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I managed to reproduce this problem and there will be fix tomorrow.

2 years estimated revenue can be bigger then monthly revenue multiplied by 24 because sales on Shutterstock are usually much bigger in first week/month.
Both of them are very rough estimations but usually can give you idea how well photoshoot will sell. They usually work best for photoshoots or group of similar files instead of individual files.

Using 'revenue dynamics' allows you to see sales in first days/weeks/monthes from upload date. Even if files in file set have different upload dates. This feature was developed to help tracking photoshoots when files were uploaded in batches during several week and more. It allows you to compare photoshoots/concepts better and get idea of what sales usually look like throughout files life.

Luis, did latest version fixed problem for you?

Thomas, you might want to try Microstock Analytics. It does most of what you mentioned and it's free for up to 500 files on each site.

Tyler, issue with symbols in password has been fixed.

The program shows that many number of files because image matching algorithm decided that they're identical. Currently I'm working on updated algorithm that will fix such cases.

Tyler, I agree that possibility to search images will be usefull. It is very high on my list and will be implemented soon.
It possible already to sort images by Revenue, Revenue/Month, ROI, IStock upload (best use of limited slots) and Hourly Rate Estimate. Combobox is located on top next to Thumbnails size.

Issues reported by Adamkaz and Robert has been fixed. New version is available for download. Thanks for feedback and error reports.

leaf, sometimes Captcha's are completely unreadable and it takes several tries to type them correctly. Shutterstock update function works for others. Please give it another try.

Robert, there an isssue with sales dates reported by IStock. Looks like dates are wrong. There is new version available on server. Please download and install it. Now it has error reporting function - this will help to track the issue.

Tyler, did you see Captha window for Shutterstock? If code entered is wrong it will appear again. If login data is incorrect there will be error message in update window.

How would you like to break down show thumbnails? By month uploaded?

sjlocke, I think it will be possible to introduce license for lifetime use of the program.

Storing all information locally has a lot of benefits for users:
  • users have full control and ownership of this information. This eliminates possibility from selling this information by anyone except user
  • it is possible to receive up-to-date stats as often as you need (the is no limit on how often server will update stats)
  • in general user interface is faster and much more responsive

Monthly fee allows contributor to pay smaller amounts per month instead of paying whole amount upfront. It is much easier to pay per month if your income is also monthly based. Also it is less risky for users. You are not bound to software forever and you can test it with less risk. Also I understand that some people will prefer to own the software. I think there will be lifetime license in future.

leaf, 3 min / day makes around 18 hours by the end of the year. This is not counting return on photoshoot calculations for Dreamstime. Even then calculations are very rough. Using Microstock Analytics you also benefit from seeing a lot more stats.
It is all personal, I cannot judge here, but for example, I would rather spend time making more photoshoots then in front of speadsheet.

niserin, I surprised you refering to price of Unlimited account. I just quickly checked using Google search. If you keep current upload rate Pro 3000 account will be enough for another year or so. This account is two times cheaper.

Of course you can spend money on another photoshoot. However, knowing exactly in which photoshoot and concepts to invest, can be much more efficient.

If there there would be a tool with that amount of features at that price half a year ago I will just buy a license it instead of creating new one. At some point it started taking me way too long at the end of the month to track sales. So I decided to create Microstock Analytics. And now it helps me a lot to measure how well different concepts and shoots are performing.

What stats do you guys measure? How long does it takes per month? Do you think you can benefit a lot from having more sales information and being able to analyze it fast?

Account passwords are stored and encrypted on your local harddrive only. It is in "My Documents\Microstock Analytics" folder. Following general computer security measures will make your data secure (i. e. using antivirus and firewall).
Account names are used to identify your Microstock Analytics account during login (otherwise it will be possible to use one Microstock Analytics account to track sales for unlimited number of people).
All other data (upload dates, thumbnails, sales data and so on) is stored My Documents folder on your local harddrive as well.

leaf, this feature is very high on my list. Will try to add this in next version.

Xalanx, I thought of doing something like this. Perhaps you want see a popup if update returned new sales? I used software that did something like this. But then it gets really annoying after a while, because it interrups your work. It was the biggest reason I did not implement it.

Well :) I hope pricing structure makes the software very affordable to most contributors regardless of portfolio size. At the same time it allows me to make better support and include more and more valuable features in future.


I've been working on this tool for last 4 months. Using it myself everyday and working to improve it.  :)
Please post your feedback, comments and questions. ;)

I don't have any access to stats. They all stored on local harddrive only.

corepics, at the moment it's Windows only. In future I might make version for Max OS too.

sjlocke, I'm not using API, everything being gathered by logging in and parsing pages. Hourly data is not being gathered atm, only date of sale. This makes sense only for very big portfolio with lots of sales like yours :) What you probably referring to is Hourly Rate which is an estimate. It is based on estimated revenue in first 2 years of sales, photoshoot budget and amount of time spent.

Please send screenshot or error description to [email protected]. I will try to fix the error asap

Depends on size of portfolio:
1500 files on each site - $9.99/month ($99.90/year)
3000 files on each site - $24.99/month ($249.90/year)
And unlimited - $49.99/month ($499.90/year)

I developed software called Microstock Analytics.
This program helps tracking sales across multiple sites.

  • Display earnings/downloads/RPI graphs by month, week, day
  • Track individual shoots and concepts - earnings, downloads, ROI, RPI and more
  • Estimate earnings based on first week sales on Shutterstock
  • Track performance of individual files across all sites
  • Show best candidates for IStock upload (for best use of limited upload slots)

Supported Sites:
  • IStockphoto
  • Shutterstock
  • Fotolia
  • Dreamstime

Quick intro video:

Free version supports up to 500 files on each site.
Contact: [email protected]

Used Adobe Bridge and Lightroom before.
Now using Yuri's tool and Stock Submitter
Thinking about writing my own

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