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I have noticed some libraries submitting images to Microsoft. When they submit these images to Microsoft, you do not get credit, but the agencies do. They may claim this to be a marketing strategy, however I dont see how this will bring YOU sales when you are not being credited and your images are being given away for free, no questions asked. I just downloaded some images from Microsoft without even being asked a single question and without mention of the aritst's username.

When images are submitted to Microsoft, Microsoft gains their own rights of distribution.

Users have instant access to download those watermark free images and to use them. I was unable to locate any terms of use, which leaves the door open to downloaders. This makes the images appear to be in the public domain, or owned by Microsoft or the image libraries themselves.

Here are the guidelines for Microsoft's area:

Under the section "How to Submit an Image" it clearly states:
First, verify that your image is suitable for sharing:

  1. It must not be watermarked.
  2. It must be a JPG or PNG file.
  3. If it contains images of people, buildings or works of art, you will likely need a release form from the person/owner.
  4. If it was taken by someone else or created by someone else, you will likely need the owner's written permission.

By submitting a image you are giving Microsoft "the RIGHTS" to ....

   * Make
   * use
   * copy
   * modify
   * and make derivative works of your submission
   * Publicly perform and display
   * import
   * broadcast
   * transmit
   * distribute
   * license
   * rent
   * lease
   * lend
   * offer to sell and
   * sell your submission (and derivative works thereof) with or without attaching your name to your submission!

This is allowing Microsoft to distribute, and possibly license, your images to millions, without providing credit to you.

I urge all of you to go to the sites that you contribute to and read their License Agreements. You may not know what they are up to. If you do not agree with something, you may want to contact them directly and clarify the details.

Here is a list of Microsoft Image Partners:

Any others that take graphics?

Can anyone advise on iStock and Fotolia please?
And any others missed.

Thanks again! Videos are better. Reading is a bit off a nightmare ATM.

Thanks! Will take a look.
I've used Illustrator for 12 years, but can't find similar in 3D

You really failed to clarify your specific needs. Are you looking for a modeling program in which to build characters?

If so I would suggest Hexagon or Silo, and there's always Blender which is free open source.

Be aware that 3D, any program, comes with a higher than expected learning curve if you intend to build your own models.

To me the easiest to learn out there is Strata 3D, but it comes with a price tag you may not be interested in paying.

For Hexagon, you can use the free Daz Studio as a renderer. Daz Studio is not a modeler, it is a staging and rendering program, and the render engine is pretty good. As long as your object is texture mapped, you can just import, set up lights, and push the render button.

There is something out there called Curvy 3D you might investigate. Never used it but the claim is that it's easy.

I failed to clarify my specific needs because I have brain fog -
I just want to model and pose. Not animated...dose that help? Curvy 3D looks good but not Mac yet.

"Contact is generally futile and a waste of your time.'

What dose this mean?

Can I get some feed back on what is good for creating 3D toons?


I think I named the topic wrong. I need a simple to use 3d program, that is easy to learn, for someone who has constant severe brain fog.
Maybe a stepping stone program...need basic, basic, basic step by step tuition. Oh and it has to be Mac. :S


Thank you cthoman!

Probably a silly question for everyone, but is there a way to know if it is worth contacting some of them or not when considering the content you are offering -eg I'm just cartoons... Hope the makes sense.

I was trying to find the website that has all the specs for the different agencies but I can't find it so here is what I know.

BigStock    EPS (they generate the jpg)
Dreamstime  must upload the jpg then after it is approved you upload the EPS
Shutterstock  Eps+small jpg (same file name) and 1 large jpg (different file name)
Deposit photos  Eps+jpg zip file
CanStockPhotos Eps+jpg zip file
Veer Eps+jpg (same file name)

I've never uploaded vectors to iStock or Fotolia so you'll have to look on their website. I do know that you have to save the vector in EPS8 for iStock. Hope this helps with your original question.

Thank you  donding, yes it is a great help

Thanks Klauts
I never realized it was that easy.

I could buy a second hand wacom on ebay for that kind of money and trace straight onto the computer!

A4 LED wacom hmmm.  I'm talking about a tracing light box not a digitizer.

This is the current competition -

Illustration - General / Re: Anybody using Poser 8?
« on: July 08, 2010, 07:45 »
Yes you can use Daz3D for clipart.
I think I would ask each artist at Renderosity just to be safe, same with Content Paradise and Runtimedna.
You could also use some Photoshop filters to make them a little more unique?

So you don't have to do all the sizes for each site? They just do their own?

Yes you can do that with Photoshop, but I thought there was another application.
Perhaps I'm confused with uploading apps.

They would retail from around $150 to $180 for the first size. It depends on the quantity I can order. I think I'd just start with the A4.
I'll probably set up an Ebay site and promote it through Youtube.

Whatever you used to create the vectors should be able to make them into Jpegs. Might have to look under "export as" or something like that. Can't remember about AI (should be about the same) as I have dove into Xara more for illustrations.

Not on the right track here.

It's a new concept.

Sorry guys I've got bad brain fog so please stick with me.

I have all vector ai and eps files.

Most of the micro sites take various size jpgs right?

Is there a program (mac) that converts images to suit theses sites?

Or is there a lit somewhere....rather than having to visit each site?

Are there any that will just take the eps and create the jpgs for you?

I have the opportunity to market a new product.
It's only about 7mm thick.
I just wondered if there is a market.
It's great for clipart

I want to create my own 3d cartoon characters

Question one - how many of you have used or use a light box for tracing.

Question two - how many of you would use a light weight led tracer that you can either pug into a usb or power supply, you can sit it on your lap, has no heat and is lit by led. Easy to transport

Question three - it comes in a4 up to a3...what would you pay for it?

Illustration - General / Re: Anybody using Poser 8?
« on: July 07, 2010, 10:46 »
Poser 8

- Is output readily accepted by stock sites?
- Is there a copyright issue about the derivative images made with a 3D model?
- What is the learning curve before you can come up with decent illustrations?

There are already a heap of poser and daz images on micro sites. you'd need to check them all to see if you a doubling up on existing sites.
Daz3d has a forum that my help.

You could user poser art to create something and trace it to create you own image. I have found a great tracer you can sit on your lap and trace stuff.

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