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Hi Mike, thanks for detailed description. Seem like text in the list appears in wrong order. Will fix this for new version.

Yes, it does quite well. Already got more than 300 users and number is growing every day. I would like say thanks to everyone for valuable feedback and support. I'm preparing some new very cool features for the new release. Stay tuned :)

If you see any errors, please use built-in function to send error report. Also please try to force full update for FT and DT in preferences. Let me know if you still have any errors.

Today released Microstock Analytics 1.5.1
- Update for 123RF that fixes errors. During update program may ask to enter code by picture (similar to Shutterstock)
- Configurable thread count for update. For slow internet connections (512 Kbit) optimal value should be around 5 threads. For 16 Mbit and up increasing to 100 threads should speedup initial updates.
- Support for updated GI Sale page in iStockphoto
- Feature to show bestselling files that were not yet uploaded to all sites (or didn't pass inspection). Activated using Sort By drop down in upper right corner. For example, if you select Shutterstock upload, it will display only files that were not uploaded to Shutterstock and sort them by average monthly revenue.

Program groups identical files uploaded on different sites together. 500 limit is set for such groups. So if you have 200-300 identical files on stocks it is still less then free version limit. But if files are different, then it can be over 500 already and it will display first 500 sorted by upload date.

Thanks for the tip. I will check iStockRoyalties.
Filtering by file type is on my list and will be implemented soon.

I'm happy to annouce release of Microstock Analytics 1.5 with added support for 123RF.
Now it supports 5 sites:
  • Shutterstock
  • iStockphoto
  • Dreamstime
  • Fotolia
  • 123RF

New version is available for download at:

Thanks for your feedback and error reports.
- The reason you see less files is because MA combined some files into groups. You can see this if you sort by duplicate count and double click on a file - it will show list of files in the group.
- Double click on "All Files" has been fixed.
- What do you mean categories disappear? Do you mean filesets?
- Yes, settings saving would really nice addition. Added this on my list.
- Good point about audio files. Will change that in next version.
- Thanks for error report. IS changed the way how they display Getty sales. I will be fixing this in next version.

Hi Slobodan,
Thanks for purchasing Unlimited version.
1. Planning to release update today where it is possible to force update for specific site.
2. Estimated Revenue/Month will not be included in this new version. I'm still trying to figure out way to calculate estimates for this. If you any suggestions/ideas how to estimate revenue based iStock sales I  appreciate if you share them.

CoisaX, Revenue estimates cannot be calculated if you have files newerthen 7 days in your selection.

Tyler, yes, I will make force all button for each site in next release and also checkbox where you can select which agencies you want to update. Just wanted to release iStock fix faster, so this feature didn't made it in release.

The issue with iStock stats update has been fixed in Microstock Analytics 1.4.9 release.
Please update using following link:

New version will force full update from iStock. This may take up to one hour depending on size of portfolio, but will happen only during first update.

Still working on it. Software is using agency account IDs to identify that account is used by the same user. Otherwise it would be possible to use same account by unlimites number of users

There is currently an issue with iStock login - I'm working on it. Other sites should work fine

Envato / Re: PhotoDune in Open Beta
« on: August 28, 2011, 15:58 »
Trying to upload my portfolio, but "processing" is killing me. 20 files took 3+ hours to process. After that uploaded 144 files and it's processing for 4 days already!

How uploading is working for you? Is there is a way to avoid painfully slow processing?

I already started working on 123RF support. Would expect to finish in couple of weeks.

Today released new version of Microstock Analytics. There is new feature that allows you to compare several filesets on one graph. Simply select few filesets using ctrl key and see graph below. Hope you enjoy this feature.

New features in previous build:
1. Search by negative keyword. Use "not" before keyword to exclude files from search. For example "business not isolated" will search for all files containing business keyword but not isolated.
2. Filter to display only unassigned files during fileset creation/modification.
3. Yearly view mode (for the bottom graph).

I managed to reproduce this issue. NIS reacts only to installer (which is standard .NET installer).
Microstock Analytics itself works fine without any alerts.

While I'm working to fix this issue, you can download software directly without setup using following link:

You will need .Net Framework 4 installed on your computer:

Songbird, please try to install .Net Framework 4 using link above and try again.

iStockPhoto.com / Re: June sales on iSTOCK OR COMPARE !!!!!
« on: July 02, 2011, 10:12 »


Sales are stable in last 10 weeks. I didn't upload new content for 3 months expect IS where I still uploading old files every week. Anyways one of the best months on IS

Tyler, thanks for trying out new version. Errors are related to referred earnings on Shutterstock. I will work to fix that. Apart from that most of the features should work.
What do you mean by "video sales are messing with things"?

I would like to announce release of Microstock Analytics 1.3.

New version comes with new pricing. Now it looks following:
  • Basic 500 files (500 files analytics) - free.
  • Pro 1000 (1000 files analytics) - $9.99/3 months or $29.99/year.
  • Pro 2000 (2000 files analytics) - $19.99/3 months or $59.99/year.
  • Unlimited analytics - $39.99/3 months or $119.99/year.
  • Unlimited Owned License - $299.99 One Time Fee.

All existing paid accounts were upgraded and extended depending on remaining balance.
Pro 1500 accounts were upgraded to Pro 2000.
Pro 3000 accounts were upgraded to Unlimited.

New version is optimized a lot for big portfolios - increased speed of rendering thumbnails, database loading and stats fetching. Graph updates are up to 40x faster.
Image matchmaking algorithm become much more precise. It can detect same files on different sites much better. And there is a possibility to manually join and split files.

New features:

First of all it is search function. Is allows you to search for files in big portfolio using keywords, titles and descriptions. Also there is filter by upload month which helps to narrow search results even further. It makes file set (collection) creation pain free even for huge portfolios.

The second is export to CSV format. It is possible to export stats per file of per day. Totals earnings and downloads for all agencies as well as per agency data. It is possible to filter by fileset and or export stats for selected files.

The third is keyword analysis. This allows you to see complete list of keywords. Soft keywords by revenue, by RPI or file count. Display monthly/weekly/daily earnings per keyword as well as all other stats.

The last one is filesets/collections sorting. Sort by file count, ROI, RPI, Total Revenue or arrange in Custom Order.

Download www.MicrostockAnalytics.com
Contact: [email protected]

So far, yes, only 'big 4'. Revenue from 'big 4' is usually at least 90% and should give quite good idea of what and how well sells. But I'm planning to add more sites in future.

Free version supports up to 500 files on each site. This means up to 2000 files counting duplicates. Program will detect identical files uploaded to different sites automatically and group them together. In few cases algorithm may not detect duplicates. In this case you can manually join files together. Select two or more files, right click and them Join Files.

One of the core features is ROI (return on investment) on photoshoots. This allows you to compare performance of different concepts and photoshoots. Also you can see monthly/weekly/daily for indivudual photoshoots and files. This gives you much better idea of what sells and allows to optimize your production.
Sales predictions and located in middle stats panel on the left. They are calculated based on first week sales on Shutterstock. Idea is to get estimate on sales very fast (instead of waiting several months) and use this information in following shoots.

There are many more stats and features that can help to understand performance of you portfolio and this market in general. If you have more questions I will be happy to explain.

Please try to start the program again. It should update automatically and new version shouldn't crash.

The problem has been fixed. I apologize for any inconvinience caused by release of new version. All paid accounts were extended for one more week.

When you start the program first time you will see Login/Register dialog. There you can enter your e-mail and type the password you wish to use. Program will register you automatically. Later you can always login using this e-mail/password combination.

The problem has been fixed. Program will update automatically on start or latest version can be downloaded from:

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