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1 / Re: Alamy Infringements Team Email
« on: April 30, 2021, 05:03 »
Thanks and interesting. I had to read that a couple times, before I selected:   I am happy for Alamy to chase any potential infringements that they find from exclusive images in my collection without notifying me first.

Exclusive Images, not all images. But still I welcome the efforts if it means more return for my efforts. Now I wonder how to check what images I have marked exclusive and if I missed any that got licensed years later, somewhere else?

It would have to be exclusive images only as trying to identify infringements of images held by other agencies would be impossible to police

There are many infringements with the watermark still on, beyond that it would be a struggle.

I've seen that image around a lot in various guises, this tutorial such as it is may explain it.

3 / Re: Banned by Shutterstock?
« on: February 16, 2021, 17:35 »
I can still write on their forums but my contributor account was disabled when I reactivated my files for sale after the two week protest.

No reason was given, their small print apparently allows them to do this.

They brought in a new rule that if you deactivated your account you could not restore it for a month. Maybe, try again.

GLStock / Re: GLStock is not paying!
« on: February 01, 2021, 10:53 »
I requested $70 in September and got in touch December, nothing in reply.

I wonder how many people will take these free images the reupload them to this and other sites as their own to try to sell them.
This is going on at "another major agency" quite a bit at the moment.

What controls/checks are there the images and licences arent being misued?

Our license terms make it clear that this isn't allowed. If any contributor believes his content was misused and submitted by someone else we call out in our Contributor ToU, section 4 that we ask to notify us.



So it's down to us to police adobestock .

This scheme is worse than free.  There is a problem using free sites commercially as there is no indemnity and no way of knowing if the product is stolen or not. With the Adobe images you get a free image plus the indemnity thrown in, that in effect makes these images the best deal in stock.

General Stock Discussion / Re: copy/paste IPTC
« on: October 20, 2020, 18:23 »
You can do it in GIMP.

8 / Re: So they do use AI to review then...
« on: August 02, 2020, 17:09 »

Which is this one, in your opinion? System error, upload error or it's supposed to be this way, AI and it was accepted?  ::) ;D

AI, Illustrations in my experience tend to pass review unhindered, unless there are similars.  I would speculate that the lack of exif data has something to do with it.

I just got a single $23.75 Subscription download. My image sales have been turned off since July 1st.

I don't even know how a sub (not an EL) can be sold so that I get a $23.75 commission.
I don't know how I'll get that money out of my account unless I turn image sales back on.

What a gong show.

That will be a SOD allocated to the wrong column by the Enterprise Team, they did it with one of mine once.

GLStock / Re: GLStock What are they upto?
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:20 »
It was for sale earlier this year maybe they got a buyer?

General Stock Discussion / Re: So where are we at now?
« on: July 02, 2020, 16:09 »
I have to imagine SS foresaw a protest, but figured people would just pull their ports. Certainly it never occurred to Pavlovsky that contributors would be looking at his abhorrent Twitter likes. Nor did it occur to Oringer that he should hire a PR team to handle his social media instead of telling the hands that feed him to go take a hike.

Yes to both of those.

There have to be others who are either YES people and said nothing, or are equally head in the sand. (I was actually thinking of a place where the Sun doesn't shine, but I'm being nice?)

It's just difficult for me to accept that they wouldn't foresee what's going on, or worse events and outcomes.

I think they ran the numbers and foresaw our money in their pockets in the form of increased profits and hefty bonuses, all else is irrelevant to them.

General Stock Discussion / Re: So where are we at now?
« on: July 01, 2020, 17:09 »
This is going to be a long campaign.

Shutterstock have made the mistake of dragging these changes out into next year when the crap will really hit the fan.

Buyers can still use our deleted work for 90 days before they start noticing things have really gone tits up. That takes us to September before this affect kicks in.

January will be the best time for Shutterstock to discount their products given that they only have to pay 15%, which means hardly any sub is going to be over 10 cents and ODs and ELs are going to look pitiful.

If you need the money wait until January when a lot more will become disgruntled, if you have already deactivated or deleted content you have to wait months for it to have an effect.  Shutterstock's gamble is that now or in January you cannot play the waiting game.

I got a SOD for $54.10 this morning on a deleted image, not complaining, but as far as I'm aware you can only find out what images they are selling if you don't close your account for 90 days at least.

Payoneer / Re: Payoneer- Wirecard.
« on: June 27, 2020, 07:14 »

stockphotofan1 is becoming quite famous, but I think he should change his name to anti-stock to cash in on it.

One, many years ago when I had a lot of images there, made me five dollars.
Was that a stock image or a physical print sale? I've had physical print sales on occasion, some of which were pretty lucrative. It's the stock I'm wondering about.

Stock yes, not looked in long while, but you could set the prices on a whole range of parameters.

One, many years ago when I had a lot of images there, made me five dollars.

Thieves haven't stopped uploading there...nice title buddy lol

Or someone could look for all te images from free sites that are also on SS and spread the word on main design sites on how they're charging for something that is free.

Shutterstock do not have a problem with selling public domain status images, but do have a problem with public domain status images that have not been verified as such.

Your civil and "CONSTRUCTIVE" words on this forum on past posts  :-X :

I believe in the words I say. No regrets here and by quoting me it doesn't mean anything more than your ability to copy-paste. But since you mentioned a pedestal. I'll tell you a funny story about me on a pedestal and it may, or may not reflect to the current situation in this thread:

In middle school, I was about 11 years old. I was in a private school, where supposingly the elite of the town was sending their kids. Lawyers kids, doctors kid, businessmen kids ... the "future of our country" ... that sort of stuff. Anyway I never thought of myself like the elite of anything, I grew up in the village and I loved hiking the mountain or interacting with animals. I wasn't stupid though, my iq was measured high. While in that school, despite the fact that I was like Mowgli, climbing the trees all the time, at some point I felt like I wanted to get involved to school politics for the feeling of greater good. We had a council of 15 students that tended to the student affairs with the school in general. It was mostly a place for the popular kids then but I was too naive at the time, because I wasn't so popular. You see, all the kids were mostly concerned with how others dressed, brand names etc. So, I had noticed a problem in the school, kind of important but also kind of taboo. I had noticed that in the school toilets, the administration never bought or installed toilet paper rolls. Crazy, right?

So I went up to the actual pedestal of the school morning gathering, in front of some teachers, the principals and 300 kids, to announce my candidacy. During that short speech I generally said that I was worth to be elected because I cared about school facilities to function properly. As an example, I said that toilets didn't have toilet paper. At that moment, 300 kids burst into laughing, including the teachers and the principal. Of course I felt humiliated as I sincerely didn't expect that reaction. I wrapped up my speech and left that pedestal. I wasn't voted to be in the council.

For the 6 years I was in that school, nobody ever mentioned it and toilet paper was also never installed. I can't even begin to imagine the constipation that must have took place there. Really sad. But you know what, it taught me a lot about the world. It came to be one of the most illuminating moments of my life. Do you know how much ridicule one can receive for saying the right thing, but first? The other people usually laugh or diminish and they will only admit the rightness of the right words only in their own conversations, afterwards. But never to the person that actually said the right thing first. But people that speak right, are kind of used to it anyway. Anything you might say to me, won't beat what I was made to be or do. I am far stronger in supporting my opinions that you will ever be and it shows. So you can either follow my advice and post your stats to contribute to this effort, or go ahead and go on living unwiped like some other dudes that I know of.

I think your stats or at least the paper they are written on are only good for one thing.  They will be false due to the number of deactivated accounts images not uploaded, you are trying to duplicate something that no longer exists.

Shutterstock have split the war on it's contributors into two battles. Now they take on the 1 2 3 and 4s and in January they take on the 5 and 6s.  Currently the 5 and 6 groups have not enough to gain and to much to lose by pulling their ports now.  By the time January comes they will hope that there not be enough impetus left from the battle with the 1 2 3 4 to assist the 5 and 6s.  Taking on the 5 and 6s will be tough, but that is where the big money is made, and they don't want 10s of thousands of 1 2 3 and 4s getting in their way.
I know a lot of people who're in the 5th level (including myself) and who already disabled their ports or are currently planning to. (Might even be easier for them than for somebody being rather new to the industry, as most of them already sell through other agencies as well.) Also, someone who's in level 6 for sure just announced he's going to disable all of his 400,000 images on Monday. :)

It makes sense for them to do it now while they have everybody else on board.  No point in letting the oppositions chariots run over the foot soldiers while the cavalry  sit back and calculate their RPD , it will be a shock to Shutterstock though if the majority do it, only then can the battle be won. And thank you and each and every one of them it may restore my faith in humanity.

I've read so many times that contributors thought nothing was happening until January 1 and then were horrified when they saw what was going on with June royalties.

The sharp slap in the face of 10 or 12 royalties for people who were feeling good 'cause they were level 4, 5 or 6 and thought they could ride out the year before deciding anything had a pretty dramatic effect.

Shutterstock have split the war on it's contributors into two battles. Now they take on the 1 2 3 and 4s and in January they take on the 5 and 6s.  Currently the 5 and 6 groups have not enough to gain and to much to lose by pulling their ports now.  By the time January comes they will hope that there not be enough impetus left from the battle with the 1 2 3 4 to assist the 5 and 6s.  Taking on the 5 and 6s will be tough, but that is where the big money is made, and they don't want 10s of thousands of 1 2 3 and 4s getting in their way.

22 / Re: What does Shutterstock really want?
« on: June 06, 2020, 10:53 »
There is an oversupply of microstock images and also an oversupply on free images.

But there is no oversupply of really relevant content. All agencies are screaming for modern, loclaized, fresh work with high production value.

But at 10 cents, it cannot be produced.

Free sites have an endless stream of sunsets etc...nobody pays models, rents a location and then puts the work on free sites.
Cant talk about "for modern, loclaized, fresh work with high production value"  like lifestyle.
Just doing food. There are quite a few professional food photographer giving away really good food images (20 MP +) for free at unsplash to get traffic on their instagram account.
Professional expensive work for free.

People who pay for images pay for indemnity those who take for free chance their arm.

Losses are in thousands. Commercial only.

It's intriguing then. But for some reason, your work seems to be appealing in a larger scale, to many more larger clients (with the annual prepaid plans) than mine does. Because the larger percentage of >.2 sales don't make any other statistical sense.
You are just an outlier. Take step back and look at what most people are reporting. There are outliers in every sample, usually you disregard them.

I get that's hard when it's you, but take a look at what everyone else is reporting. You probably just had a couple of people with smaller subs packages find one of your collections or portfolio and use a big chunk of their dls there.

I am running the average RPD thread man, it's currently -33% from 14 people average, I am not blind. But I am asking the right questions. Many people in my position could be like: "let others complain and there can only be gain from this since I already gained" right? Well no. The well being of Shutterstock matters equally to me and I don't see them as a charity organization. If people defame them more than they actually deserve, it's dangerous for my portfolio there in extend.

So what happens when they start heavily discounting those subs packages? They can now sell for 11cents per image, take all the market share back they lost.  Your RPD will then look a bit sick, but you might regain any loss with increased turnover, but at the expense of losses at other agencies. It will 12 months before you know your true position, but by then the game is lost.

True, but but this thread is about Shutterstock being stubborn, dumb and making a mistake. If this does result in SS having a much larger market share then is that a lose/lose for them?

Come January I don't think any increase in 10cent subs will compensate for the losses of most contributors and they will leave in droves.  To stop the rot you have to remove the limb. They can only compete with your cooperation, it's up to the contributors if they succeed or not.

Completely agree with Fern... buyers will probably not even notice the drop in files, and even if they do, give it two or three weeks and they'll have more content than before any of this was all announced. I think it's probably a little bit naive to assume that the 0.3% of content that's gone was amazing, and current, and of an exceptional quality... and the remaining 99.7% is outdated, low quality and taken on a smartphone. If that was the case, buyers would have left a long time ago. SS knew exactly what they were doing, they ran the numbers, analysed the potential risks and they'll be just fine... but with a much higher profit margin.

It matters not if Shutterstock will be just fine, it only matters how contributors come out of this and they will not be just fine.  Shutterstock will use your drop in income to chase market share ensuring a further drop in income you make from other agencies, lose/lose.

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