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1 / Re: What are Dreamstime referred users?
« on: August 24, 2016, 02:00 »
So if they are not photographers or buyers, who are they?
Those are users who registered at Dreamstime based on your recommendation, using your referral link, or putting your referral ID to the registration form, but so far havent done any activity yet, so they are neither buyers nor contributors.

Next to each of their profile are images, which are not theirs, but other contributor images.
Images shown on their profile pages seem to be chosen based on location/country those users selected upon registration. I guess this is because of SEO and business reasons, so that there are no "empty" pages (pages without any stock images) at Dreamstime website, so that when search engine's robot or some possible buyer lands on those profile pages there will be at least some stock images displayed, which can be clicked and thus Dreamstime website explored further.

2 / Re: DT has died for me
« on: June 22, 2016, 02:00 »
Definitely not for me! My sales are actually getting better and better at Dreamstime!

My Dreamstime portfolio is just 1084 images total and it consists of "Slovakia travel" images mostly. Nature, landscapes and historical cultural heritage sceneries, such as pictures of Slovak castles, medieval towns or outdoor museums.

I have sales almost every day there! I mean, for example today I had 4 sales, yesterday 6 sales, the day before yesterday 7 sales, etc. These sales are of various types, some are subs some are credit sales. Last month I had total 195 sales at Dreamstime! It was actually my best month ever there!

This year I had 385 sales at Dreamstime total, so far.

It seems that pictures of Slovakia are in great demand there recently, maybe because of Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Who knows? But, I guess, thats the reason.

Anyway, I am very satisfied with my sales at Dreamstime. I really can't say anything bad about them. :D

Interesting opinion Suliman. You may be even right about that. But, does it really affect all agencies?

Shouldnt at least one, that is considered by Google algorithm as the source of original content, actually receive all that traffic, the other agencies lost? I mean, there are no empty spaces in SERP and never will be, no matter what types of Penguin algorithms come, so if position of some website is lost, the other website will take its place. Thus, I guess at least one agency will be always considered as the source of original content, even if it is not, otherwise there wouldnt be any sources of stock images for sale, e.g. agencies, shown in SERP. That's unlikely to happen.

Btw. It would be ideal if author's personal portfolio websites could be qualified/verified somehow as the source of the original content in eyes of Google or other search engines, so that they could be seated on first positions in SERP, surpassing all other websites where the same images are available, but I guess that's just the pure utopia. :)

It's a proof that photography is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it, just like anything else. You just need to find the right type of buyers! ;)

5 / Re: DT Referral Program
« on: November 17, 2014, 02:48 »
A user is someone who became registered "under your name", for the next 3 years, using your referral link, but haven't done any activity on the site yet.
Be patient, maybe he/she will become a very active buyer, or the next top seller perhaps.  ;D 8)

General Stock Discussion / Re: Photo Description and SEO
« on: October 27, 2014, 02:19 »
I also do long photo descriptions for SEO reasons, for some of my photos, such as these photos with at least 300 words descriptions:

They seem to pick a lot of traffic from SERP, when compared to photos that have descriptions under 50 words. My goal is to have 300 words descriptions on all of my photos, but it goes very slowly; because such descriptions take a lot of time to be written.

You can read more about it at my blog:

Along with the long photo descriptions, translations also play a very import role when it comes to ranking and picking of traffic from SERP. Translated versions of my personal portfolio website actually pick more traffic from local - language specific searches - than those in English.

Again, read more at my blog, if you want:

GLStock / Re: Is GL Stock 'Alive' ?
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:12 »
No sales for two years! :(

Thankyou Jareso!!! give you a like! on your Facebook page too ;D

i see 15 likes!!!

Thanks for all your support, I appreciate it a lot!!!!!

Thank you for your like, I am happy about that! :)

I am not very active on my Facebook page trough. I try to focus more on Twitter and Google+. I think those social networks are much better than Facebook, especially after recent changes on Facebook, which want business pages to pay $ if they want to be seen.

I gave you a like, but it doesnt show up on your page. I mean number of your likes (14) wasnt increased by 1. I noted this always happens when I try to like some Facebook page as my page. Why is it like that? Does anyone know? Is it because I gave you like as my business page, not as personal page? Is that the reason? I mean, likes of business pages are not counted on Facebook? I am not very familiar with how things are going there, thats why I ask.

Anyway, interesting fact is that your page "Aroastock" is shown in listing of my "Likes" tab on my page:

But count of your likes on your page wasnt increased by 1 after my like.
Strange. :o

I am not sure why you dont see it, but I requested PayPal payment from DT few hours ago and PayPal opinion was there for sure, without any problems. But it was not on top of the list as it used to be (as far as I remember), but it was moved down instead, below "Payoneer mastercard" section.

I just wonder how many keywords is in your opinion acceptable by search engines per image preview page on personal portfolio website?
I am thinking that I will completely remove keywords from my images that I showcase on my personal web and instead I will focus even more on natural text such as focus on long description describing photos.

What do you think, is it good to completely remove keywords from large image preview pages?
By large image preview page I mean this, for example:

I know that long descriptions displayed near photos work very good for me, as I mentioned in this article of mine:

But those (unnatural) keywords on preview pages bother me a little bit.
Maybe if I remove them completely, my website could be ranking perhaps even better.

Now I have quite a lot of keywords on my large image preview pages, such as 50 or even more keywords. I think that it is too much keywords actually. But the question is whether to remove them completely, and have only image title and description there, of to keep a few keywords?

Google webmaster's guidelines says that no unnatural/isolated text (read: keywords) should be displayed on page.
Thus if I wanted to strictly to follow those guidelines, I should completely remove all keywords from near my images.

What is your opinion. How much keywords is safe in your experience?
No keywords, or 5, 10, or 20 keywords? How much?

I am just wondering, I know that there is probably no exact answer, because ranking of website depends on many on-site and off-site factors as a whole.
But anyway, all kinds of opinions are welcomed here.  ;)

Thanks everyone for your opinions! I will probably try it soon, and will watch the results (if any).
Naturally effect of it will not happen overnight, I guess it will take weeks, or months for positive changes to be reflected in SERP (if ever).
But, of course if it will work for me, I will share outcome from this tryout.

I consider to generate and place really HUGE large image preview pages for every stock image available on my personal portfolio website, in the way shown on this sample localhost screenshot:

The main reason why I consider something like that are naturally possible SEO benefits.

Theoretically, large *.jpg images should rank better in search engine result pages (SERP) than images that are smaller in size.
You can see it when you perform image searches in search engine like Google. Higher resolution images are usually positioned higher whereas lower resolution images are buried down in SERP.

For now, *.jpg image previews on my personal portfolio website are quite small, such as here for example, it is just 400 x 547 pixels, that is too small:

That small preview resolution is not sufficient enough for proper ranking in SERP in the way how I imagine it should be. I mean, the thing that bothers me the most is that stock agencies over-rank my personal portfolio website in image SERPs, and all of that with help of my own images I uploaded to them.

I strictly believe that author's personal portfolio website should always rank better than any other source where his/her images are available online for sale, how I noted it here at MSG some time ago:'s-personal-website-should-always-rank-better-than-agencies!-shouldn't-it/msg328165/

No, I am not that much naive to think that out of nowhere suddenly my little personal portfolio website will rank better in SERP than those big stock agencies.
But I want to at least try it! :o
(I am very stubborn person when it comes to these things.)

Let's take a look at that castle image I have given as an example here. On my personal portfolio website that *.jpg image has just 400 x 547 pixels in size. So naturally that when it comes to searches in SERP it is over-ranked with the same image, but in much higher resolution available. Stock agencies do it in the way that they offer preview image, approx. 500 pix x 500 pix on their stock image preview pages, but than they usually link from that image to much higher resolution image, which they call "compositional preview", "image zoom", or whatever. Those "image zooms" are usually available in much higher resolutions than simple image previews are. Such as they are over 1000 pixels on each side.
So agencies do more or less exactly what Google image guidelines suggests.

It suggests that, when there is smaller preview image available on webmaster's website, than - if possible that smaller image should link much higher size of-the-same-image if such image is available.

Google tries to serve user who is searching for images in Google Images, in the best way, so naturally it picks one at a time image of that kind, to be shown in SERP. So only one image (only one image of the same image) is chosen to be shown, and most of the time it seems to be the highest resolution one.

OK than, if it is only size what does matter. :)

Why not to put HUGE *.jpg preview images on personal portfolio website to possibly over-rank any other source where that particular image can be available online?!
According to Google guidelines and even probably according to reality Google should choose that image the biggest one - to be shown in image SERP.

I mean, agencies do have big "compositional preview zooms" on their image preview pages, but those "compositional preview zooms" are still usually much smaller than original resolution of image.
For example, highest resolution "compositional preview zoom" image of my castle image (given here as an example) is available online at DepositPhotos. It is 768 x 1024 pixels in dimensions, and as expected that DepositPhotos "compositional preview zoom" is usually chosen by Google to represent (various image searches for) that particular image, and thus that DepositPhotos "compositional preview zoom" *.jpg image ranks usually the best in Google image SERP (for that particular image).

So, OK. But 768 x 1024 pixels is not that big!

What if I generate "compositional preview zoom" for my personal portfolio website, that will be much bigger in dimensions than any other "compositional preview zoom" available online at stock agencies, (or available online anywhere else)?!

I mean, from this large image preview page, where image is only 400 x 547 pixels in size:

I will link to my "compositional preview zoom" page, such as this one on the screenshot:

Where that particular image will be available for example in 2449x3265 pixels, which is original dimension of that image actually.

Now I ask, what will (or should) happen?!

According to Google guidelines, my "compositional preview zoom" *.jpg preview image that will be avaleable on my personal portfolio website should be chosen by Google as representative image of that kind, because it will be MUCH bigger in dimension, than any other (same) image available online anywhere else.

So *** theoretically *** it should over-rank any of the stock agencies in image SERP, shouldnt it?
(*) That is what I want to try. That's why I consider this - to try it, and to see what will happen, and of course to rank in the best possible way with my personal portfolio website.

What do you think about that.
Share what are your opinions, or whatever.

I will probably try it anyway, just to see it myself, because I like SEO experimenting very much!  ;D

I think it was a good buy in long term. That domain has many advantages, huge natural type-in traffic, huge typo traffic, great SEO possibilities, history, it is naturally brandable, thus it has great potential, if it will be treated with care and good business plan.

But it has also something else. Completely free bonus. The bonus is that there is stock agency sitting "nearby" this domain! There must be TONs of people mistyping domain, instead domain! No doubts it makes TONs of free typo traffic every day, when people type-in instead!

That is great bonus for the buyer!

Every time when agency invests their money, sources, and efforts in promotion of their brand name, they (I am sure very involuntary now) make free promotion also for domain!

That is the main reason why, in this exact case, singular word ( has much higher value than plural word ( Through usually plural domain has higher value in most cases. But not in this case. Because of brand, which makes free (involuntary) promotion also for and gives it free every day's influx of typo traffic/visitors.

Anyway, I guess risk of suing, and wining that trial equals almost zero. Domain is older than, so if someone was to sue anyone, it could end actually in reverse order.

Even probably receives some typo traffic from too, but it will be much more less than typo traffic receives. To mistype only "i" in the beginning of the word is much more easier than to mistype "i" as well as "s" at the ending. The difference in typo traffic for those two domains will be miles between each other.

Anyway, as I mentioned at the beginning, as well as are great domains, because they receive also natural type-in traffic, in form of people looking for stockphoto(s). When someone wants to find stock photos on the internet what will he do? He will naturally put stockphoto(s) to address bar of his browser to see what website is there. If there is quality stock photos related website with quality content he will convert to buyer. And all of this is completely for free for the owner of the domain. No need for him to spend TONs of money in advertising, he has natural influx of people looking for stock photos and typing stockphoto(s) to address bar! Advertising is expensive, he could easily waste $250,000 on advertising, but when advertising campaigns ends, influx of advertising traffic also ends, but on the other side, natural type-in traffic is staying forever for FREE, and for all the time, as long as stock photo(s) words will exist, or there will not be some huge changes in the way internet domains works, which I guess will be not anytime soon. So type-in traffic is the best and FREE advertising! So in longer term it was a great purchase for the buyer! If he will do things right, he cannot loose with this purchase!

Yaymicro / Re: Payout
« on: November 14, 2013, 03:43 »
It takes about a month. I requested my last payment from YayMicro on 20. September and they approved it and sent money to my PayPal on 16. October. Thus you need to be patient. I guess you will receive your money sometime at the end of November or beginning of December.

I realized that also posting on Twitter with new links to my website helps a lot in quick indexation.

17 / Re: Changes to the TOS at Shutterstock
« on: September 19, 2013, 10:53 »
And what about Shuttertweet?!
Isnt it now breaking their own rules of confidentiality when it is auto-tweeting about uploads and sales authors are having at ShutterStock?

Yaymicro / Re: Has Anyone Gotten These 0.15?
« on: September 18, 2013, 15:07 »
I had various sales there. The lowest commission I earned per sale was 0.15 and the highest was 3.75.
Other earnings were 0.21, 0.75, 3.5 so far and all were under license type "Creative".
My most common commission pre sale is 0.75 there.

I am faaaaar from big player, but as I told in other threads here at MSG, the reason I cannot run my own Symbiostock store is crazy bureaucracy required when one, from country like mine, wants to run direct selling store that could be possibly selling virtual goods to customers who can be based anywhere in the world.
(The fact that those customers can be based in any possible country is main problem.)
I wrote about those problems here:

If there wasn't that crazy bureaucracy required to run own Symbiostock, I wouldnt wait (not even 5 seconds) and I would IMMEDIATELY setup my own Symbiostock direct selling store!!
But I cannot. :( :'(
Because possible risk of not complying with all that required bureaucracy/legislation and thus risk of big penalties from authorities is not worth it.

Simply, in my country, selling virtual goods through agents (stock agencies) is relatively easy from legislation point of view, but selling virtual goods through own direct selling online store is so complicated that it is nearly impossible to comply with all rules required to run it.
Especially when customer can be from any possible country.

I have the same experience.
Upload status emails are blank for about a week or so.
I go to their website and check status of my images there. No big problem ...

Symbiostock - General / Re: Symbiostock script - VAT, TAX question
« on: September 06, 2013, 01:14 »
Just follow the VAT-Rules for your country (inside and foreign exchange) should be enough in my opinion.

Problem is that in some countries those laws and other laws regarding this are so complicated and even contradictory to each other (!!!) that they make it nearly impossible to run direct selling store that is selling virtual goods to customers that can be based in every possible country. Because for 99.99% people/businesses from country like mine, it is simply not worth possible problems and big penalties from authorities that could running of own Symbiostock store bring. If you want you can read everything what I wrote to this thread in my previous posts (yes, I realize it is long) if you still dont understand after that, than I really dont know what more to say to it.

They probably searched for something else but decided to try luck on your website. Good for you! Any influx of legitimate traffic (not spammers, and bots) counts. I mean you can never know, your visitor may become buyer on your website even when he/she didnt wanted to become one initially. ;)

The more legitimate traffic your website receive the better will be your chances for finally bumping into some buyer(s).

Symbiostock - General / Re: Twitter/Facebook list
« on: September 04, 2013, 02:09 »
I am still not part of Symbiostock, because crazy bureaucracy and really complicated legal requirements required to run it (direct selling store with virtual goods) from where I am based is holding me back.
But if you want to follow me anyway you are welcome! ;)

Off Topic / Re: YAY- Sales
« on: August 08, 2013, 03:29 »
Yes, after long time of no sales I had 2 sales there in one week.
Maybe they really changed something or maybe it is just coincidence?!
Who knows ...
(Two sales in one week are still too few to judge.)

Agencies usually translate your English keywords to foreign languages automatically, using automatic translation systems.

There are some exceptions such as Fotolia, where you can choose in what language you supply your keywords.

But I suggest you to use English keywords mostly, and use foreign keywords only as addition to English keywords. Such as use them for geographic names (mountains, etc.), names of cultural heritage (castles, museums, historical locations, etc.), simply for those that do not translate to English at all, or their non-English names are popular in country of their origin, thus it is likely buyers will use non-English keywords when trying to find them.

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