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Using Tin Eye to look for an image or two is fine, but like HELL I'm gonna hire someone to search the web for every one of my images every day.  Sure, I'm missing out on a sale, but, ehh, I sell vectors for subscription prices, so who is really gonna listen if I complain :)
If I happen on the image, I might make an inquiry, but my port is too large to watch that close.  Its always possible someone may not realize what they did was wrong, especially if it's sitting static at a website as just a design, and make every attempt to clear up the situation. 

... come on, it can happen :D

General Stock Discussion / Re: your most laughable rejection
« on: July 11, 2008, 12:02 »
We took some pictures of our parrots and the images were crisp and extremely detailed, no artifacting, rich coloring, ...

Alas, they were rejected for "Feathering"  :D

iStockPhoto.com / Re: IS Illustrator Test
« on: June 30, 2008, 17:17 »
We are on our fourth run... Make sure you check, I thought it was a week between tries, on the third, ten days.
I can give you the results: (and the image # from Dreamstime)

First submission: Hard Eyes (DT#5230428), Finger over Button (DT#5230421), Chocolate Strawberries (DT#5230404)  
Zero accepted, not what they are looking for

Second Submission: Peaches (DT#5230517), Rose Border (DT#5276828), Tags Beads and Stars (DT#5318492)
Zero accepted, not what they are looking for

Third Submission: Brown Owl (DT#5276804), Dolphin and Shell (DT#5328512), Sunglasses (DT#5230584)
Brown Owl and Sunglasses accepted, Dolphin *We're sorry but we feel that the details in your outlines could be sharper/cleaner*

Fourth Submission: Two Lizards (DT#5432074)
ARRRGGHHH!!! Rejected...
(We thought if we gave them another similar image with simple lines, that it would have been a shoe-in.. apparently not.. lol)
Now it's 30 days to resubmit...  /sigh...

Not really sure how to figure out what they want photo-wise, either.  Our acceptance rate is in the high 80s to 90s with everyone but iStock, we're hoovering at a very sad 34%...  Apparently they like the images they DO pick, the reviewers keep rating them 5 cameras as soon as they are approved, so I guess that's a good thing, but I haven't seen increased sales from it...

Ahh well, ONWARD!! :D

Lighting / Re: What do you use for backing?
« on: June 16, 2008, 01:08 »
We purchased our roll of arctic white paper from a teaching supply store.  The largest width they had was 4 feet, but it works perfect for our tabletop area.  We hang the roll from above the table and swing it down to the front. We have no harsh creases or lines, and when it gets dirty, we roll it out a little and start again. 
We tried the foam, but there were crease lines in it, and heavy items sink a little.  The formica sounds interesting, I think we'll have to give that a go soon. :)

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia subs...
« on: May 30, 2008, 05:51 »
I dunno about you guys, but on my Fotolia page, it shows me how many credits I've earned, and it ALSO says underneath that 1 Credit = $1.00.

So, we're talking .23 of one credit is... /drumroll...

Twenty-three cents.

Hope that clears it up for you guys :D

Off Topic / Re: Your avatar 2
« on: May 25, 2008, 23:18 »
Mine is a clay model of my husband behind the camera :D

He has a long black leather trench, is usually bald, and usually sports sunglasses.

Officially called Wermz, we have photos of several in our portfolio.

General Stock Discussion / Re: What to do?? What to do??
« on: May 17, 2008, 15:59 »
We have vectors pending at 2 agencies, and are ready to get our initial submissions into iStock.
We fixed the RGB color profile and one is up at SS already.
I'm hoping that will be our only obstacle...

General Stock Discussion / What to do?? What to do??
« on: May 15, 2008, 17:15 »
We are both photographers and illustrators.  Currently our portfolio is mostly photographs, with a handful of fractals and illustrations tossed in.  After researching vector requirements, we feel we are ready to enter that phase of this business, and have a few test vectors up in submission queues to test our work.

The question is, at this point, with profit being our main goal, should we begin pushing our vector drawings?

What would be the best game plan, to rapidly increase profits?

What would you do?

CanStockPhoto.com / Re: Canned Canstock
« on: April 29, 2008, 10:25 »
Just a question...

Minimum payout is $50.  Now, why on earth would you expect them to send you $1.50 if you closed your account?

Sure, they owe it to ya, but you are breaking your agreement with them, in which case you forfeit all unpayable income.

And $1.50 was only payable by one company in Feb, when LO paid out the carnies who had $1 or more in their account.

.. just curious

Crestock.com / Re: What is your acceptance rate at Crestock ?
« on: April 29, 2008, 08:35 »
Just submitted our first batch of images, which are at five of the big six...


Not sure where to take it from here...

Interesting, I first think you need to reread what I said without making assumtions, second this is an opinion thread and that is what I gave.

"I do not claim to be a master or even one of the greats. However, I do aspire to be, and I hope that history will remember me in that way."  Funny that you see this as self-serving, looks to me like I said I am not the one to be the judge of my own work and that if I am ever called or judged to be a master or great, it will be history, (I.E. the claims and regards of others) not myself making the claim. Sounds pretty humble to me, really didn't believe it needed the longer explaination.

I would like to use your post however to futher explain my "opinion", whether you are a great mechanic, mother, painter, ballplayer, you are great when the inspiration drives you to find the craft, not the craft that drives you to be inspired. It is there that defines the difference between a great or master photographer/artist and an artist who produces some really great work.

Bigstock.com / Re: Shutdown?
« on: April 27, 2008, 15:46 »
Maybe because processing those photos would put them in the queue they just locked down. :)
Just my guess...

Just my opinion, I do not claim to be a master or even one of the greats. However, I do aspire to be, and I hope that history will remember me in that way.
But I was born an artist. Whatever the medium, from crayon as a child to camera and computer as an adult, I found inspiration in life, and created art.  You can teach someone to have a more artistic eye, give them a little peek into the way you see life around you, show them how things make you feel, but I believe that the greats are born, not made.  That does not mean someone can not learn to be technically correct, to study composition, and to be quite wonderful.
But to shoot a photograph just because you knew that was the way it needed to be shot, because it felt right that way, well, that's a gift that no one can learn.

Off Topic / Re: Anyone have assistant?
« on: April 11, 2008, 23:15 »
Husband/Wife team here, Husband shoots and processes images, Wife keywords and submits.

Ehh it works :)

Member since Dec 07
Port at 475
1250 views *because I post in the forums*
First sale 2/2/08
Second sale 2/20/08

Wanted to hit a payout, with the new Valentine $1 payouts every February, but still sitting at the beginning of April with just those 2 sales, my piggy sitting at $ 0.90.

Do I hate LO?  Hardly.  In fact, everyone who asks me how to start up, I send them there.  Of course, I tell them not to expect sales. Why lie?  But, I DO tell them to get active in the Odd, and tell them if they have a question, ask.  When we first started, we got rejected at two other sites and LO.  The other sites sent back the usual, you know, either over/under exposed, lighting either washed out or too dark, too much noise, or too much artifacting... i mean, what is artifacting?? And when I sent the review team an email back, it got bounced and I was told to submit questions to the forums.

I just so happened to be online when LO sent the 3 toss review the first time, we read it, didn't understand it, and sent them back a question.  What we got back was a very friendly, very encouraging, very DETAILED explaination WITH the answer on how to correct it. We sent a few more letters back and forth, and we were the first 3 toss approval for 2008.

It was this very personal, very inviting, very encouraging attitude that kept us going, and we will always have a soft spot in our hearts for LO.

We aren't members of LO for sales, we're there for the community.

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