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I have posted on this very site long ago that I know a housewife who, with no photographic background, got herself a DSLR and started selling photos on iStock. If said housewife were to proclaim herself a professional photographer I could see someone getting irked by that. I don't call myself a pro photographer but I am a pro graphic designer and I went on a similar, if less defamatory, tirade against a 13 year old boy who claimed he was a professional graphic designer because he had photoshop and got paid by a guy to do a sign. It's very annoying.

I have debated whether or not to call myself a professional photographer in my bio's. I guess it all depends on your interpretation of the word. That crazy guy made all kinds of assumptions that by saying that I was a "professional" that what I was really saying was that I made a living solely based on my microstock earnings. I dont, but I never said I do. My understanding of the word is that because I am paid to do it and I have been educated do to it and I have (in my opinion) been successful that gives me the right to call myself professional.

I can see how some soccer moms turned pro calling themselves professional might be annoying to the guys that have been doing it for years but really, who cares? What does it take away from you. It doesnt make you any less professional. It's like saying that gay marriage ruins strait marriage for everyone else. Maybe a bad example. Just my thought on the subject.  :)

I really hope this is true. Jesse sounds like a nice guy ...

So do I. I've never heard of Jesse Estes before but he is certainly a fine photographer. There's also no way he fits the 'wannabe/failed microstocker' hate-profile either. Judging by his website it doesn't appear that he has any interest in either stock photography or the commercial licensing of images but I'm sure if he did then he'd be quite successful.

Exactly. I have talked to him and I would be very surprised if he was spreading this poison.

I received an interesting email this morning from Jesse Estes and he said I could share it here:

"Heya Travis,

I noticed some traffic coming from a microstock forum this morning and noticed that you had posted the whois for the loser website. Whoever that guy is used my old whois info and registered the domain.

I have nothing to do with that website at all, and I'm in the process of removing my name from the domain through ICANN. I would appreciate it if you would not post my name out there as being behind this stupid mess... Whoever it is, also doesn't like me either.



I really hope this is true. Jesse sounds like a nice guy, so don't send any hate his way.

could be click farming...just doesn't make any sense. Like the guy stirring up PooP in here the other day...probably same guy.

good point

But why pick on Travis of all people ...?

We are both from the Pacific Northwest. Im guessing he came across some of my photos at Dreamstime and went on a rant.

Travis, I think you will agree that it's okay to your modify my quote in your post above to remove his website and contact info?

Travis, if you would like to get in touch with him here you go.  Did you steal his girlfriend in grade 9 perhaps?

Here is (modified to THE OWNER OF THAT DOMAIN NAME) website:  (removed)  (At least it has the same phone number area code)

(contact info removed)

Also, blogger has a "report this blog button" .  Does he qualify for defamation?

Thanks for the info. I had someone else send it too me too. Think I'm going to take the high road here and let it slide (assuming this is the first and last attack against me). Also, This will probably result in the most traffic my blog has seen in months.  ;D

That is all just ... odd.  Maybe he has a relative that was killed by a micro loser photographer or something.

I'm convinced that you are 93.56749382% right.

I think I read somewhere that 95.4322345% of statistics are made up on the spot  ;)

I think you're way off. It's 95.4322346% lol

...at least im 99.943524% sure it is.

I'm pretty sure there is a proper medical term for his condition.

Actually, I think the company of Mark Adamus is not bad at all. :)

Agreed, Mark Adamus is great photographer!

Double agreed, that person who runs that blog seems a little disturbed. Why spend so much time bashing people? Talk about a complex.

Let's not post any comments on his blog, that'll just give him more fuel.

If he sits there alone crying like a little baby he'll eventually understand that not a lot of people share his views.

I agree. If you want to comment do it here or over on my blog post http://twcdm.blogspot.com/2011/04/travis-manley-is-shithead-loser.html

Hi Travis! Good find, what a loser :)

Got to love those Google alerts!

Here is a link to his website... in case you wanted to see what a non-shithead's photography looked like. lol http://www.marcadamus.com/index.php ...and maybe send him a nasty email... I didnt say that, really  ;)

Are you sure thats the guy? From the first link provided it sounds like the person in question has a problem with Mark Adamus too:

Yup, sorry wrong link. Coffee is still kicking in... now I really am a shithead! lol

Posted the wrong link here. sorry

Hey guys,

It's been awhile. I woke up to find a link in my inbox to a interesting post someone had wrote about me being a shithead and a loser because I sell my photos at microstock sites. Thought I would pass it along http://bit.ly/f3oMFL

Not sure why out of all the millions of people out there selling stock he singled me out. Guess I should be flattered, right?

Off Topic / Re: Kayak for Canoe making the change?
« on: January 20, 2010, 10:15 »
Great info guys. I have been looking at getting a kayak and hope to do some photography while in the water. I will be sure to post some info on how it goes once I get my boat.

General Stock Discussion / Re: ImageCatalog - one more is gone
« on: January 08, 2010, 14:58 »
*! i think I only had around $15-20 there, but it would have been nice to get paid out.

Dreamstime.com / Re: Best selling images in 2009 at Dreamstime
« on: December 18, 2009, 16:00 »
Oh Yuri, the people in the front row of that image don't even have reflections at all!  They must be vampires! ;)

Vampire models must be cheaper than regular ones. lol

Panthermedia.net / Re: Panther Media Upload / Contributor Back End
« on: December 17, 2009, 19:27 »
I just started looking at this site again and am curios about something regarding the new back end.

July 14
We are going to introduce a new upload system soon these coming weeks.

July 17 in answer to will it be ready in a few days/
Tiero, soon, yes!

August 10
It is around the corner, in the final testing phase.

Sept 18
You all will receive an even bigger "YES" when it is ready soon.

Oct 23
besides the final testing of the new upload system - which takes time - we currently have a lot of things going on (http://bit.ly/2EOnQb, etc.) and well be happy to present the new upload tool soon as it is also in our interest to get ahead with this.

Dec 08
Christmas is close, and so is the new upload tool

Is it possible to get a straight  answer? It was a few weeks and then a few days in July

I know. What's the deal?

I cant imagine ever going exclusive.

Panthermedia.net / Re: Panther Media Upload / Contributor Back End
« on: December 09, 2009, 10:17 »
I am looking forward to the new system.

Second that  ;D

12, but I have accidentally saved at lower and still got those images approved.

Panthermedia.net / Re: Panther Media Upload / Contributor Back End
« on: November 07, 2009, 10:01 »
On the other hand, having a bit more of a tedious upload process helps ensure a contributor will upload only their better work and not spam an agency with hundreds of other images because the upload process was so quick and easy.

I dont think this would be a good strategy for stock sites. All they would really accomplish is aggravating everyone with a tedious submission process. They would be better off restricting uploads based on acceptance ratio if they were worried about being overwhelmed with bad photos.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock starts database cleanup?!
« on: November 05, 2009, 13:29 »
Im up to 9 deleted photos so far. All car photos with logos removed and no brand names in the file info. Some of these are pretty generic looking cop and emergency vehicles, some of my top selling images.

Really makes you wonder (like Lisa said) if SS is shooting themselves in the foot. Hopefully this isnt going to be a trend, but I fear it will be.

General Macrostock / Re: Accepted at Getty
« on: September 21, 2009, 17:54 »
Good to know. Thanks

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Istock's NEW model release requirements
« on: August 26, 2009, 14:57 »

I can only imagine how the "release form clarity" factor will come into play for non-exclusive submitters.

Totally agree. Its just one more reason to reject a photo.

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