This stupid YT   deleted the first  channel but it didn't delete the second one and it's still on air on youtube  .
the annoying thing is. that i get new followers and comments but i can't take control of it what can i do? any ideas? thanks

Thanks for the replies
Thing is first I dont live in the USA I m in Greece right now so Contacting a lawyer I dont wanna get into expenses .if its my very last option I look in to it I never had an experience with lawyers before and not sure how this works with cases like a hacking from a fb account
Also as far for the Id,,, my id is Greek .which means the photo of me is in the front side and my details back of Id .my full name etc..... so maybe fb algorithm wont read that
My details both photo and full name are in my passport but fb couldnt identify me (and hated I gave my passport in the first place , but my full name and photo are on my fb page )
Is there anything else I can do ?can I request fb to delete the account for theft ?..
Like said I dont know how this jerk will use my page

A stupid hacker (from Vietnam) hacked my facebook account ,and deleted my email address .when I immediately contacted fb to let them know what happened ,Facebook asked me for an ID to certify that I am the creator of the channel. Unfo my Id it was not identified, because apparently their stupid algorithm ,read the photo on the profile wrong from the ID due to age .my profile photo I post it when I was 31 and my photo Id is my photo from when I was 37
the thing is i have my name and my real photo of course ,on my Facebook account  and i'm afraid the hacker how he will use my account . is there anything else i can do ?i wish i had never signed up for this stupid social media platform but it was years ago 2007 and I kept it to promote my work

Hi guys thanks for the replies
I finally recovered my hotmail and I put a new password
Funny thing is that hotmail gave me this form  to fill with  some qs  like what year I made the account and where .in which country .or my sec code, whats your fav color for eg ..of course I didnt remember much cause  I created it almost twenty years ago
Both times they rejected my appeal .but something changed and they just told me to create a new password duhhh .so I got hotmail back

One more question
I logged to the stock sites to change my PayPal address, but when I tried to do that in pond 5 ,I got a massage that they need to send me a mail  to answer it back for sec reasons ,that its me I am doing the change
Thing is I no longer have access to my hotmail account
What should I do ?! I dont wanna lose any money from sales from them

Hi unfo no they still didnt give it to me but its the second try
Maybe third time I d  be lucky but  Ian not not sure  :(
Thanks anyway

a few days ago hotmail my primary mail adress  asked me to verify my id because I used another ip in a house I was staying in to log into my account...  for the security reasons that it was me i was using the mail  . they gave me to answer a question form .i signed  with them 17 years ago so i dont remember much ,,and did the mistake not to have a sec code... but it was 17 years ago  After I got my answer I was told that the information I provided was not convincing enough to verify my data and so they  blocked the account.and they told me to fill the form again I filled out the questionnaire again, hoping to geti it back BUT  if I don't get it back, how can I put a  new mail adress to the stock sites that  i was signed in in the first place like shutterstock ? Do I have to notify them through contact or can I do it from my account
after what happened i am not using HOTCRAP ever again 15 years and all gone in one min
 :( :( :P

General Stock Discussion / Re: DALL-E and using it
« on: April 06, 2023, 08:32 »
hi i wanna use dallee but they are asking for my cell number like chat gbt is this safe to give it to them? i gave my cell number to youtube insta twitter but these are organised social media platforms
i googled it and i saw that other people are hesitant to give their number to these sites
also is this site askin for a subscription to use  the ai images you create for commerical use?

General Stock Discussion / Re: DALL-E and using it
« on: April 06, 2023, 08:31 »
hi i wanna use dallee but they are asking for my cell number like chat gbt is this safe to give it to them? i gave my cell number to youtube insta twitter but these are organised social media platforms
i googled it and i saw that other people are hesitant to give their number to these sites
also this site askin for a subscription to use the ai images you create for commerical use?

sorry i accidentaly created two posts sorry

also - most likely they are 'chemtrails' (not contrails). depends on altitude and length, and whether it dissipates into a cloud (in which case its a chemtrail).
the ones spraying chemicals in the sky are most likely military, although sometimes they go in aircraft that looks like regular aircraft.

Oh honey, we gots a live one here!  Lol.

To the OP, youre likely fine as you probably cant identify the aircraft or company.
ok thanks i Forgot to mention I m not in the us but in Greece and I see plenty of these crafts here and I dont wanna get into trouble if these are military

hi lately i like to take pics and videos of jets in the sky with contrails which make them shine like small comets crossing the sky
last day afternoon i took a lot of videos,,  there were many of them crossing the sky
i posted in youtube shorts some of them in the past and got over 2000 views
but my qs is
is it safe to post these vids in yt and sell them in stock sites as photos and in pond 5 as videos?
or i ll get into some copyright thing? i  am not sure if these crafs are from the military.. but its not like i m  into  some military base ,and i take  pics there . its been  happening in the towns center for instance like commerical plans flyin in the sky
do you shoot these kind of videos for stock and youtube?

Adobe Stock / Re: AS rejections
« on: November 13, 2022, 19:03 »
I have 3 images rejection today. They are images about only roses, but AS need PROPERTY RELEASE. Do I need model release or personal property for rose image?
The AI broke again  :D

Adobe Stock / Re: AS rejections
« on: August 14, 2022, 18:04 »
they simply looking the theme of the photos you are sending.if its not some AI doin the dirty work
you said it your shelf close up of trees and onions and stuff like that? they either  dont have a big market for it or they have too many of these images so they reject them. so instead of tellin the photographer that they give a bogus rejection reason and have the photographer scratching his head  :D
just say it dammit
we only want pics with people in it.period

Adobe Stock / Re: AS rejections
« on: August 01, 2022, 17:44 »
i get rejections too but i dont let these annoy me anymore specailly for the amound of money we are paid for our photos
its not like after all you are a photographer for vogue magazine and you earn 1000 dollars lol
anyhow 2 cases
they use an AI like shutterstock and ai in the end of the day is just a dumb machine that sees technical problems in an image everywhere
second .. the reviewers are also contributors and when they review fantastic images they dont wanna compete with the fellow artists, so they press the reject button
even dt with a very good acceptance lately rejecting some of my images but like i said i dont care anymore

Adobe Stock / Re: Sales for pennies.
« on: July 20, 2022, 17:54 »
i only post videos on pond 5 and thats because of threads like this one .when you are posting video which takes more money to make and more time of your day.. unfo its like giving your work for free.i can take  that our  images sold at stupid prices and i ll get 45 p or 10 cents lol  but i wont accept getting pennies for a good video i made .its how the stock world  works for you and  that will never change.
just stop uploading  videos to these sites and try to find real agencies out there that pays good money for a work video or photo.thats the second best option if someone wants to quit from stock photography
unless you are a hobbyist
or make your own site put all your work there videos photos and try to promote it just like you do wth pod sites its time consuming but at least you will get real money for your work


Pond5 / Re: Pond5 has joined Shutterstock
« on: May 12, 2022, 09:10 »
i am dissapointed too.a reason i didnt wanna send videos to stock sites cause you are getting pennies specially if your video is 4 or 6k.imagine posting videos from a 5 thousand dollar camera .i went exclusive here cause of that and i had 2 gpod sales so far with under 100 videos.now i am really puzzled.should i continue with the whole hastle and post videos here ? i am exclusive so am i gonna least get 10 dollar for a video if it sells????
this is really pathetic.we are already getting pennies for our photographs would you shoot a wedding for 24 p??lol
same here.
and another thing ss is very good on rejecting pics and vids for the dumb moronic idiotic technical reasons .thanks to their advanced AI lol so far no rejections only one for a wrong format .and now thats gonna change 2???
i wanna scream

Dreamstime.com / Re: DT Rejections
« on: March 15, 2022, 19:10 »
i dont care about their rejections anymore and as for dt i dont even bother to  read the reason why.i posted a pic of a sea with ships near a town  and it was rejected on DT  for some reason  when i posted it to another site it was sold
 same with adobe
unfo they use an AI and it makes difficult for some new in stock photography to built a big portfolio to these sites and get a lots of sales

i look up in the sky and maybe i will shoot up a passing ufo.its bit boring looking at the sky all the time and people look at me like  why he looks in the sky all the time? but its a nice idea
although i remember when i send a ufo image in the past to ss it was rejected for property release?
really ?? sorry i didnt ask ET to sign it :o

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